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Creating a WordPress website: A practical guide for beginners and professionals

WordPress is without doubt the world’s most popular web development tool, thanks to its ease of use and active community. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a beginner, creating a website with WordPress has never been easier. Follow this step-by-step guide to mastering the creation, configuration and customization of your own WordPress site.

Why choose WordPress to create your website?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that lets users create websites quickly and easily. Originally conceived as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into a versatile tool for creating showcase sites, e-commerce sites, portfolios and many other types of site. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and numerous features, WordPress is accessible to novices while offering advanced options for experienced developers. See our services WordPress website creation

When it comes to creating a website, WordPress is a must-have option. With its growing popularity, this platform has become one of the most widely used in the world. Its active community, ease of use and flexibility for creating different types of site make it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers and technology enthusiasts.

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The advantages of choosing WordPress

Among the many advantages of WordPress are its ease of use, its active community and its impressive catalog of free and paid extensions and themes. Its popularity also makes it a reliable choice for your online business.

  • Customizable: With thousands of themes and plugins available, it’s easy to tailor the look and functionality of your site to your specific needs.
  • SEO-friendly: WordPress sites are naturally optimized for search engines, making them easier to index and rank.
  • Adaptable: Whatever type of site you want to create, WordPress has a solution for you.
  • Support: The WordPress community is vast and dynamic, offering support and advice for all levels of expertise.

The different types of websites you can create with WordPress

WordPress can be used to create many different types of site, depending on your objectives. Thanks to its versatility, WordPress allows the creation of various types of sites:

  • Showcase sites: present your company, services or products
  • Blogs: share your knowledge, passions or experiences
  • Portfolios: showcase your artistic or professional work
  • E-commerce: selling products or services online
  • Forums: create a discussion space for a specific community
  • Directories : management of company files and events diaries
  • Booking website : for self-employed professionals and healthcare professionals

Each type of site benefits from the features offered by WordPress, making it easy to create and manage. By clearly defining your objectives from the outset, you’ll be better able to choose the right themes and plugins for your project. See our services WordPress website creation

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Choosing a domain name and hosting for your WordPress site

Before you start creating your WordPress site, you need to choose a domain name and a hosting provider. The domain name must be easy to remember and reflect the identity or activity of your site. Web hosting must be reliable, fast and offer competent technical support. Some hosts even offer plans that include a free domain for the first year.

Among the most popular and reputable hosting providers is Hostinger, which offers affordable, high-performance hosting solutions with a simplified administration interface.

Security for your WordPress site

To secure your WordPress site, adopt these best practices:

  • Update your themes, plugins and WordPress version regularly
  • Use complex and unique passwords
  • Limit failed connection attempts
  • Install a security plugin such as Wordfence Security to further protect your site.

Maintaining your WordPress site

Regular maintenance is essential to maintain a high-performance, secure site. Here are a few tips:

  • Update your themes, plugins and WordPress version regularly
  • Make frequent backups of your site so that you can restore it quickly in the event of a problem.
  • Monitor your site’s performance and uptime with tools such as Google Analytics or Uptime Robot

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Customize your WordPress site the way you want

Once you’ve registered your domain name and chosen your hosting, it’s time to customize your WordPress site. You can start by installing a theme that matches your goals and desired look. Free themes likeAstra offer a solid foundation for customizing your site’s appearance, while paid options like Divi offer advanced functionality and professional designs.

The next step is to add plugins to extend your site’s functionality. Popular plugins include Elementor, an intuitive page editor, and Yoast SEO , a search engine optimization tool.

Essential plugins for your WordPress site

Here is a non-exhaustive list of essential plugins to optimize your site’s performance, security and SEO:

  1. Yoast SEO : Improve your SEO with this powerful content optimization tool.
  2. WooCommerc e: Efficiently manage your WordPress online store with this must-have e-commerce plugin.
  3. Akismet Anti-Spam Protect yourself against unwanted comments and maintain the quality of your site.
  4. Wordfence Security Enhance your site’s security with this comprehensive plugin featuring firewall, antivirus scanning and much more.
  5. WP Super Cache Increase your site’s performance by reducing page load times.

Finally, learn how to manage your pages and create content using WordPress’ built-in editor. It lets you add text, images, videos and much more in just a few clicks.

Exploiting the powerful features of WordPress

WordPress offers a multitude of features that make creating a rich and engaging website possible:

  • Online store: with plugins like WooCommerce, it’s easy to integrate an online store on your site.
  • Galleries: create image or video galleries to showcase your creations.
  • Mailing lists: integrate a newsletter sign-up form to build visitor loyalty.
  • Forums: add a discussion area with bbPress or BuddyPress.
  • Visit statistics: track your site’s traffic and performance with Google Analytics or Jetpack.

The WordPress community

The strength of WordPress lies largely in its community of users, in particular French-speaking and active developers. Monthly meetings, called WordCamps, are organized all over the world to share knowledge, tips and new developments around WordPress.

By getting involved in this community, you’ll benefit from valuable support throughout your WordPress experience, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

What’s the difference between and

The main difference between and lies in who hosts your website.

WordPress. com is a self-hosted hosting platform. This means you don’t have to worry about downloading software, managing a web server or performing updates. 1 . It’s a good option for people who want a personal blog or website without having to worry about the technical side. However, this ease comes at a cost, as has certain limitations in terms of customization and monetization. See prices

On the other hand, WordPress. org is the open source platform you can install on your own web server to create a website. This gives you total control over your website, including the ability to add custom features and monetize your site as you see fit.

Wordpress site pricing

The cost of creating a WordPress website: factors to consider and available options

Cost of creating a WordPress site by yourself

If you want to create a WordPress website yourself, there are several elements to consider in the total cost: hosting, domain name, theme and plugins.

On you can visit

Hosting and domain costs

Hosting and a domain name are two essential elements for getting your site online. The average cost of hosting ranges from €3 to €30 per month, while the price of a domain name generally fluctuates between €10 and €20 per year. Several providers offer packages including hosting and domain name at attractive rates.

Theme and plugin costs

When it comes to WordPress themes, you can choose between free and premium options. Free themes often offer less customization and functionality, while premium WordPress themes can cost between €50 and €200. For plugins, there are both free and paid options. Free plugins are often sufficient for a basic site, but if you need advanced functionality, you’ll need to budget extra for paid WordPress plugins.

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Cost of delegating to a freelance service provider or WordPress agency

If you prefer to entrust the creation of your WordPress site to a WordPress Expert, here are the costs to take into account:

WordPress website design and development costs

The creation of a WordPress site by a freelance WordPress developer or a WordPress web agency varies according to the complexity of the project and the level of expertise required. On average, prices range from €1,000 to €5,000 for a classic showcase site. For an online store with WooCommerce, the cost can be as high as €10,000.

Maintenance costs

It’s important to include recurring maintenance costs in your budget to keep your WordPress site running smoothly and securely. These can vary from €50 to €200 per month, depending on the scope of services offered (updates, backups, technical support, hosting, domain name, etc.).

Cost comparison with other CMS

Compared with other popular CMS such as Joomla or Drupal, WordPress is generally more affordable and offers better value for money. However, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your project before choosing the right platform.

How do you choose the right offer for your needs?

To assess your needs and choose the most suitable offer, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my total budget for site creation and maintenance?
  • Do I need advanced or specific functionalities (e-commerce, multilingual, etc.)?
  • Am I ready to invest time in learning and managing the site myself?

Steps for creating a wordpress site

Steps to creating a WordPress site and associated costs

Creating a WordPress website is just one of the ways in which your company communicates, and must be part of an overall digital strategy for your business or activity.

Here are the main steps involved in creating a WordPress site and their associated costs:

  1. Identity and communication positioning
  2. Visual identity design
  3. Domain name purchase and hosting
  4. Installing WordPress
  5. Selecting and customizing a theme
  6. Installation and configuration of plug-ins
  7. SEO-optimized content writing
  8. Content creation and integration (texts, images, videos)
  9. Search engine optimization (SEO) for more traffic
  10. Setting up backups and security measures
  11. Marketing and communication to attract prospects and build customer loyalty

Each of these steps can incur additional costs if you call in a WordPress specialist to support you.

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Advantages and disadvantages of doing it yourself versus delegating to a service provider

Creating your own WordPress site has the advantage of reducing costs and allowing you to learn how to manage your site independently. However, this requires an investment in time and learning.

Delegating the creation of your site to a WordPress expert like Altosor Communication allows you to benefit from the expertise and skills of a professional, guaranteeing a more accomplished result in line with current web standards. However, this represents an additional cost that can be offset by the speed of execution of your project, the reduction of risk, the assurance of a functional, SEO-optimized, secure, aesthetically pleasing and mobile-compatible site that invites conversion.

In conclusion, the choice between creating your WordPress website yourself or delegating its creation to a service provider will depend mainly on your budget, your skills and the time you have available to complete the project.

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Why is WordPress the ideal choice for your website?

WordPress is a wise choice for creating a website, thanks to its versatility, ease of use and many features. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer or technology enthusiast, this platform will meet your needs for website creation, management and optimization. Contact us for a free quote



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