Website creation: your custom website

The creation of a website has become an essential step for any company wishing to be visible to its customers or prospects on the web. You can start with a website similar to a showcase that will highlight your products or services.

Are you looking for a competent and experienced communication agency able to offer you a custom-made website creation that will maximize your visibility on the Internet?

You’ve found it!

Altosor Communication delivers a turnkey website:

  • Creation or transfer of your domain name
  • Web Design of your graphic charter
  • Design of your pages and all functionalities
  • Hosting and referencing of your website

Why create a website?

You know it well: looking for a sign on the Internet has become a reflex for many people. Whether it’s to check opening hours, the contact details of a company, or simply to discover products or services, everyone now consults the website of a company or business.

Your visibility on the Internet has therefore become a very important commercial criterion and the creation of a website is an essential step in the development of any company.

Create your showcase on the web is not the only possibility that the creation of Internet site offers: if you have a Web site on measure, you will be able to also dialogue with your customers, to consult the messages of your prospects and to put forward products in promotion or services adapted to your customers.

More than a showcase, having a custom website is also being able to use a modern communication tool, accessible from a computer as well as via a cell phone.

création site web

The health crisis has also demonstrated the importance of having a good visibility on the web. The Internet site is a new sales channel that will allow you to develop your clientele at a distance and without geographical limits.

Contact our agency Altosor Communication to present us your website creation project.

We will be able to adapt to your company and help you define your web strategy.

We will assist you in writing optimized content for thenatural referencing of your website and, if you have an online sales website, in buying keywords in order to propose your ads on Google.

What type of website to create?

Defining your web strategy is essential before you start creating a website.

Would you like to have a simple business card on the Internet? Would you rather highlight all the services you can offer online to your customers?

The format of your website depends largely on your expectations and your project. Our digital communication agency is specialized in the creation of websites adapted to any type of marketing strategy:

  • Branding and image enhancement
  • Website complementing a Community Management strategy
  • Street Marketing actions on the Internet
  • Online sale of a catalog of products or services

Altosor Communication is, in fact, a global communication consulting agency, able to accompany you during your strategic study and to bring you the best solutions according to your objectives:

  • Study of your visual identity and your communication style
  • Positioning of your company in relation to the competition
  • Design of the structure of your website (volume of pages)
  • Web writing of optimized content for natural referencing
  • Creation of graphic charters and selection of visuals for your site
  • Maintenance of your website and intervention in case of failure
  • Support for the development of your website

Let’s take the example of a business specialized in the sale of decorative objects:

Such a company would be well advised to create a website with a “News” section that will offer a new page each time a new product is released.

The regular creation of new content favors a good referencing on search engines and highlights the products of this business.

Let’s assume that your company offers technical services, for example in the repair of agricultural equipment.

It is then your professional skills and your know-how that you will have to promote by presenting them on the Internet through a blog to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Our web writers are specialized in the art of writing for the web and will adapt the writing of your pages according to your specificity.

To start creating a custom website now, contact Altosor Communication:

One page site creation

Business card site

Create a website to help your customers, partners and prospects find you easily on the web!
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Creation of a showcase site

Wordpress showcase site

Create a website to present and enhance your products or services online and attract more people to your store or generate new contacts.
Read more

Creation of e-commerce site

E-commerce website

Special offer for stores or pure players. Create a website to expand your horizons, diversify your sales channels or offer your goods online with a functional and attractive site to increase your sales and turnover!
Read more

Restoration site

Restaurant site

Creation of online reservation website for restaurants. Allow your customers to find you on search engines and book easily!
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Reservation website

Reservation site

Get a booking website whatever your activity. Hotel reservation site, vacation or seasonal residence reservation site, lawyer, doctor, hairdresser or other reservation site.
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Custom made website

Custom made website

You have a specific project and need particular features? Be accompanied by our web designers in order to define the specifications and the solutions best suited to your expectations!
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Website creation: call on a professional

There are website editors such as WordPress or Wix with which you could make your own website.

As you know, even with software that seems to simplify the work, you need a minimum of skills in the business. For example: know the basics of the HTML language used to create a website.

Creating the entire structure of a website while respecting the rules of SEO is not obvious and this is perfectly normal: web design is not your job. Above all, you don’t have the time to undertake this website creation.

Don’t worry: calling in a specialist doesn’t have to mean a huge budget. On the other hand, it will save you a lot of time and will guarantee you, if you use our services, to get a professional quality website, with a modern aesthetic and perfectly adapted to your company.

Choose a digital professional and contact now Altosor Communication, your trusted provider for website creation:

Need an expert opinion quickly to advise you on solutions for the creation of your website?

Paul e1677836718900

WordPress Expert

Creation of a showcase site

You want to have a simple, professional and efficient website?

The solution in this case is the showcase website. It does not include online sales or other services, but presents your company and highlights your achievements.

For example, if you are a craftsman and you are looking for visibility on the Internet, or if you have a restaurant and you want to display its menu on the web.

Our agency will then be able to create a showcase website that will highlight your identity. The Internet users will only have to type for example “West Indian restaurant in Paris” to obtain your coordinates, the opening hours and the details of the menu of your establishment.

The creation of a custom website is a complete service that will be carried out in a professional way by our web-designers.

Contact us now to present your project:

Creation of e-commerce site

You sell products in your store and you want to be able to sell them on the Internet?

In this case, you need an e-commerce website. Our agency takes care of all the creation of your online store: writing of product sheets optimized for SEO, creation of your catalog with search tool and online payment system… Our specialists take care of everything and use CMS such as WooCommerce or Shopify.

Discover our prices and e-commerce packages to start

Webdesign of Internet site

The graphic charter of your website and more generally its web design must highlight your digital identity. This includes the design of your logo, the choice of colors and visuals of your pages and a thorough reflection on the aesthetics of your website.

This web design is crucial to give a professional and reassuring image of your website. It is a reflection of your brand image. Just like a store window, the visual aspect and the layout of your website must enhance your company, make Internet users want to enter your pages and show them all your professionalism.

Altosor Communication knows how to create an efficient web design for your site and accompanies you throughout your website creation.

Fill out the contact form below and request your free quote:

How much does it cost to create a website?

In order to accompany you as well as possible according to your needs and expectations, we propose you packages for the creation of your turnkey website. We also create custom sites. See also all our offers for the creation of e-commerce site. Contact us to define the specifications and obtain a free estimate.

One Page Site

Be visible on the web, simple and economical to start
HT (from)
  • Creation of a 1 page website under WordPress
  • 3 sections - Header, Presentation of services and contact form
  • Google Map & social network links
  • Legal information
  • Integration of your text and video content
  • Writing by a web editor
  • Integration of your graphic charter (color palette, fonts, logo)
  • Get leads, quote requests or reservations
  • Upgrade your site with Options - Section, page, blog, newsletter etc.
  • Domain name purchase, web hosting and image banks optional
  • A minimum digital presence with a mobile responsive website to start your business with a small budget

Showcase Site

Promote your company, Present your services, products & know-how
HT (from)
  • Creation of a website with 3 or more pages under WordPress
  • Pages - Home, Services, Rates, About, Contact
  • Google Map & social network links
  • Legal information
  • Integration of your text and video content
  • Writing by a web editor
  • Integration of your graphic charter (color palette, fonts, logo)
  • Gain leads, quote requests or reservations
  • An evolving site with Options - Section, page, blog, newsletter
  • Domain name purchase, web hosting and image banks optional
  • Present your company and your commercial offer on a design and scalable mobile responsive site.

e-Commerce website

Sell with
Shopify, WooCommerce or Prestashop
HT (from)
  • Discover our offers of creation of e-commerce site
  • Pages - Home, Shop, Product categories, Presentation, Contact
  • Integration of your text, image, video and product content
  • Legal information
  • Training to get started (adding products)
  • Writing by a web editor
  • Integration of your graphic charter (color palette, fonts, logo)
  • Be visible to sell your products and services
  • Many options to support you (creation of pages and product sheets, SEO optimization, added features)
  • Domain name purchase, web hosting and image banks optional
  • Sell beyond your catchment area or develop click & collect

What are the points to take into account before creating your website?

Domain name purchase – Hosting – Maintenance and Security

Plan an annual fee for the maintenance of your website, the renewal or purchase of your domain name and the hosting of your web server. Some additional monitoring and maintenance services are offered to keep your site running smoothly.

  • Discover the Hosting, backup and maintenance package

Identity and Communication Positioning

Who is your company and what are your messages? Strengthen your company’s positioning against your competitors, define your key messages to establish a relevant and targeted communication towards your customer segments / prospects on your website with the help of our communication experts.

Creation of your visual identity

Define your visual identity with a graphic designer: Company logo, fonts, color palettes, selection of images and illustrations.

  • Discover the Logo and web design pack

Community management: Facebook, Linkedin, Google My business or Instagram

Delegate the implementation and management of your social networks with a dedicated community manager who will implement your network communication strategy on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My business or Instagram to develop and interact with your audience.

An advisor available to discuss or make a free estimate

All our websites are made to measure. That’s why it’s important for us to get to know you well and to design the best digital and marketing strategy together. Let’s define the options needed to make your business successful. A free estimate will be given to you as soon as possible for the creation of Internet site.

Altosor at your disposal to improve your visibility:

Once your website is online, you may want to take advantage of our web writing services or SEO improvement services?

We can also offer you our Community Management services to develop your reputation on social networks.

Altosor Communication also offers you its services of
marketing consulting
or photo reportage by drone to boost your visual identity.

Service rédaction web

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