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What are the financial aids for the digitization of your company in Corsica?

The Corsican Economic Development Agency (ADEC) provides financial aid to support local companies and help them with their innovation projects.

The device
Impresa Sì

  • finances tangible and intangible investments;
  • the amount reaches 30% of the expenses for VSEs;
  • the amount reaches 20% of the expenses for SMEs.

The device
U Pattu Innuvazione

  • finances research, processes and innovative tools (digital transition);
  • financial assistance of up to 15,000 euros;
  • supports 50% to 70% of eligible expenses for development projects requiring less than 200,000 euros of public aid over 3 years.

Subject to review of the file.

Take a France Num training course to facilitate your digital transition

The stimulus plan finances training to facilitate your digital transition. These modules will familiarize you with the digital tools but can also offer you a personalized action plan according to your company’s needs.

France Num

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