What are the financial aids for the digitization of your company in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region?

Revival Loan Feder Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

The Relance Feder Bourgogne-Franche-Comté loan helps VSEs/SMEs (created more than 3 years ago) consolidate their cash flow after a takeover or an increase in activity, but also to finance their digital transition.

What are the benefits:

  • loan up to 30 000 euros ;
  • over a period of 5 years including 1 year of deferment;
  • over a period of 7 years, including a 2-year grace period;
  • Fixed prime rate of 0.22%.

Strategic consulting assistance

The strategic consulting assistance aims to develop the business model and improve the daily life of SMEs located in Burgundy-Franche-Comté. Getting strategic advice from professionals is a time and money saver to facilitate your digital transition. The amount of financial assistance is half the cost of the service, up to 30,000 euros over 3 years

Strategic consulting assistance Burgundy-Franche-Comté

conseil loire
communication commerciale

Targeted consulting assistance

Strategic consulting support is provided to SMEs and SMIs located in the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region, such as the city of Dijon, on targeted themes. They are linked to economic development and the improvement of life in the company. The amount of financial assistance is 70% of the cost of the service up to 10,000 euros over 3 years.

Strategic consulting assistance

Rebound Loan Feder Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

The health crisis has impacted many companies, especially the smaller ones that have experienced great difficulties. In order to help you face this situation, the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region and Bpifrance have joined forces to provide financial aid in the form of a rebound loan (co-financed with the European Union). What are the benefits:
  • no guarantee required;
  • repayment over 7 years, you start repaying after 2 years;
  • benefit from 15 000 to 150 000 euros ;
  • 0% interest rate with no application fees.
How to apply for a loan:
  • quick registration and online only;
  • funds are available within 3 to 5 days after electronic signature;
  • only one rebound loan per company.
Rebound Loan Feder Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Kapnumerik" program

The “Kapnumerik” program raises awareness and supports companies in their digital transition project. Set up by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté CCIs with the financial support of the region, this free and comprehensive program explains the digital challenges for your company and helps you set up a personalized action plan.

Kapnumerik” program

investissement numerique
visite tourstique

Support for the development of digital tools dedicated to tourism

The objective is to bring tourism companies in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region to integrate digital applications into their business model in order to make them known and improve the user experience.


  • the financial assistance represents 20% of the eligible expenses;
  • financial assistance of up to 25,000 euros.

Support for the development of digital tools dedicated to tourism

Support for independent bookstores

The aid to independent bookstores is a support device intended for Burgundy-Franche-Comté companies in order to help them in the creation, the durability and the economic development. The goal is to maintain the existence of independent bookstores in the region. This aid can concern the digital transition as the purchase of computer equipment

Support for independent bookstores

help library

Regional support for material investments by SSE enterprises

The objective is to help finance equipment that supports the company’s production activity. The Region’s participation is set at a maximum of 20% of the amount of the eligible investment.

Regional support for material investments by SSE enterprises

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