Boost your performance on social networks with Altosor Communication Martinique's community managers

If you want to establish or develop your brand or business, increase your online visibility and expand your community of fans in Martinique and beyond, but lack the time or expertise to manage your digital community, SMO Community Management is the solution for you. It will enable you to improve your web presence, all managed by a professional community manager who’s an expert in his field.

SMO Community Management Agency

Whatever your company’s sector of activity or target market, B2B or B2C, you should be aware that most of your competitors are probably already in contact with a community manager and present on the web via social networks to federate a community.

Altosor Communication Martinique agency reveals the recipes of professional community managers for an efficient management of your social networks and your community on the Internet. We present the different services that our communication agency in Martinique can offer you to effectively expand your community on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Our community managers are at your side to teach you and help you communicate strategically with your community, thus improving the image of your business or brand on the networks. With, as final objective of communication, the loyalty of your customers and the development of your activity towards new targets. Managing your digital communication and your company’s community in Martinique has never been easier than with Altosor Communication!

When you choose to entrust the management of your social networks to a professional community manager from Altosor Communication Martinique, you're guaranteeing quality and efficiency. This allows you to develop a solid image and ensure optimum visibility for your company on the Internet.

What is community management?

Community Management plays a crucial role in developing and managing the online presence of a company or association. Our social media managers will tell you that this involves several key aspects:

  1. Online reputation management: A community manager monitors and responds to comments and questions on social networks and other online platforms, helping to build a positive corporate image.

  2. Community engagement: This involves creating and maintaining relationships with customers, fans and other members of the online community. This can include responding to comments, participating in discussions and creating content that encourages interaction.

  3. Content creation: A community manager creates engaging and relevant content for social networks and other online platforms. This can include blog posts, social media posts, videos, infographics and more.

  4. Brand promotion: The community manager also works to promote the brand and its products or services on social networks and other online platforms.

  5. Data analysis: Finally, a community manager analyzes data from social networks and other sources to understand what works and what doesn’t, and to inform future marketing and communications strategies.

  6. Social media advertising manager: Social media marketing specialist on Meta, Linkedin etc…

In short, Community Management is essential to establishing and maintaining a strong, engaging and positive online presence for your business or association.

What role does the Community Manager play?

The community manager is in charge of the creation and implementation of digital communication of a company and its brands on social networks and the Internet. His job is to take full responsibility for managing the web community of a start-up, SME or SMI. It ensures a daily Internet monitoring for the company’s brand(s), looking for communication angles and topics relevant to the target and the web, creates the content using his creativity, searches for hashtags and makes videos or photos in addition to writing impactful texts.

The community manager is trained in digital communication and social networks to give visibility and build and develop a community relevant to the activity and target of a company. In this context, its actions encompass all content creation (text, hashtag, photos and videos) and must encourage subscribers and followers to react and interact with the brand as much as possible. Thus, the brand’s posts will be more and more visible to new potential subscribers with the ultimate goal of creating the largest but most relevant and active community possible.

Finally, like all communication professions, his mission is to improve the image and reputation of a brand through his creations. However, the role and objective of a social manager is limited to managing media on the Web. He knows how to analyze and understand perfectly the way a community works in order to adapt the creation of content. Trust Altosor Communication to advise you in your best interests. Find out more about the community manager profession.

Why call on Altosor Communication Martinique to animate your company's web community on social media?

Digital strategy

Our community managers are masters in the art of social media and digital strategy. As a result, we can offer you the most appropriate digital initiatives to reinforce your brand image and increase your company's visibility. As your creative and proactive partner, our agency works with you to develop a digital strategy, identify the most effective hashtags, create and manage a community, attract new customers and retain them on one or more social networks.

Attractive rates

Our prices are designed to enable organizations of all sizes and freelancers to benefit from the expertise of community management specialists to develop an effective digital strategy for their brand and communication on social networks. Our philosophy is that 'perfection is the enemy of good'. Therefore, our goal is to focus on the networks that are truly relevant to your business or brand in order to maximize your budget.

Create and animate the network community

We don't just provide you with an editorial strategy for your professional establishment's presence on a social network. With our support, your visibility on social networks will become one of the key drivers of your customer relations. A social media manager dedicated to your online communication will help you create and animate your accounts, and interact with the community on each social media platform. This includes the creation of captivating visuals, emotionally-charged content (text, video or photo) and contests.

Expertise in every medium

As a traditional and digital communications consultancy, we understand the different social networks and what they expect. Consequently, our strategy and editorial line take into account your needs, your brand objectives and your corporate communications strategy, as well as the expectations of the main social networks. This approach aims to maximize interactions and develop a high-quality community around your brand.

Measurable results ROI

We offer our customers reports on the development of their communication on social networks, in addition to key performance indicators (KPIs): number of fans or subscribers, quantity and quality of interactions, generation of traffic to your site, leads or sales on stores, and much more (CTA, CTM). Everything is designed to help you grow your brand community and raise the profile of your VSE, SME or start-up.

A community manager dedicated to your community

Before taking any action, you have the control to approve the digital and editorial strategy and targets defined for your brand or company. We then provide you with a weekly editorial calendar for your future posts. Every month, we produce a report to assess the evolution of your presence on each social network and the performance of the most effective posts. Your community manager, an expert in this field, can advise you on how to readjust or improve your strategy. We answer your questions and adapt to changes in your business

Being present on social networks is in fact a long-term investment and a chance for companies to engage with their customers and interact with their community.

What is community management?

To understand what community management is and how it works, we invite you to review the basics.

What is SMO?

SMO is the acronym for “Social Media Optimization”. This job belongs to what is called inbound marketing, i.e. marketing strategies and actions that allow you to attract visitors, leads and customers to your website or even to your store thanks to an adapted content strategy. This way, you develop a community of contacts who are truly interested in your business, your brand and your products and services.

The SMO designates all the techniques used to develop the visibility, the image and the offer of a brand / company via social networks or media. It is one of the main pillars of a successful web strategy.

Who is concerned by the SMO?

In our opinion, no company should neglect its communication on social networks. This is as true for an independent as it is for a large company or SME. So if you’re a small business in Martinique, you need a community manager just as much as a large group based in mainland France.

All professionals need to communicate with their community (customers, prospects, partners, influencers) to develop their sales and reputation. From the local artisan to the large multinational, to sell and grow your customer base, you need a presence strategy to participate in conversations, share and be visible.

If you do not communicate regularly with your prospects or customers, you create a distance between you and them. Your presence on social networks is actually an opportunity for entrepreneurs to exchange with their customers and interact with the community. With the help of an animation judicious of your networks and adapted hashtagsIt is even a great loyalty and sales tool. But it is a real job and you need to be accompanied by an agency and professionals who will help you achieve your goals with the best value for money.

Why be present on social networks?

Being present on social networks has become essential for any company, for a number of reasons. At Altosor Communication Martinique, we see social networks as a powerful platform that offers many opportunities.

  1. Customer engagement: Social networks enable direct, instant exchange with your customers. You can answer their questions, solve their problems and even receive their praise in real time.

  2. Brand visibility: With millions of active users every day, social networks offer massive visibility for your company. They enable you to reach a wide audience and promote your brand.

  3. Promoting products and services: Social networks are an excellent platform for promoting your products and services. You can use tools such as sponsored posts and targeted advertising to reach a wider audience.

  4. Market data analysis: Social networks provide valuable data on your customers and competitors. You can use this information to improve your products and services, and to stay competitive.

  5. Community building: Finally, social networks enable you to create a community around your brand. This can help increase brand loyalty and encourage positive word-of-mouth.

In short, social networks are a powerful tool for developing your business. It’s a platform that lets you interact directly with your customers, promote your brand and products, analyze market data, and create a community around your brand. At Altosor Communication Martinique, we’re experts in social networking communications and can help you maximize these opportunities.

Which social network to choose?

Which social networks your company should be present on depends on a number of factors, including your industry, your target audience and your objectives. At Altosor Communication Martinique, we generally recommend considering the following points:

  1. Facebook: With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the world’s most popular community network. It offers a wide variety of tools for entrepreneurs, including the ability to create business pages, publish content, interact with customers and advertise. It is suitable for almost all types of professional structures.

  2. Instagram: Instagram is ideal for entrepreneurs with lots of visual content to share. It’s an excellent platform for promoting products or services, especially for companies in the fashion, beauty, art, travel and gastronomy sectors.

  3. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the community network of choice for B2B companies and recruitment. It enables companies to share professional information, post job offers and connect with other industry professionals.

  4. X (formerly Twitter): X is a great tool for sharing news and quick updates. It is particularly useful for companies in the news, media and sports sectors.

  5. YouTube: If you have video content to share, YouTube is the platform to choose. It’s ideal for tutorials, product demonstrations and corporate videos.

  6. Pinterest: Pinterest is a visual platform that is particularly useful for businesses in the interior design, fashion, gastronomy and DIY (Do it Yourself) sectors.

It’s important to note that you don’t need to be present on all these social networks. Let’s choose the ones that best suit your company and your target audience. At Altosor Communication Martinique, we can help you determine which social networks are most relevant to your business, and develop an effective strategy for each.

How do you build a community on social media?

Managing a community on social networks is a crucial aspect of a company’s social media strategy. Here are some tips on how to manage your social network community effectively:

  1. Be prepared to answer tough questions: As a community manager, you need to be ready to answer all kinds of questions, including those that are difficult or sensitive.

  2. Reward your super fans: Identify and reward your most committed fans. This can help reinforce their loyalty and encourage greater interaction with your brand.

  3. Listen to your audience: Active listening is essential in community management. Pay attention to your audience’s comments and concerns, and use this information to improve your product or service.

  4. Define clear rules and guidelines: It’s important to establish clear rules for your community. This can help prevent conflict and maintain a positive, respectful environment.

  5. Be consistent and present: Be sure to publish content regularly and be active in your community. It shows your audience that you’re committed and attentive.

  6. Share valuable information and resources: Provide your community with useful information and resources. This can help establish your company as a reliable and valuable source of information.

  7. Encourage interaction: Encourage your members to interact with each other and with your brand. This can help reinforce a sense of community and increase engagement.

  8. Keep your profile clean: As a community manager, it’s your responsibility to keep your brand profile clean. This includes removing spam comments and detaching your brand from irrelevant or harmful publications.

  9. Identify your community: The first step in managing and developing a successful community starts with identifying and understanding your audience.

At Altosor Communication Martinique, we understand the importance of effective community management on social networks. We’re here to help you implement and manage a social network community strategy that meets your company’s needs.

Another key word in community management is QUALITY, not quantity.

And this time, we’re not just talking about the posts and their content. Many people want to have a large number of fans or subscribers because they think it will contribute to their visibility. Some are even willing to pay to get fake subscribers (a very bad idea that will cost you in every sense of the word since you risk having your account banned). Yet, what do you prefer? 1000 relevant and qualified subscribers who interact with you a lot and are loyal customers or 10,000 subscribers who never comment or interact with you and whom you don’t know at all… For us the choice is quickly made… and you?

What can you achieve with the help of a community manager from Altosor Communication Martinique?

The community manager plays a key role in your SMO (Social Media Optimization) campaign and in improving your e-reputation. Thanks to his training and skills, he performs a variety of tasks to optimize your presence on social networks. Here are a few examples of what they can do for you:

The community manager plays a crucial strategic role in helping to increase your company’s visibility. It maintains regular and constant contact with your customers, while respecting your brand values and best practices on social networks.

The social networks we manage:




Google MyBusiness


X (Twitter)

Community Manager Rates - Packages or custom-made

Rate € excl. tax/month</B
149 €
249 €
349 €
Social Media Strategy
Editorial planning *
Post per month
Story per month
Customized visuals **
Graphic design
Elaborate visuals (option)
Elaborate visuals (option)
Elaborate visuals (option)
Exchanges with the community. (reply to comments)
Message/Notification Management
Content monitoring and research
Management of Facebook/Instagram ads
See options
See options
See options
Report & balance sheet
Monthly review included Report on quotation
Monthly review included Report on quotation
Monthly review included Report on quotation

* Publication content adapted for each network (adaptation of media formats)

** Visual: photos or videos provided by the client or royalty-free photos/videos

Your benefits:

Flexible offer

You can cancel your subscription at any time. What's more, you can change your offer every month to suit your needs.

Made-to-measure advice

Each month, make an appointment by videoconference or telephone to approve your editorial calendar with a dedicated community manager.

Creation of your social network page

Account creation
Rates € / HT
Banners from € / HT
Creation of the Facebook page
50 €
49 €
Creation of the Instagram page
50 €
49 €
Creation of the Google my business page
99 €
Creation of the LinkedIn page
189 €
49 €
Creation of the Pinterest page
189 €
49 €
Creation of the YouTube channel
99 €
49 €
Creation of a Facebook store
From 99 € HT
49 €

Creation of groups on social networks

Facebook Group

Creation and monthly management

LinkedIn Group

Creation and monthly management

Webmarketing SEA campaigns - Online advertising META

Simple monthly management of your Meta ads.
From your advertising account

Creation of your online advertising campaigns, monthly tracking and optimization.

According to strategy
On quotation

Growth marketing - Social network marketing

LinkedIn prospecting

Want to go beyond publishing posts? Switch to active community management and direct your messages to your targets to get contacts, feedback or leads.

If you need advice on taking your first steps on social media or boosting your online visibility, contact the Altosor Communication Martinique team of experts.

As you may have noticed, community management requires a carefully thought-out strategy and appropriate editorial content.

Our role is to help you design your strategy, choose the most appropriate social platforms and support you in implementing your project. We do this by identifying relevant keywords and creating captivating images and videos that will engage your audience.

We firmly believe that our tailor-made, turnkey offer will meet all your requirements. We can also help you with many other aspects of your communication strategy, both online and offline.

Our agency works with you to
define your core messages
and brand positioning. We can also carry out an SEO audit of your website or write optimized SEO content to improve your site’s ranking. What’s more, our expert website design team is on hand to optimize the user experience on your site.

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