Boost your performance on social networks with Altosor Communication Martinique's community managers

You want to create or develop your brand or your business, your visibility on the Internet and your fan base on every social network in Martinique and beyond. Unfortunately, you have neither the time nor the expertise to take on the creation and management of your digital community? Community Management SMO is the tool you need to be visible on the Web. Made by a professional community manager whose job it is.

SMO Community Management Agency

Whatever your company’s sector of activity or your target, B2B or B2C, know that most of your competitors are probably already in contact with a community manager and present on the web via social networks to federate a community.

Altosor Communication Martinique agency reveals the recipes of professional community managers for an efficient management of your social networks and your community on the Internet. We present you the different services that our communication agency in Martinique can offer you to effectively expand your community on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Our community managers are at your side to teach you and help you communicate strategically with your community and thus improve the image of your company or your brand on the networks. With, as final objective of communication, the loyalty of your customers and the development of your activity towards new targets. Managing your digital communication and your company’s community in Martinique has never been easier than with Altosor Communication!

Opting for a management of your social networks by a community manager of the agency Altosor Communication Martinique whose job it is, is the insurance effective work and quality content to build the image and guarantee the visibility of your company on the Internet.

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What is the purpose of the
Community management ?

Nowadays, a community on social networks offers a real advantage in terms of digital communication to a company or a brand. It allows you to take care of your image, to promote your company’s products and services and, above all, to develop andmaintain a closerelationship with your customers on the web.

Indeed, social media are an incredible source of communication and interaction, as long as you spend the time necessary. That’s why hiring a professional community manager to manage your company ‘s digital communication and web presence is essential. In addition to helping you define your strategy on social networks, managing the accounts of a brand or a company requires a lot of time to develop your community. Respond to messages, comments, publish on various topics (but always related to the news and activity of your company), create engagement and a form of sympathy for the company, generate sales. Social networks and community management is all this and more.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about having 30,000 likes or fans in your community. The right people, the ones who fit your marketing target, are enough. But to get them to subscribe, you have to know them in order to reach them with content they are really interested in… Even in a humorous way, it’s hard to see why a building contractor would talk about cars, or a vegetarian restaurant owner about manicures. It has to be relevant to your target audience, but your content has to be relevant to you as well. So, talking about new forms of diet, forgotten vegetables and anything related to food will make much more sense to a restaurant community.

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What role does the Community Manager play?

The community manager is in charge of the creation and implementation of digital communication of a company and its brands on social networks and the Internet. His job is to take full responsibility for the management of a company’ s web community . It ensures a daily Internet monitoring for the company’s brand(s), looking for communication angles and topics relevant to the target and the web, creates the content using his creativity, searches for hashtags and makes videos or photos in addition to writing impactful texts.

The community manager is trained in digital communication and social networks to give visibility and build and develop a community relevant to the activity and target of a company. In this context, its actions encompass all content creation (text, hashtag, photos and videos) and must encourage subscribers and followers to react and interact with the brand as much as possible. Thus, the brand’s posts will be more and more visible to new potential subscribers with the ultimate goal of creating the largest but most relevant and active community possible.

Finally, like all communication professions, his mission is to improve the image and reputation of a brand through his creations. However, his role and objective as a social manager is limited to the management of social networks on the Web. He knows how to analyze and understand perfectly the way a community works in order to adapt the creation of content. Trust Altosor Communication agency to advise you in your best interest. Learn more about the community manager job.

Why call upon Altosor Communication Martinique to animate your company's web community on social networks?

Editorial strategy

Our community managers are experts in social media and digital strategy. Thus, we will always propose you the most relevant digital actions to improve the brand image and increase the notoriety of your company. Our agency is at your side to define a digital strategy, to define the right hashtags, to create a community, to moderate it, to attract new customers and to develop their loyalty on one or more social networks.

Affordable rates

Our rates are designed to allow companies of all sizes and freelancers to benefit from the expertise of community management professionals to implement a relevant digital strategy for their brand and communicate on networks. Our social credo: "The best is the enemy of the good"! Thus, we make it our mission to focus on the networks that are truly relevant to your business or brand in order tooptimize your budget.

Federate and make the web community live

We don't just propose an editorial strategy for your company's presence on a social network. With our help, your visibility on the networks will be one of the main levers of your customer relations. A social media manager dedicated to your web communication, helps you create and animate your accounts and interact with the community of each social media via, in particular, the creation of attractive visuals, emotional content (text, video or photo) and contests.

A perfect knowledge of each network

As a traditional and digital communication consulting agency, we know the different networks and their expectations. Thus, our strategy and editorial line takes into account your needs, your brand objectives and your corporate communication strategy but also the expectations of the main networks in order to maximize interactions and develop a quality community around your brand.

Measurable results on your community

We provide our clients with reports on the evolution of their communication on social networks and the main monitoring indicators (KPI) SMO: Number of fans or subscribers, number and quality of interactions, generation of traffic on your site, leads or sales on the stores, etc. Everything is put in place to develop your brand community and the visibility of your company.

Satisfaction assured with a dedicated community manager

Before any action, you validate the social and editorial strategy and the targets defined for your brand or company. Then, we send you a weekly editorial calendar of your next posts. Each month, a report allows us to review the progress of your presence on each social network and the performance of the best posts. Thus, your community manager, whose job it is, can advise you to reorient or improve your strategy. We answer your questions and adapt to the evolution of your company.

A presence on social networks is actually an investment for the future and an opportunity for companies to exchange with their customers and interact with their community.

What is community management?

To understand what community management is and how it works, we invite you to review the basics.

What is SMO?

SMO is the acronym for “Social Media Optimization”. This job belongs to what is called inbound marketing, i.e. marketing strategies and actions that allow you to attract visitors, leads and customers to your website or even to your store thanks to an adapted content strategy. This way, you develop a community of contacts who are truly interested in your business, your brand and your products and services.

The SMO designates all the techniques used to develop the visibility, the image and the offer of a brand / company via social networks or media. It is one of the main pillars of a successful web strategy.

Who is concerned by the SMO?

In our opinion, no company should neglect its communication on social networks. This is as true for an independent as it is for a large company or SME. So, if you are a small company in Martinique, you need a community manager as much as a big group based in France.

All companies need to communicate with their community (customers, prospects, partners, influencers) in order to develop their sales and their reputation. From the local artisan to the large multinational, to sell and grow your customer base, you need a presence strategy to participate in conversations, share and be visible.

If you do not communicate regularly with your prospects or customers, you create a distance between you and them. Your presence on social networks is actually an opportunity for entrepreneurs to exchange with their customers and interact with the community. With the help of an animation judicious of your networks and adapted hashtagsIt is even a great loyalty and sales tool. But it is a real job and you need to be accompanied by an agency and professionals who will help you achieve your goals with the best value for money.

Why be present on social networks?

You will say, why do community management when I already have a website? Simply because your site is a showcase that allows you to present your offer, your products, your values … In short to build your brand image. But, alone, it will not allow you to attract new customers and generate traffic on your site or in your store. Obviously, with a good
natural referencing
you will be able to be more visible on search engines. But what about the interaction, the exchanges with your customers? All this also contributes to your visibility and brand reputation. It’s like a game of seduction, you have to engage and retain your customers, but also encourage them to share and talk about you to open up to a different or more distant clientele.

Opting for a management of social networks by a community manager of the agency Altosor Communication Martinique, is the assurance of a quality work every day. Indeed, don’t go imagining that posting once a month on your professional Facebook page or Instagram account is enough to be effective. Not at all.

You need a clear and well-defined social media strategy to get results. This is exactly what our community managers propose: define which social network, which messages, which hashtags are the most strategic and relevant for you. Then, define ideas for publications that generate interactions with your target (likes, shares, comments, reactions, requests for quotes / reservations).

By delegating the management of social networks to one of our expert community managers, not only do you make your life easier but you can improve the image and visibility of your brand and get a better return on investment.

Which social networks to choose ?

There are more and more social networks and there is no magic formula. The right networks are the ones that will allow you to reach YOUR target and achieve YOUR goals. Many clients contact us because they don’t understand why their social networks aren’t working or because they can’t reach their goals. Most of the time, they don’t have a defined strategy, they have created accounts or pages on the biggest networks, post from time to time, but haven’t really thought about the audience of these networks or the content they are going to publish on them. So how do you choose your social networks?

Our experts know all the tools and possibilities offered by each social network (advertising campaigns, stories, surveys, article writing on LinkedIn, video on Instagram and Tik Tok or snapchat, contests… the list is long). This is how we can recommend the best possible strategy and develop content that will allow you to set up a very interesting communication on the web and therefore really effective to develop the notoriety of your company.

How to manage a community on social networks?

First of all, it is essential to understand what social networks want. Like you, they are there to earn customers and money. So they also have objectives and in particular to generate a maximum of publicity from the brands. In order to sell well and at the best price their advertising spaces, their goal is therefore that their subscribers spend the best time on the platform so that they stay as long as possible. They will therefore make sure to present their subscribers with content that is as personalized as possible to their interests. This is where the very complicated algorithms of the platforms come into play.

There is no need to go into further detail. But what you need to understand is that a brand must imperatively propose a content relevant to its target, but also that it is essential that this content generates emotions (positive if possible) and therefore interaction and sharing.

Thus, a post must meet three main objectives:

Another key word in community management is QUALITY, not quantity.

And this time, we’re not just talking about the posts and their content. Many people want to have a large number of fans or subscribers because they think it will contribute to their visibility. Some are even willing to pay to get fake subscribers (a very bad idea that will cost you in every sense of the word since you risk having your account banned). Yet, what do you prefer? 1000 relevant and qualified subscribers who interact with you a lot and are loyal customers or 10,000 subscribers who never comment or interact with you and whom you don’t know at all… For us the choice is quickly made… and you?

What actions to consider with the help of a community manager from Altosor Communication Martinique?

What can the community manager do for your SMO campaign and the improvement of your e-reputation? It’s very simple, everything possible! And here are some non-exhaustive examples:

The community manager has a major strategic role as he helps you develop the visibility of your company. It allows a regular and recurrent contact with your customers, while respecting your brand values and good practices on social networks.

The social networks we manage:




Google MyBusiness



Community Manager Rates - Packages or custom-made

Rate € HT/ month
149 €
249 €
349 €
Social Media Strategy
Editorial planning *
Post per month
Story per month
Customized visuals **
Graphic design
Elaborate visuals (option)
Elaborate visuals (option)
Elaborate visuals (option)
Exchanges with the community. (reply to comments)
Message/Notification Management
Content monitoring and research
Management of Facebook/Instagram ads
See options
See options
See options
Report & balance sheet
Monthly review included Report on quotation
Monthly review included Report on quotation
Monthly review included Report on quotation

* Publication content adapted for each network (adaptation of media formats)

** Visual: photos or videos provided by the client or royalty-free photos/videos

Your benefits:

Modular offer without commitment

Cancel your subscription whenever you want.
Change your offer every month

Personalized advice

Monthly video meeting to validate your editorial calendar with a dedicated community manager.

Creation of your social network page

Account creation
Rates € / HT
Banners from € / HT
Creation of the Facebook page
50 €
49 €
Creation of the Instagram page
50 €
49 €
Creation of the Google my business page
99 €
Creation of the LinkedIn page
189 €
49 €
Creation of the Pinterest page
189 €
49 €
Creation of the YouTube channel
99 €
49 €
Creation of a Facebook store
From 99 € HT
49 €

Creation of groups on social networks

Facebook Group

Creation and monthly management

LinkedIn Group

Creation and monthly management

Webmarketing SEA

Facebook and Instagram

Simple monthly management of online ads.
From your advertising account

Webmarketing for the pros
Targeted online advertising

Professional monthly management of online advertising.
From your advertising account

On quotation

Advertising budget of more than 500€ HT per month

Growth marketing - Targeted marketing via your networks

Targeted Marketing Growth Hacking


The best method to make community management effective with a more active approach is Growth Hacking. Growth Hacking allows us to directly search for the audience that is most likely to match your customer segment. Thus you have the possibility to develop your social networks in a proactive way with our Growth Hacking services

According to strategy
On quotation

Marketing targeting


Want to go beyond publishing posts? Switch to active community management and direct your messages to your targets to get contacts, feedback or leads.

According to strategy
On quotation

"If you want advice on how to get started on social media or because your visibility on the networks is not taking off, contact the team of experts at Altosor Communication Martinique."

As you will have understood, community management is not as simple as one might think and requires a real strategy and appropriate editorial content.

We help you define your strategy, the appropriate networks and help you implement it by identifying the right keywords and creating attractive visuals and videos that will reach your audience.

We are sure that our tailor-made and turnkey offer will bring you full satisfaction and can help you in many other areas of your on and offline communication strategy.

Our agency is at your side to help you define your key messages and the positioning of your brand, but also to carry out an SEO audit of your website or the SEO writing of optimized content to improve the referencing of your site. Finally, our team of web design specialists will help you improve the user experience on your site.

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