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Join our team of experts in communication and web projects?

Why join our professional network?

Reasons to join our professional network

We offer you the opportunity to develop your business by adding to it, to have freedom in the level of involvement and to join a motivated and ambitious team. With us you will be able to :

Altosor Communication is a dynamic agency, which has at heart to contribute each member of its team to satisfy the customer. Created by a team of professionals composed of writers, communication experts, SEO specialists, web professionals, graphic designers, social networking experts, advertising specialists, trainers and many others.

Our unity is to participate in a unifying corporate project. With the will to serve the various customers in the long term and to offer them personalized solutions of quality, at the right price, in order to develop their visibility and sales.

Join our team of experts in communication and web projects

Alotosor Communication is an excellent lever to work on interesting projects, and to manage and develop your own business. Join our team and become a qualified and internally recommended service provider!

We understand that you run or represent a company with its own services and network of clients. Your activity may fluctuate from week to week. Let’s discuss and define together your level of involvement which may vary according to the volume of our orders and yours. Be convinced to join and support a team by participating in the collective effort of realizing projects, which may include finding clients and monetization ideas.

Your profile is unique. Your specializations and areas of expertise or preferences can be integrated into a multi-disciplinary team. We will be able to demonstrate our agility and creativity in order to offer you the missions that correspond to your current expectations and your core competence.

Our clients are in various sectors of activity and have different problems to develop their visibility and their sales. They are looking for a partner like Altosor Communication to support them and manage their communication. They want a fair price for a great job. Contribute to more ambitious projects by working as a team through our network of professional providers.

We wish to retain the best talents in our network of professional service providers in order to ensure long-term customer support, impeccable service quality and a supportive and creative team spirit.

The more successful you are on projects, the more likely you are to be re-employed and asked to work on new projects by our team members and clients. Altosor Communication is a trusted player to find more customers together and contribute to the development of your own business. Join our team and become a qualified and recommended provider!

What types of projects can I join?

Altosor Communication is an excellent actor to find more clients and to manage and develop your own business. Join our team and become a qualified and internally recommended service provider!

Put your skills and know-how to work

In most cases, Altosor Communication facilitates the prospecting with the clients, and starts to define the project which is broken down into deliverables.

A project manager is designated for the project to be carried out. It selects the available resources first among the partners, then among the active providers, according to their skills defined by their profile sheet and their availability. Performance is evaluated and the best contributors are more easily re-hired for new projects. Our objective is not to have an army of providers, but a network with sufficiently high skills. With the right balance of quality and price in mind, you can adapt to different workloads.

Our will? Concentric circles of providers. We want agility in resources, freedom of adjustment, involvement, professionalism, renewal of the team according to the free choice of each provider. Thus, each provider circle has a particular role according to its involvement in the Altosor Communication service.

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Want to be part of the Altosor Communication Martinique team? Send us a convincing proposal for a mission project and present us your strengths and skills.

How can I offer my services on a project?

Nothing could be easier: contact us.

Tell us about your skills, your strengths, the missions you are comfortable with. Unveil your potential, your ideas.

Send us a portfolio, or your references and past work. The goal? May our team discover your achievements and your ambitions. If your application is successful, we will arrange an online interview.

On what criteria will I be selected?

You must be a company in France or abroad or a legally registered entrepreneur. Your commitment to excellence should be demonstrated when you deliver a job. The guarantees of continuity in the team are:

Doing an internship with Altosor Communication?

You are a communication, web or sales professional and wish to promote your skills and services through our agency? Do you want to benefit from an enriching teamwork experience to carry out large-scale missions and projects?

Are you a professional in writing, community management, communication, SEO or web marketing, web designer, motion designer or graphic designer?

Contact us and send us your application and references. We all work online so wherever you want.

The advantages of working for Altosor Communication Martinique

Work online efficiently and freely

Work online efficiently and freely

You have the freedom and flexibility to control when, where and how you work. Each project will include an online workspace shared by you and your team, allowing you to send and receive files, provide digital assets in a secure environment, share feedback in real time, and use messages to communicate.

Be paid on time

Be paid on time

All projects are negotiated and sold in such a way as to avoid default by our clients. Once your work is done and validated by the client, you are authorized to invoice and you will be paid without delay.

Go on vacation whenever you want

Go on vacation whenever you want

We ensure continuity of service for our customers. However, you can count on your team to replace you. Indeed, it is possible in some cases to designate another member of the team to perform your services during your absence. This way, you gain flexibility and comfort. Everything is organized!

Socialize and share good times

Socialize and share good times

Your professional commitment and social skills are fundamental to your growth in the virtual team. We attach importance to this aspect in spite of the distance constraint.

Altosor digital communication

Altosor Communication Martinique is your communication expert available for your company in Martinique!

Altosor Communication Martinique : votre agence de communication digitale et print. Création de site internet, SEO, SEA, publicité, marketing.

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