Graphic Design – Brand design & logo creation

If you need to create a coherent visual identity for your brand,one that is unique and identifiable among all, our graphic design service is for you. Graphic design allows you to define a unique brand design, with a modern logo and graphic charter, for both your company and your customers. The choice of color, thevisual association, the formats… All of this is studied by our designer who will enhance your corporate identity. Focus on graphic design services with Altosor Communication Martinique.

Why use a graphic design service?

Do you need help to make your company or brand attractive, consistent and professional in all its communications? This is exactly what our graphic design service offers.

Altosor Communication agency recommends this graphic design service for any project of :

The graphic designer studies your target and your needs to translate them into images and colors.

Our goal? Build a strong and effective image that will support your success

Logo creation and redesign

The logo is your company’s distinctive visual element. It is the unconscious sign that marks the minds. All companies and brands have a logo. Why?

Because it serves to define you and make a mark in every communication. A digital or media advertising campaign? Your logo is affixed to your documents. An invoice or letterhead in your company’s name? The logo also appears.

As a true mark of your company, the logo should not be created lightly. It must reflect the spirit of the company. If the logo is not worked, not achieved through graphic design, you risk amateurism. And who is willing to trust an amateur company? No one.

You change your strategy or want to refresh your company logo or brand logo? Our communication consultants and graphic designers will advise you and propose solutions for a renewed visual identity through a logo redesign.

Click here to tell us about your needs for your logo or graphic design and we will analyze for you the appropriate solutions.

Logo creation

Visual identity creation

Banners & advertising visuals

Brand strategy

Banners and visuals for advertising

Does your media plan require communication on social networks or via traditional advertising? You will need specific banners and visuals.

We create these elements by inlaying your logo or style associated with your business.

Creation of visual identity / graphic charter

Altosor Communication Martinique : votre agence de communication digitale et print. Création de site internet, SEO, SEA, publicité, marketing.

The visual identity of your project is an essential element of the general brand identity of your company in Martinique. It is the visual universe that marks the personality, values and ambitions of your business.

Starting from who your company is, we translate into colors and design what you want to convey. Do you offer relaxation treatments? It is forbidden to use aggressive, bright colors (red, etc.)… And advised to opt for shades rather pastel. Similarly, the softness and serenity must be translated into a coherent assembly of forms.

Our team does everything possible to define your visual signature. Logo, graphic charter, newsletter design, header, etc…

Our goal? Build your impactful and effective image that will support (or contribute to) your success.

Graphic design service in Martinique

How does the graphic design service work? It is very simple. Before any graphic (and technical) realization of your project, we analyze and monitor the direct competition and current trends. This way, we can find the perfect angle to position you.

Our team proceeds with the creation of a benchmark in order to define an identity, a brand universe that is specific to you, recognizable, identifiable and assimilable by your target (while differentiating you from the competition).

Need help creating your visual identity or redesigning your graphic identity? Tell us about your project by clicking here.

For self-employed entrepreneurs and very small businesses

Turnkey solutions to get you started

For entrepreneurs and VSEs who want to get started quickly and complete their project on a controlled budget, different combinations are available depending on your needs:

Graphic design

  • Visual identity presentation
  • Logo, logo variations, logo use, color palette, typography

Logo design

  • Creative brief
  • 3 creative leads
  • Optimizing the chosen axis

Visual Identity Creation

  • Creative brief
  • Logo design
  • Design of the graphic charter

Poster and flyer

  • Design poster A4 or flyer A3
  • Integrating your text

Sales brochure

  • Brochure design 1p
  • Integrating your text

Business card

  • Double-sided business card design
  • Integration of your graphic charter

For SMEs and large companies

Personalized support to meet your every need

Send us a message and an expert will contact you.

Altosor Communication Martinique : votre agence de communication digitale et print. Création de site internet, SEO, SEA, publicité, marketing.

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