Optimize and succeed in your advertising campaign in the Martinique print media

With the advent of the digital sphere, the print media is undergoing a profound change and sometimes a decline in circulation and subscriptions. This trend has led to a certain disengagement of advertisers and a decrease in the sale of advertising space of this type of media. Thus, they had to reinvent themselves and for many create websites linked to their newspapers or paper magazines often offering free and paid articles. This development is of real interest to companies that want to increase their awareness among a local audience.

Why advertise in the Martinique print media?

Buy advertising in the print media allows, as for the advertisements in radioto obtain an excellent targeting and to optimize your media plan and your strategy in terms of media buying strategy. Indeed, whether the publication is daily, weekly or monthly, each newspaper or magazine has its own target audience (women’s press, home and decoration press…) which will allow you to reach your audiences in a more efficient and direct way thanks to your purchase of advertising space.

The digitization of its various supports also offers another advantage. The advertisers can often benefit from an online advertising offer (or display) integrated in the offers of the advertising network with a pricing and more varied formats than the advertisement which will be the subject of a publication in a in a newspaper.

In addition, unlike press relations and the distribution of press releases which are then processed by journalists, you have total control over your advertising advertising message and therefore your image. The publication of an ad is therefore part of the communication supports not to be overlooked as an advertiser. It is particularly suitable for advertising campaigns dedicated to the diffusion of promotional offers or to eventssuch as sales or a concert evening for example.

Airing radio spots will help you to target your customers and prospects in an efficient and very practical way. Most radios have specific audiences, young people, thirty year olds, women, business leaders… They offer statistics and a program schedule that allow you to plan a successful advertising campaign accurately and reliably. Thus, you can easily boost your sales by developing your customer base.

You want to gain visibility with your customers and prospects by advertising in the Martinique press?
Entrust your advertising space buying strategy to the Altosor Communication Martinique team!

Which communication agency to choose for its radio advertising campaign in Martinique ?

You want to gain visibility with your customers and prospects by advertising in the Martinique press? You have a limited budget and want your media planning strategy to bring you maximum return on investment? Entrust your advertising space buying strategy to the Altosor Communication Martinique team. We take care of creating your ads advertisements to enhance your products or services by adapting the messages to the needs and desires of your targets. At Altosor Communication, our content specialists will find the most relevant key messages for your ads and your audiences.

In addition, our strategic planning experts will assist you in negotiating the best location and cost of your inserts with the advertising agencies of the various newspapers and magazines.

In short, we take care of everything and you can achieve effective press advertising with peace of mind and the assurance of increasing your sales and improving your brand image with an affordable budget. All you have to do is open your newspaper or magazine and enjoy your ad on the day it appears.

Know that at Altosor communication Martinique, we put at your disposal a team of professionals and specialists to accompany you in all your communication strategy in Martinique.

The different services we can offer to companies

Like any company manager, your ambition is to bring a perennial growth to your company or your business in Martinique. Communication and marketing are essential elements to achieve this goal and it is highly recommended to entrust this task to a specialized digital agency. At Altosor communication MartiniqueWe are listening to the expectations of advertisers and our motto is to help you increase your visibility in Martinique. This will allow you to develop your business, retain your current customers and identify new prospects. That’s why we provide you with an experienced team capable of designing and managing multi-channel marketing campaigns.

With our know-how and skills, we mobilize at your side and position ourselves as a full-fledged collaborator of your company with the sole objective of enabling you to increase your reputation compared to your competitors. That is why our agency Altosor communication Martinique is the best placed to advise you and help you spread your messages on different media of the written press Martinique.

The different paper supports in Martinique

Here is an overview of the main print media titles in Martinique that will allow you to target a varied audience and promote your messages and events.

  • ch1-01
    France-Antilles Martinique
    France-Antilles is THE regional daily newspaper of Martinique, for all the news of the island. The newspaper is available in print and online.
  • ch1-01
    Creole Houses
    Maisons Créoles is a decoration and lifestyle magazine for Martinique but also for the West Indies, Guyana and Reunion. It is available bimonthly on the Internet and completely free of charge.
  • ch1-01
    Madin'mag is a news magazine with a resolutely positive editorial line that deals with networks and businesses in Martinique.
  • ch1-01
    Tipiik is a monthly magazine distributed as a complement to the magazines MadinMag and KaruMag whose themes are housing, decoration, real estate and construction in Martinique and Guadeloupe.
  • ch1-01
    C'Smart is a cultural magazine available for Martinique and Guadeloupe. It is free and available in paper or digital version.
  • ch1-01
    Living Well
    Bien vivre is a magazine from Martinique about the art of living. We talk about decoration, garden, health, cooking, well-being and beauty.
  • ch1-01
    Créola is a magazine dedicated to the women of the West Indies. It comes out every first Thursday of the month as a complement to the daily France-Antilles.

If you already have an existing website, but your texts are not up to standard, not optimized, lack attractiveness or are outdated, our web writers are at your disposal. We advise you on your content strategy and propose you to write new web texts or to optimize and/or improve the existing ones.

In any case, writing quality content for a professional website in Martinique allows you to position yourself effectively on the Internet against your competitors.

Your advertising campaign in the Martinique written press with Altosor communication Martinique

Entrust your advertising space buying strategy to the Altosor Communication Martinique team. We take care of creating your product or service advertisements by adapting the messages to the needs and desires of your targets!

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