Media Plan (Offline Marketing)

Do you need guidance for an effective media communication plan? Whether it is online (on the web), offline (via audiovisual media etc), we set up your media plan. Your message needs to be delivered across multiple channels to be impactful. Let Altosor Communication Martinique take care of your offline and online marketing media plan. We explain the principle.

Communication Agency Media Plan (Offline Marketing)

Whether you have a website or not, traditional communication – print – is still necessary for your business. To accompany you towards the most effective and powerful strategy for your business communication in Martinique, we propose a media plan.

What is a media plan?

The media plan is a tool we use to plan your communication on all channels. Whether it is on the :

  • print (paper)
  • web
  • offline media (radio, newspapers, press, TV, posters…)

The elaboration of this plan allows you to opt for a tailor-made communication strategy. Thus, we determine the potential of each media to reach your customers.

The media plan (whether offline or online) is the flagship document of your communication. It is created to give you a guideline and reach your target prospect in the right way, at the right time.

In concrete terms, with the help of an action plan, the media plan frames and sets out all the communication actions planned for the various media and social networks.

Which media for the media plan?

As you can see, the media plan can mix 2 main types of media. Traditional and digital media.

Traditional media

We are talking about the classic media: the written press, press kits, radio communication (advertising or interview type communication), TV or 4*3 posters.

These supports have proven their effectiveness in the past. They always get good press, but our role is to determine whether these media are suitable for your own business.

Against all odds, it may not be ideal for you, or it may be your perfect communication solution.

Digital media

Digital media (or neo-media) have a new efficiency that is no longer to be demonstrated.

The goal is to communicate where your customers are. Every day, millions of people use different digital media… We target for you the digital media to use as a communication lever for your company. We are talking about: blogging, emailing, podcasting, stories, youtube channel, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter…), or influencer marketing.

We determine with you which media your target group uses and how to reach them precisely.

Written press, press kits

Radio communication

Social media

Off-line Marketing

Other print media

Your corporate communication is also based on print media. Whether it’s a business card, flyer, letterhead, poster… All these communication elements are also part of your offline marketing. We work to ensure that you maintain visual and message consistency across all your media.

Your message needs to be delivered across multiple channels to be impactful. Let Altosor Communication Martinique take care of your offline and online marketing media plan.

Media plan planning

Finally, after study and collective brainstorming, we propose a calendar of these different communication actions. The objective with the implementation of this media planning is to provide visibility to all your communication actions.

You can therefore obtain a media plan that mixes offline and online. It all depends on your needs, your company, your target.

If your activity is local (like the restaurant business in Martinique for example), your media plan will also integrate your advertising actions with the tools dedicated to local (Google My Business etc).

You have understood, at Altosor Communication Martinique we imagine for you your whole communication. For this, we create your media plan, whether offline or online. This way, you can hit hard and effectively for a communication adapted to your needs. To discuss your project with us, click here, we will advise you on the media plan strategy to be developed.

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