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You want to boost the visibility of your website and your products or services with online advertising? If you want fast and even immediate results and if you have a budget to spend, SEA web marketing is the solution for you. It consists of the purchase of advertising space and sponsored results that appear on major search engines such as Google.

To increase your notoriety quickly and attract new customers. Our digital communication agency in Martinique offers to accompany you and create for you your optimized advertising campaigns.

Why use SEA web marketing?

If you want instant results, SEA (search engine advertising) is the right tool for your business. Ideal to obtain almost immediate results, it can make the link with SEO (natural referencing thanks to an optimized content).

When you create a website, the SEO content takes a few weeks or months to be referenced. Google, among its many criteria, favors the age of the sites (among other very important criteria). This is why a few weeks are essential for the proper indexing of your website by search engines.

If you are a restaurant owner in Martinique for example, it is a very good idea to create your website. If, however, you need to get your name out there quickly, consider using digital marketing. A banner purchase on a site relevant to your target audience can also be an interesting way to reach your brand objectives.

Thus, you will be able to position yourself on a key query with a cost per click that evolves according to the competition on the keyword. In other words, you position yourself on a particular query, for example “pizzeria in Fort-de-France”. Your ad appears at the top of the Google results page, if a user clicks on it, you pay a pre-defined cost.

It is quite possible for small businesses to manage a webmarketing campaign on several networks themselves but it requires time and know-how in online advertising such as Google Ads to realize an effective campaign that does not spend your advertising budget in vain.

Internet advertising techniques - Webmarketing SEA

Our team is specialized in the different Google or Bing products dedicated to brand visibility. Thus, we create for your company the most relevant and effective online advertising campaigns to promote your products and services.

These advertising campaigns are measurable and allow you to define an objective in terms of conversion rates, results, sales or traffic. We take care of optimizing your SEA webmarketing budget to allow you to obtain the best results and efficiency possible. You can use this paid advertising technique in addition to working on the natural SEO of your website without any problem.

You can also increase your company’s presence via a social network that will allow you to develop an online community interested in your products or services.

Also on each social media, you can combine a free community management strategy with a paid strategy through sponsored posts for example.

ATS Auction

ATS Auction

The advertising space is essentially bought by auction via the keywords on which you wish to position yourself. Our role is to define the performance per click, targeting the best queries for you with keywords adapted to your activity. Good to know: most of the advertisers' investments in this field are made on Google. The platform used is Google Ads (formerly AdWords), which contains about 90% of global SEA investments.

Keyword Strategies

Keyword Strategies

As with natural search, the essence of the SEA advertising campaign is based on the finesse of the chosen key query. Your SEA webmarketing specialist finds the most favorable queries to bring you qualified traffic. The cost per click (CPC) is an important variable to judge the relevance of your campaign. Let us carry out your SEA campaigns in Martinique to develop your activity on distinct periods. Our team of web professionals is here to help you optimize your SEA campaign investment.

How much does it cost to advertise online on the Internet?

The cost of an advertisement on the Internet depends on many factors such as the form of the advertising campaign (banner, video, sponsored ad…), the keywords on which you wish to position yourself (and their cost per click), the production of graphic or video content and other criteria. Thus, it is recommended to call upon professionals like Altosor Communication to define and implement your campaign.

Whatever your budget, we will propose the strategy best suited to your company’s objectives, always seeking to give you the best possible cost/performance ratio for your digital marketing campaign.

When it comes to digital advertising, it’s crucial to be smart. For example, we can propose to position you on less popular keywords, and therefore less expensive at auction, to target more precise customer niches. Just as effective, this approach offers the advantage of being less costly and of being able to duplicate campaigns to target different audiences. Obviously if you choose “restaurant martinique” the cost per click will be very high if you take a more precise keyword “restaurant martiniquais sainte luce” the cost will certainly drop. This analysis of the most relevant keywords for your advertisement is a professional job and needs to be done regularly, as costs change very quickly. 

This saves you valuable time and money.

If you want to know more, contact us!

Our team is specialized in SEA webmarketing. Your online advertising campaigns become attractive and effective with a targeted ROI.
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