Marketing Campaign

Do you need support from A to Z for your online communication? Do you want professional support that covers all marketing possibilities? We create your marketing campaign to boost your business in Martinique. Focus on the marketing campaign department.

Marketing Campaign Department

Communication is vast. As you know, there are 1000 ways to communicate.

Our consulting role for your marketing campaign is to find out how to optimize your communication. We analyze your activity, your expectations and your clientele.

Thus, we offer you a tailor-made communication plan, adapted to your objectives and your company.

Altosor Communication Martinique offers you professional support that covers all marketing possibilities.

Marketing campaign tools

Your marketing communication campaign can be declined in several formats:

We offer you the creation of several marketing campaigns, according to your needs. These communication campaigns can be punctual (over a month, a quarter) or year-round. Your needs, your budget and your type of activity allow us to create these customized marketing campaigns.

What works for the store next to yours may not be the strategy that works for you.


Because everything depends on your business at the moment: Where are you now? Do you already have a website, social network accounts? Have you ever done any marketing campaigns? If so, what were the results?

All these factors require a tailor-made consulting for more efficiency.

Global digital strategy

Finally, your marketing campaign is your entire communication strategy. Thus, we can propose you tailor-made offers, with particular themes.

For example:

Everything is customizable, and à la carte.

Marketing Campaign Altosor communication Martinique

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