You want to create a website for your company in Martinique ?
You already have a website, but you are disappointed because your website does not bring you enough traffic or few qualified contacts or prospects? It is frustrating especially if you have invested a substantial budget in the design and technical aspect of your site.

You wonder why your main competitors’ websites are more visible than yours, generating greater popularity, which allows them to benefit from a greater number of new customers coming through their website .

It’s very simple: an effective natural referencing adapted to the searches of the Internet users on the web! It plays an essential, even vital, role in providing better visibility on the Internet and allowing you, over time, to reach the first page of search on Google and other major search engines.

We propose to explain you why and how to gain notoriety and to make you take advantage of our different SEO services in Martinique.

Effective SEO services in Martinique

You’ve figured it out by now. The most important and even essential difference between a well visible and contact generating site and a lambda site is a effective natural referencing (SEO).

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the secret key to a professional website that outperforms the rest. SEO can be defined as the art of positioning a site, web page or application in the first natural results of search engines, so that Internet users click on your link rather than your competitors’. In English, SEO is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (according to B. Barthelot). Of course, an attractive and professional design gives confidence to your future customer. But if said customer never comes across the link to your site when entering their Google searchesHow will you sell and grow your business?

That’s why it’s in your interest to develop an effective SEO strategy for your business website.

Why is it important to use an SEO service ?

Whether you offer services to businesses or individuals, whether you are a shopkeeper, a restaurant owner, a B&B owner, a car rental company or a manager of a luxury tourist activity in Martinique, the principle is the same.

To be contacted, it is essential to be visible by your target. It is therefore imperative that you place yourself on the top results from major search engines , such as Google and Bing. And that’s exactly what a SEO service effective: study your positioning and optimize yournatural referencing thanks to a coherent and judicious strategy. It can also be combined with other referencing techniques such as netlinking, for example.

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Not sure what would be best for your online business? Let our Altosor Communication Martinique team advise you.

How to optimize SEO?

Here is a question whose answer is as crucial as it is vast!

Did you know that for an optimal SEO, Google takes into account more than 200 criteria and that these change regularly with a top secret algorithm? It is therefore not by chance that we advise you to call on consultants who are experts in SEO techniques.
These are the criteria we work on for you every day. Integration of keywords,optimization of metadata and Url, integration of internal and external links… These are all important and essential techniques to meet the needs of Internet users and the requirements of search engines.

Efficient SEO for a website involves a number of important and compulsory steps to ensure that the strategy is judicious and tailored to your expectations.

1. Definition of your positioning

This step is essential to set up an effective SEO strategy with a content technique relevant and coherent writing. Indeed, during this first important step, you must define the image and intrinsic values of your company that must be communicated to your customers and prospects in order to give your company a unique and differentiating image compared to the competition. In our “jargon” of communicators we call this the
positioning and key messages

It is the content base around which the whole of a coherent global communication is built, even beyond natural referencing.

2. Audit of referencing

SEO audithis important service will allow us to carry out a health check of your site and to define an action plan adapted to your objectives and your needs. This link and keyword analysis audit, carried out by an SEO expert, allows us to identify the key words and expressions, also called long tail keywords, used by Internet users on a search engine like Google to find a product, a service or information.

This stage of website analysis is essential to develop an effective SEO strategy that will allow our SEO content consultant to make various recommendations. These may involve a rewrite of the texts by an expert writer in natural referencing to a redesign of the site and metadata. Indeed, if they do not correspond to the expectations of search engines, these blocking points will generate a penalty that will have a significant impact on the visibility of your site.

An effective SEO allows you to offer a better visibility, to develop links with other peer sites and to create more traffic on your site in order to attract a maximum of prospects and customers.

3. Digital strategy and SEO optimized content writing for your search engine optimization

In order to maximize organic search engine optimization, it is important to continuously write and post optimized and quality content on websites. To be well referenced by a search engine like Google, it is not enough to focus once and for all on the optimization of your content but to regularly feed your website with new content by integrating different keywords. In short, your site must be alive. Providing useful information to your visitors and representative of your values also allows you to create an essential attachment to gain notoriety and visibility and differentiate yourself from the competition.

It is therefore not enough to accumulate keywords without any meaning and the definition of a editorial strategy based on a strong positioning is undeniably essential. This is an important process that takes time, but will ultimately offer you an excellent return on investment compared to a paid SEA strategy. Not to mention that this new content will also be useful to share on your social networks and thus make your community live, by challenging them and positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

Gradually, your site will be enriched in terms of keywords and your entire website will define a
semantic cocoon
on which your site and your activity will be positioned better and better. So, don’t expect immediate results or to appear in the first positions of the first page after a week. Initially, you can complement this effort over time with a paid search strategy or SEA that will bring you a less qualified, but more immediate visibility before relying solely on the strength of SEO.

4. Monthly report on your web referencing:

At the end of each month, you will receive a report to follow the evolution of your SEO and referencing. You will also notice over time an evolution of your organic traffic. We can also voommendations to go further in the optimization of your referencing and your webmarketing strategy.

Languages :

French, English, and other languages on request.

Running out of ideas? Creativity is also our job!

Do you manage your website yourself and regularly update its content to increase its traffic and natural referencing? Bravo ! This means that you have understood the theory of natural referencing but in practice? Are you getting results and seeing an improvement in traffic, conversion rates or session durations? Do you actually have the time between your customers and prospects to deal with them effectively, and to research and write about topics that are relevant to web searches? Do you have the SEO tools tools you need to optimize your content and improve your ranking? Are you able to think of new keywords to position yourself on in order towiden your target even further?

That’s when the Altosor Communication team comes into play! With us, you can focus your work on the tasks that are really important to you. This saves you precious time, and ensures that your customers are always satisfied, as they will always be your best communication and prospecting lever!

Every week, every month, we will take care of thinking about a topic and will always propose the most relevant to your target and to the search engine. Whether it’s news, popular Google searches, messages you want to hear about, orto put forward new products or services, our creativity is limitless! We are also looking for an impactful and attractive title to encourage clicks on both computer and mobile.

Your time is precious, save it with our team of experts in communication and SEO. We will always have your satisfaction at heart by allowing you to benefit from the best possible referencing on the web.

Technical content or not, we will always be of good advice!

Why call upon Altosor Communication Martinique for your natural referencing?

With a team of expert consultants at your disposal, our agency can offer you a personalized monthly support package for the SEO content of your website. We define together a SEO strategy and budget and implement the defined action plan, within the timing agreed together. Depending on the results and the traffic evolution, we can adapt the strategy every month according to your expectations, and allow you to benefit from our team’s qualities of reactivity and agility for your online business.

The SEO action plan can integrate many services including:

  • Definition of your company’s positioning,
  • Audit and follow-up of strategic keywords and links,
  • Editorial strategy adapted to the targets and consistent with your positioning and the key messages defined,
  • SEO semantic optimization of your existing content including metadata (title tag, Url and meta descriptions),
  • Writing of SEO optimized articles or product sheets for your e-commerce site,
  • Creation of visual aids adapted to the subject of the article or page,
  • Tips to give you the keys to produce quality content, including the title tag,
  • Performance tracking and reporting,
  • Write and rework your content with a regular analysis of the SEO results of your site’s pages and an optimized and effective SEO web writing.

So, by entrusting us with the complete management of your website ‘s referencing and the choice of the most appropriate subject, you can simplify your life and concentrate fully and with complete peace of mind on your business and the management of your customers and new prospects.

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How much does SEO cost for a website?

Monthly package – Natural referencing (SEO) support

Rate for a monthly personalized SEO support

Do you want to increase traffic and time on your site but don’t have the time or skills to get the results you want? We are here to accompany you, step by step, every month.

We start by defining a time horizon and a budget then work out a tailor-made strategy for your business for your business with concrete concrete actions each month. Different services are possible to improve the SEO and this is the advantage of our coaching formula. Thanks to the modularity of our offer and the varied competences within Altosor Communication, we can always reorient the action plan. If you can’t invest a lot of money at once, why not spread out this investment and carry out the actions as you go along to develop your site’s reputation?

Unlike SEA or web marketing, The results obtained by SEO will not be immediate but the strength of an effective natural referencing is to maintain its effects in time. For a non-commercial site (liberal profession, restaurant owner, tourism professional, business, cab), we recommend investing between 200 and 500€ HT per month over a minimum period of 6 months to see the first results.

Natural SEO

Possible services



Definition of your SEO strategy
On and off site SEO audit
Creation of optimized content pages for your site
Optimization of existing content, metadata, titles
Registration in a large database of directories to promote your visibility
Netlinking - Backlink creation
Writing and distribution of blog posts
Regular monitoring report of your site's performance

Services and support
Follow-up by a dedicated SEO expert consultant
Get a free quote
Commissioning fees
The realization of an SEO Audit is essential before starting.

Monthly package - SEO copywriting and on-page SEO

Expert web writer and SEO optimized content creation for the natural referencing of your website

Price /month HT
150 € HT / month
290 € HT / month
430 € HT / month
570 € HT / month
SEO Optimization SEO writer and analytical tools
Positioning strategy and definition of the editorial plan
Writing content on your website or blog (800 words). Number of SEO optimized articles.
1 item
2 items
3 items
4 items

It is wise to invest progressively and regularly in the natural referencing of your website by using an editorial strategy that allows you to develop the semantic field of your site around a core of targeted keywords. In the medium and long term, this will allow your website to position on long tail keywords (less competitive) and thus move up in the search engine results while presenting your activity, products and services in an advantageous way. Over time, you will pick up more and more visitors and expand your audience. Our SEO and marketing experts accompany you and guide you in the development of your activity. We naturally define customized SEO objectives.

Suggestion for a local referencing with Google My Business

If your business has an address, we recommend the creation and maintenance of your Google My business (GMB) listing to accentuate local referencing on Google.

We offer you the creation costs of your GMB file for any subscription of 6 months.


Can Altosor Communication Martinique accompany me beyond SEO?

As we have already mentioned, the SEO of your website goes far beyond the writing of optimized texts, even if these are essential. Many criteria are taken into account by search engines and some mistakes can be purely and simply fatal for the visibility of your site. Thus, we can also accompany you in various tasks:

In short, the SEO services that we offer are complete but we can also accompany you in all your digital communication and web marketing strategy. We ensure your visibility on the net, consistent with your target and your values.

SEO Martinique

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