Website creation in Martinique : your visibility on the web

You are in France, Martinique, Guadeloupe or Guyana and want a website to be visible to your customers and prospects. You want to promote your company, your products, your store or your services?

You already own a web domain name and are looking for a serious communication agency or a digital agency competent in web design to create your professional website? Look no further! Our consulting agency in communication and website creation is at your service to discuss your project and develop a turnkey website whatever your expectations.

Indeed, Altosor Communication is your provider dedicated to the creation of website. Webdesign, showcase website or e-commerce website, we create your perfect and custom website according to your expectations. Whatever the features you are looking for for the web, our agency will develop a custom website to meet your needs.

What is the use of creating a website for your business?

Many of the people we spoke to asked this question. Maybe it is sometimes legitimate but in the vast majority of cases a website is the best tool for your visibility and is essential to establish a relationship of trust with your various business partners but also your potential prospects. It is important to remember that nowadays, most people tend to search for a store or a service provider on the internet.

No need to create a complicated website, worthy of a multinational, but this visibility on the web is now essential to most professionals. Their website is a way to showcase their services, messages of satisfaction from their client base or to publish examples of their work. And much more.

The pandemic has even shown that a website can create new sales channels and develop your customer base. Whatever your professional field, contact Altosor Communication agency to help you with your web strategy. We will advise you, according to your needs, on the type of website you need and will accompany you for its creation, the writing of optimized content and for its natural or paid referencing.

What type of website to choose?

Before launching yourself headlong into the creation of your website, it is essential to ask yourself a number of essential questions. It is important to ask yourself about your objectives and needs. Your website is not an end in itself, it is one of the elements of your overall digital strategy. No one type of site is better than another. You must choose the format that best meets your expectations. For some, it will be more important to privilege a website developed enough to highlight its various achievements, for others a strategy of Community Management or street marketing could be more relevant and a site serving as a business card will be largely sufficient.

This is why it is strongly recommended to call upon a global communication consulting agency that will be able to advise you and accompany you throughout the process of reflection and creation and recommend the best choice according to your business and commercial objectives.

création site web
Agence creation site Internet - Website creation agency

Here’s how we can help you develop a fully integrated and relevant strategy:

  • Definition of your positioning, your messages and your
    visual identity
  • Definition of your digital strategy (needs and objectives, tools and communication angles),
  • Definition of the structure of your site web (number and type of pages),
  • Writing of optimized texts to facilitate referencing on search engines,
  • Web design and text integration,
  • Maintenance of the site, in case of problems, and support for development.

In order to make it more concrete for you, a craftsman in construction or an interior decorator will probably have a real interest in integrating a“news” section on his site. He will be able to regularly integrate his new creations with visuals. This willimprove the referencing of his site through the regular creation of new content while enhancing the quality of his work. In technical or niche areas, where it is important to to differentiate itself and demonstrate their skills and knowledge, and even their creativity, a “blog“will undoubtedly be relevant, both for referencing reasons and for help with positioning of the company in order to highlighting the vision of your company. Our web copywriters are masters of language and words, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Creation site one page

Business card site

Create a website to help your customers, partners and prospects find you easily on the web!
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Creation of a showcase site

Wordpress showcase site

Create a website to present and enhance your products or services online and attract more people to your store or generate new contacts.
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Creation of e-commerce site

E-commerce website

Special offer for stores or pure players. Create a website to expand your horizons, diversify your sales channels or offer your goods online with a functional and attractive site to increase your sales and turnover!
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Restoration site

Restaurant site

Creation of online reservation website for restaurants. Allow your customers to find you on search engines and book easily!
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Reservation website

Reservation site

Get a booking website whatever your activity. Hotel reservation site, vacation or seasonal residence reservation site, lawyer, doctor, hairdresser or other reservation site.
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Custom made website

Custom made website

You have a specific project and need particular features? Be accompanied by our web designers in order to define the specifications and the solutions best suited to your expectations!
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Website creation service

You can use an editor like WordPress or Wix to create a free website yourself.

Problem you don’t know anything about html nor to theseweb publishingYou don’t know which one to choose or this job for create your own websiteThe process of creating a site plan and structure, as well as writing the texts, is more time consuming and tedious than expected. Actually, it’s normal, your job is not digital and you probably don’t know anything about web design.

Calling on a professional to create your website does not necessarily mean that you will have to pay an exorbitant price but you will have the guarantee of benefit from a precious time saving and a website that is both aesthetic and functional accessible regardless of the web browser used.

You are aware that today, a business without a website is a bit like a decoration store without furniture or decorative objects… Incomplete. Are you looking for a reliable service provider to accompany you in this digital challenge and create your website?

Simple, elegant and responsive website design

You need to create a simple, professional and efficient website?

The showcase site is perhaps your solution. It is a site that presents your company and your work, without online sales or other services.

For example, if you are a craftsman and you want to develop your online visibility by presenting your achievements. Or you have a restaurant and want to promote your menu. All this is possible thanks to a professional website called “showcase” that will faithfully represent your identity. You will be able to make known your activity to the eyes of the Internet users who will type on Google “restaurant in Fort de France” for example.

The creation of a website is a complex step, which should not be neglected. Our web designers master the creation of a powerful and efficient website, and offer you quality work. Contact us here to discuss your needs.

Creation of e-commerce website

Do you sell online? Or perhaps you have a store in Martinique and wish to offer an online sales service as a complement? For this, the e-commerce site is ideal.

Entrust us with the creation of your online web store: writing and layout of product sheets, natural referencing enhancement… We take care of everything for you. Manage your website and delegate your communication to Altosor!

Webdesign - Website creation

Creating a website requires a professional web designer . We offer you the efficient work of webdesigners to create the visuals and architecture of your professional online website. From the creation or adaptation of a logo to the general aesthetics of your website, web design is essential. The respect of the legislation in force is essential and it is judicious to be advised by a web agency in Martinique during the creation of Internet site.

Without web design for your website in Martinique, your online site will look amateurish and unreliable. It is however the first image you will give. Your website does not have to be very expensive but it must inspire confidence and seriousness and be the online reflection of your image and your positioning. Entrust us with your web projects and develop your online business efficiently with your new web presence. Fill out the contact form here and ask us for a quote.

How much does it cost to create a website?

In order to accompany you as well as possible according to your needs and expectations we propose you a fixed price for the creation of your own Internet site on measure.

One page site

Be visible on the web, a light and economical version
HT (from)
  • Creation of a 1 page website under WordPress
  • 3 sections - Header, Presentation of services and contact form
  • Google Map & social network links
  • Legal information
  • Integration of your text and video content
  • Writing by a professional writer
  • Implementation of your graphic charter (color palette, fonts, logo)
  • Upgrade your site with Options - Section, page, blog, newsletter etc
  • Receive leads, quote requests or reservations
  • Domain name purchase, web hosting and image banks optional
  • A minimum digital presence with a mobile responsive website to start your business with a small budget

Showcase site

Promote your company, present your commercial offer, mission and data
HT (from - 3 pages)
  • Create a site of 3 pages or more in WordPress
  • Pages: Home, Services, Rates, About, Contact
  • Google Map & social network links
  • Legal information
  • Integration of your content
  • Writing by a professional writer
  • Implementation of your graphic charter (color palette, fonts, logo)
  • Upgrade your site with Options - Section, page, blog, newsletter etc
  • Receive leads, quote requests or reservations
  • Domain name purchase, web hosting and image banks optional
  • Present your company and your commercial offer on a design and scalable mobile responsive site.

E-commerce website

Sell with Shopify, WooCommerce or Prestashop
HT (from with Shopify)
  • Discover our offers of creation of e-commerce site
  • Pages - Home, Shop, Product categories, Presentation, Contact
  • Integration of your text, images, videos and 5 products
  • Legal information
  • Training to get started (adding products)
  • Writing by a web editor
  • Be visible to sell your products and services
  • Implementation of your graphic charter (color palette, fonts, logo)
  • Options: Creation of pages, product sheets, SEO optimization, added features
  • Domain name purchase, web hosting and image banks optional
  • Sell beyond your catchment area or develop click & collect

What are the steps to confirm when creating a website?

Domain name purchase – Hosting – Maintenance and Security

Plan an annual fee for the maintenance of your website, the renewal or purchase of your domain name and the hosting of your web server. Some additional monitoring and maintenance services are offered to keep your site running smoothly.

Communication positioning

Who is your company and what are your messages? Strengthen your company’s positioning against your competitors, define your key messages to establish a relevant and targeted communication towards your customer segments / prospects on your website with the help of our communication experts.

Design of your visual identity

Define your visual identity with our graphic designers: Company logo, fonts, color palettes, selection of images and illustrations.

Social networks Facebook, Linkedin, Google My business or Instagram

Delegate the implementation and management of your social networks with a dedicated community manager who will implement your network communication strategy on Facebook, Linkedin, Google My business or Instagram to develop and interact with your audience.

We are at your disposal to discuss or to make a free estimate

All our websites are made to measure. That’s why it’s important for us to get to know you well and to design the best digital and marketing strategy together. Let’s define the options needed to make your business successful. A free estimate will be given to you as soon as possible for the creation of Internet site.

How can Altosor help you?

To go further, we also offer
web writing services
to increase your visibility and your notoriety. Finally, according to your wishes, we can also advise you on the implementation of a netlinking campaign to strengthen the authority of your site and the positions of your pages in the SERPs. Solutions such as online advertising or the implementation of a newsletter will allow you to broadcast your messages in an effective way to your targets and your customers.

Don’t hesitate to use our marketing consulting services or our drone photo and video reporting services to enhance the visual aspect of your site.
Service rédaction web
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