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To achieve a digital content strategy that provides a good return on investment (ROI) for your business, it is best to be accompanied by a team that specializes in custom SEO strategies.

You will be able to share your perspectives, save time and have peace of mind while Altosor Communication’s communication specialists, writers and SEO experts take care of your website.

Why is SEO important and why do you need a digital content strategy?

Choose Altosor Communication to establish an effective digital content strategy!

Digital Content Strategy - Altosor Communication Formulas and Rates

Delegating the definition and implementation of your SEO content strategy to communication professionals provides you with advantages:

Production of SEO content

Professional advice

Your SEO strategy

Progress report of your project

A customized SEO opportunity analysis for your website

Our SEO expert performs a semantic audit of your site, analyzes your competitors and looks for the best content strategies to position yourself on search engines.

to identify opportunities to write unique articles, original and relevant SEO content for your business to boost your website traffic.

of the site and the pages of your website. We strengthen well-positioned pages by adding new articles and create synergies with new content.

around useful themes, demonstrating to Internet users your expertise and inviting the Google search engine to position your website on the first page of search results (SERP).

between the product articles, the produced pillar pages and the current pages of your website to reinforce the natural referencing of your whole website.

Editorial strategy for SEO content creation

Our team researches and presents you with the themes and subjects of articles that respond to the keyword requests of Internet users that are most useful for the natural referencing of your professional activity and to the search intentions determined by the search engines

stratégie de contenu digital

Web writing of SEO content

Our SEO web copywriters develop quality SEO-optimized editorial content tailored to your audience. The delivered texts are ready to be published directly on your website, blog or online store.

Original editorial content guaranteed without plagiarism

Your texts are written by professional writers who create new content and check that they do not plagiarize any other text, even partially.

Increased semantic volume

A thorough analysis to enrich your site with new and relevant keywords for search engines and users of your website.

Optimization of titles and tags

Delivery of your pages according to your choice in HTML or Word format. The HTML tags are ready or clearly indicated in the text.

Creation of an elaborate internal network

We create an internal link between the articles and the main pages (pillar pages) to structure your content in coherent groups (thematic silos).

Creation of Pillar Pages

In some packages, we create thematic pillar pages to reinforce the coherence of the links between these pages (their semantic cocoon) and clarify their tree structure.

Structured data Rich Snippets

We optimize the structure of your editorial content on the page of each article to try to get out on the rich content blocks of Google (Rich Snippets).

SEO packages tailored to your budget and strategy

Simplify your life and save time and performance by delegating the SEO content strategy of your website to Altosor Communication. Entrust the production of content to our SEO specialists to ensure the rapid generation of quality articles that can help you stand out from your competitors and gain visibility on search engines through natural referencing.

Corrective SEO audit package

For any website with more than a dozen pages, we systematically carry out an SEO check on each of them to detect any markup, url, titling and other errors that may exist, so as to start from a sound base that will enable us to measure the progress made after our intervention at a later date.

We provide you with a detailed report of the corrections to be made. You can choose to take care of them yourself, or let us take care of them for you, depending on your budget and availability.

Semantic web page optimization package

Correcting a page’s SEO errors is not enough to boost its ranking. It simply allows search engines to better index your content. To top a search result, a web page must also offer content that is semantically rich and part of a set of pages dealing with the same theme. This is called a semantic cocoon.

If you want your pages to appear in search results on a greater number of keywords, then enriching your semantic cocoons is essential.

Altosor Communication has a team of web copywriters specializing in SEO, who can improve the semantic cocoon of your pages by working on their content and internal links (the links that go from one page to another on the same site). In some cases, it’s also necessary to propose new keywords, or even new pages when a semantic cocoon is too poor or non-existent.

Please consult the table below, which summarizes the different semantic analysis packages we can offer you, depending on the number of pages to be created:

SEO 10
SEO 20
SEO 30
Provision of an SEO expert web copywriter
Tree analysis
SEO optimization of content
Researching keyword opportunities
Simplified semantic audit
Complex semantic audit
Internal meshing of delivered texts
Pillar page creation
1 page
2 pages
4 pages
5 pages
Page creation
4 pages
8 pages
16 pages
25 pages
Pack price excluding VAT
890 €
1890 €
3990 €
5990 €

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