Create a Shopify store to sell your products online

Create a Shopify store is a very practical solution if you want to start selling online without having to invest in expensive software and without special technical skills.

Altosor Communication has specialists who know Shopify perfectly and can offer you support from A to Z.

Why use Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform dedicated to Internet sales. It works in Saas mode (
System As A Service
) which means that everything is stored on highly secure remote servers, whose data is backed up daily.

What’s more, you can access your
online store
from anywhere in the world connected to the Internet.

5 good reasons to create a Shopify store

Of course, you have to learn how to set up all these powerful features. But don’t worry: Altosor Communication will provide you with a dedicated specialist who will build you a custom Shopify store, with a personalized design according to your company’s brand image and will teach you how to manage it remotely if you wish.

In addition, Shopify has a large community of users who regularly exchange on the
Shopify forum
about their sales experiences with this tool. Once your Shopify store is created, you too can become a member of this community for free and benefit from the experience of other sellers.

If you are interested in


the Shopify FAQ is quite rich to guide you.

Otherwise, our Shopify expert can help you.

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Shopify Expert

How to create a Shopify store with Altosor Communication

Our offer of online business Shopify offer includes the following services:

Installation and configuration of a Shopify theme, according to a graphic charter defined with the customer

Creation of the different Shopify pages

Setting up the Shopify back office

Training for the management of the store

You want to know our rates for creating a custom Shopify store

Start your Shopify store in the best conditions

Shopify claims to have several million merchants worldwide. The first Shopify store was created over 10 years ago. It is therefore a trustworthy brand, but without support to create your store, your e-commerce site may not be visible among the millions of other stores.

Altosor Communication offers various services to help you differentiate your online business from the competition:

Market research to analyze the competition and the positioning of your brand (service in progress)

Management of your domain name (creation, pointing to Shopify)

Creation of the graphic charter of your store adapted to your visual identity and choice of the Shopify theme

SEO optimization of the editorial content of your web pages

Writing of SEO optimized content for your product sheets

NetLinking campaign to increase your store's notoriety

Maintenance of your Shopify store

Do not hesitate to ask us for a detailed presentation of our services of Shopify store creation :

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Shopify Expert


Migration of your website to Shopify

You have already created your e-commerce website but its performance does not suit you anymore and you want to create a Shopify store store without having to start all over again?

When you develop your own e-commerce site internally, there comes a time when the maintenance tasks become too heavy: the site evolves, takes on new features, the people who participated in the development of the content are no longer with the company… There are many reasons to migrate to an outsourced and reliable solution like Shopify.

Don’t worry: Altosor Communication can help you migrate all the data from your current website (graphic design, pages, products, messages) to Shopify.

If you would like a quote or more information about migrating your website to Shopify, please leave us a message:

Training to manage your Shopify store

Once we have set up your Shopify e-commerce store and it is up and running, you will have full training on how to manage it.

No technical skills in website creation are required for this. Shopify’s admin interface is simple and intuitive. It is also rich in functionalities and that is why Altosor Communication offers you a distance learning course that will make it easier for you to learn.

Our training takes into account:

Please contact us if you would like more information about our Shopify training

Boost your sales with Altosor marketing solutions

Creating your Shopify store is just the first phase of gaining market share on the Internet. Our agency specialized in digital communication will bring you an essential help for the following phases, all as crucial, that are the commercial prospection and the acquisition of a new clientele present on the networks.

We can accompany you over time, help you measure your progress and take the appropriate measures to enable you to develop your business on the Internet.

Altosor Communication brings you its expertise in the following services:

SEO optimized copywriting for your pages and product sheets

Once they arrive on your site, Internet users will be interested in your products and to do so, they will read your sales arguments, consult customer reviews, and any tutorials or use cases proposed for each of these products.

All of this writing must therefore be adapted to the profiles of your customers (what we call “personae”) so that the language and terms used reassure them and push them towards the act of buying.

That’s why Altosor Communication offers you its SEO web copywriting specialists who use semantic tools dedicated to SEO to create product sheets and other web pages perfectly adapted to your business strategy.

To learn more, check out the services of our SEO web writers.

Consulting in multi-channel communication strategy

We told you above: Shopify is a multi-channel online sales platform. It allows the sale of your products from your store, but also on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. We do not communicate in the same way on each of these media and that is why our agency Altosor Communication can help you define your digital marketing strategy.

Having a clear and planned communication strategy will allow you to establish a trustworthy relationship with your clients more quickly. Thanks to our analysis tools, you can also get to know your site visitors, their purchasing preferences and their behavior on your various web pages.

To learn more, please consult our custom marketing strategy services.

Shopify has powerful tools that allow you to automatically sync your products with Facebook and Instagram. Altosor Communication puts at your disposal our specialist in
community management
who will know how to create your communication campaigns on these social networks in order to attract more and more customers to your site.

Shopify Email offers a range of email marketing templates and a customization editor. Altosor Communication manages your newsletter and e-mailing campaigns, from the writing of attractive content by our copywriter, to the automated sending of your newsletters to your customer list.

With our assistance, you will be able to get to know your Internet customers, their different personas (profiles) and build their loyalty through well-controlled communication.

Because natural referencing is a little slow to make your site known, especially in its early stages, we also offer you our skills in SEA (Search Engine Advertising) via the diffusion on Google Ads targeted ads on your strategic keywords, in correspondence with your products. Online advertising will be a component of your marketing strategy.

Our specialists will prepare landing pages and purchase buttons on your Shopify store in order to have accurate statistics on visitors and buyers of your e-commerce site.

A very useful complement to your digital communication, print allows you to promote your store during your face-to-face meetings (trade shows, business trips and other events).

Our graphic designers put all their talent and creativity to create high quality documents that can enhance thevisual identity of your company.

How much does it cost to create a Shopify store?

Domain name management
Choice and customization of the graphic model
Integration of the client’s visual identity
Setting up payment methods
Optimized professional homepage (Other pages on request)
Creation of a custom Collection Page and Product Page Template.
Number of collections created
RGPD, customer reviews, shopping cart recovery email
Number of products created
Number of products created
1H training to manage your store
Indexing on Google via the Google Search console plus site map
Price includes VAT
990 €
1390 €
1690 €
Basic options for setting up your Shopify store
Search engine optimization and SEO: Study, writing and insertion of SEO keyword on the product sheets and collections by SEO experts.
On quotation
Analytics tools option (installation of Google Analytics, Tag Manager, FB Pixels, Snap, TikTok etc)
35€ / tool
Additional application options (from) Translation, pop-up, recommended products etc.
35€ / app
Custom pages
On quotation
Creation of custom section, design and specific features
On quotation
Writing of product sheets
On quotation

Useful links to optimize your E-commerce and increase your sales:

Tailor-made offer for large companies

The above packages are suitable for most small to medium sized businesses wishing to create a Shopify store, but we are available to you if your project has a larger volume, either in terms of number of products, or because you wish to manage multiple stores or multiple languages simultaneously.

Our specialists are trained to respond to all these cases, so do not hesitate to ask us for a quote for a custom Shopify store creation

Altosor Communication, the partner of your Shopify store

You have understood it through all that we have just presented to you: we are at your disposal to accompany you in your commercial strategy, to define with you the best moments to launch a communication campaign, to make the buzz on the occasion of the release of a new product or a new service…

In short: Bring you all our experience as
communication consulting for your digital marketing strategy
to make your Shopify store a success. Want to know more? You can contact us now with a single click.

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