Newsletter creation and distribution

The newsletter or mailing is currently the most powerful lever on the Internet, with an opening rate of 17.80 percent according to a study conducted by Campaign Monitor, in 2020. Certain codes need to be respected to create a powerful newsletter, create a link and increase the open rate of your e-mails with your audience. That’s where our team of web copywriters and copywriters come into play.

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Discover the most important steps to set up your newsletter:

1- Opt for an emailing solution and an efficient autoresponder

Emailing solutions are tools that allow you to prepare and schedule the sending of newsletters, marketing emails, or prospecting emails. Some may also contain a CRM part, for a better management of your prospects and customers. A multitude of solutions are available to you and the best known are :

The choice of the newsletter sending software must be made according to the needs of your company. We advise you free of charge.

With Altosor Communication, save time and increase your notoriety. We remain at your disposal for any additional information or quotation request.

2- Insert your Opt-in module on your website linked to your newsletter

The insertion of an Opt-in on your website will allow you to receive the email addresses of your audience, in order to transform them into subscribers of your newsletter.

The module will be linked to the emailing module that will have been chosen beforehand, all in accordance with the RGPD in force in order to guarantee the security of your readers’ data. These email addresses can then be used to send newsletters or mailing campaigns to your recipients.

Need advice on
drafting your RGPD
? Call on our legal partners who will guide you and help you create RGPD, CGV, or any other legal documents.

3- Create a design for your newsletter

The graphic template lets you create an email template based on the objective of your campaign or newsletter, while integrating thevisual identity, logo and images you provide. Altosor Communication’s graphic design team can assist you in its creation. We guarantee an optimal display of your newsletter regardless of the technology you use PC, Tablet or Mobile to ensure an excellent customer experience. We include a test phase for sending and receiving the email.

4- Write a powerful newsletter

We have a team of copywriters in our agency who can advise you and write the content of your newsletter while respecting your objectives. A maximum of 800 words will be possible per newsletter. If you wish, you can provide us with images to illustrate the newsletter. If necessary, we will select royalty-free images for you.

Many topics can be covered in a newsletter. For example: news about your company or brand, expose new products or services, share tips or information relevant to your target.

The goal is for readers to convert your call to action into action, such as opening and reading the email, the number of clicks, the number of visits to your website, or the act of buying or making an appointment.

5- The email campaign

In addition to the creation, the writing, we propose you to realize the sending of your emailing campaign in the limit of 8 000 addresses maximum by sending. Sending emails to more than 8,000 contacts could be penalizing for you, as it can be considered as spam. We include a detailed report in our price list, and we update erroneous email addresses.

The newsletter should be sent at regular intervals, weekly or monthly, in order to create a link and an appointment each week or month with your subscribers.

We can write different newsletters according to your different lists of recipients: customers, prospects or partners for targeted campaigns.

6- Marketing and prospecting emails

We also offer to search for databases and integrate them into your autoresponder, only for generic B to B company email addresses, managing and targeting qualified sectors. Phone prospecting and lead generation can also be part of an effective strategy.

7- Regulations on recipients and personal data

The management of personal data is subject to regulations that must be mastered and respected. Our specialists will advise you on best practices and can, if necessary, offer you legal advice to bring your company into compliance with regulatory requirements regarding the collection and processing of private and personal data.

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Creation and distribution of newsletters

Frequently asked questions about newsletters

We recommend that you limit your mailing to 8,000 recipients so that your mailing is not considered and reported as spam. In this case, your newsletter may end up in your subscribers’ spam or junk mail boxes and may be blacklisted by internet or email providers.

A newsletter is an email that you send at regular intervals: monthly, bimonthly, weekly … An autoresponder is an email or a sequence of emails, sent when someone registers to your website.

Depending on the type of message, and the company you own, it is possible to do a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly newsletter. During a digital or non-digital product launch, it is also possible to do one email marketing per day. Regularity is mostly a function of the content you send to your customers. Indeed, the risk of sending a newsletter too regularly or not enough is to bore your subscribers or to lose them, because your newsletter is too long. We are at your side to advise you on the best frequency of distribution of your newsletter.

We invite you to use links rather than attachments to avoid weighing down your emails, by using Google Drive or any other type of drive or secure website. The risk of including attachments is also that your email ends up directly in the spam of your subscribers.

If you don’t have any email list, we advise you to start by choosing and installing the software or autoresponder and integrating the Opt-in mobile subscription in order to get a maximum of email addresses from your readers. Once you have started collecting email addresses, you can then move on to the next phases, i.e. the creation of a graphic template and then the sending of a newsletter or an emailing campaign. Note that if you have a CRM software, it is possible to start your campaign quickly by sending your newsletters to your customers or prospects.

Buying a mail database may seem like a good idea, but it’s quick and easy. However, these databases are often expensive and may have a high percentage of incorrect addresses. Indeed, these can be several years old with addresses that are no longer used and thus lower your opening rate. But not only that, by using these addresses without consent, you risk being flagged as undesirable and therefore your emails will be directly put in SPAMS. It is important to know that the purchase of mail databases in B to C, i.e. from individuals, is strictly forbidden.

No, once you have set up the tools such as the email collection field or Opt-in, as well as the template, you will only have to pay for the writing of the newsletter, the sending and the optimization of the wrong addresses.

As you can see, it is difficult to define a cost, because it all depends on the way you are going to realize your newsletter or emailing campaigns. What marketing studies show is that sending a newsletter is one of the cheapest techniques to build customer loyalty and attract new prospects. Contact us for a free quote!

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