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Create an e-commerce site with Altosor Communication

You have the project to create or modernize an online store to sell your products or services on the Internet and you are looking for the provider you can trust?

Why call on our agency to create an e-commerce site?

Altosor Communication is an agency with specialists in the Internet field, capable of handling all the technical aspects of a project to create a commercial site, while respecting the brand image and communication strategy of your company.

Here are the 5 main reasons why you can trust us to make your project a success:


To create a web store that will stand out from those of your competitors and meet the expectations of your customers

Being present on the Internet is nowadays a vital necessity for any company oriented towards the sale of products or services. In 2019, the turnover of online sales in France exceeded the 100 billion euro mark, placing our country in 2nd place in Europe and 5th place worldwide!

Since the Covid-19 crisis, statistics on e-commerce in France have exploded and the buying behaviour linked to health restrictions has upset the market: purchase in Click and Collectclosure of small businesses not adapted to the online saleThe rapid development of delivery services has led to the emergence of many web stores.

Faced with the multiplication of e-commerce sites, it has become imperative to know how to distinguish yourself from the competition and to know your customers well in order to provide them with the services and products they expect from your company.

Altosor Communication meets this expectation thanks to its perfect mastery of communication tools specific to the Internet. Creating an e-commerce site with a web design agency is a guarantee of success.

Only an e-marketing professional will know how to enhance the images and product sheets of your online sales site according to your customers’ profiles and in line with your brand image.


To create an e-commerce site that is dynamic, efficient and reassuring for your customers

Altosor Communication will advise you on the categorization of products in your web store, on search and filtering tools that allow your customers to navigate easily through your pages and will define the sales tunnels leading to conversions into purchases.

An e-commerce site is not a simple catalog listing products without any highlighting.

Just like in real life, a web store must have an attractive shop window (we have powerful webdesigners who can take care of the
creation or redesign of your website

It must be positioned so as to be seen by as many visitors as possible (see for this our services in
SEO referencing of websites

Visitors to your website must be able to recognize themselves in the tone used to present your products and feel sufficiently motivated to go through with the purchase. Altosor Communication relies on its web editors who are specialists in e-communication (see our services in
SEO web writing

Thanks to the intervention of our specialists in online sales, your customers will have at their disposal a reliable and ergonomic web store that reflects the image of your company.

You want to know more about the services we can offer you to create an e-commerce website or to modernize your current website?

Altosor Communication masters all the techniques and will be able to advise you in the best possible way to increase your sales and get to know your customers better. You want to know more about our e-commerce services? Do not hesitate to contact us now:


To offer you a complete e-commerce solution that complies with professional standards

Altosor Communication offers several e-commerce solutions capable of meeting all types of needs:

WordPress e-commerce solution

solution de e-commerce WooCommerce

If your site is built on WordPress, we use the world-renowned open source solution for this CMS, namely the


plugin, which will allow you to sell both physical and digital products.

You don’t need any technical knowledge: Altosor Communication provides you with a dedicated specialist who will deploy the WordPress software and its WooCommerce extension on your hosting and take care of the entire design and supervision phase of your commercial site.

WooCommerce is compatible with a large number of banks and online payment systems and supports several delivery methods by post or Point-Relay.

We recommend that you choose WordPress when your website does not only include a web store, but other sections such as blogs or subscription management, for example.

Shopify e-Commerce solution

creer un site e-commerce avec shopify

If you haven’t yet created your online sales site and would prefer to opt for a technical solution that is totally remotely managed, we can offer you the creation of your web store using the

We can create all types of graphic charts from the Shopify environment. This solution has many advantages, such as quick connection of transactions to your bank account or the automation of online marketing to communicate with your future customers worldwide.

Altosor Communication takes care of all the configuration and implementation of your web store. We recommend this solution if your website is mainly dedicated to online sales for a catalog with a maximum of a few dozen references.

Indeed, Shopify is first and foremost a turnkey web store solution that integrates all the classic e-commerce features:

  • product catalog with categories
  • choice of delivery solutions
  • online payment modules (including mobile payment)
  • inventory tracking
  • purchase order management
  • return management
  • customer management

See our rates for creating a Shopify e-commerce site

PrestaShop e-Commerce solution

creer un site e-commerce avec prestashop
  • If you are planning to set up a web store that can eventually include several hundred references and international sales, Altosor Communication offers to configure the Prestashop solution for you.

This software is a reference in the world of international e-commerce. For example, it allows you to manage the multilingualism of your store. Its almost unlimited parameterization possibilities make it a powerful tool for stores with many product variations, but this tool requires more technical skills.

Main features of PrestaShop :

  • More than 600 modules and 1500 graphic themes for any type of site
  • Management of product packs and declinable products
  • Inventory management and out-of-stock alerts
  • Advanced navigation between products (many search criteria)
  • Management of delivery modes according to the carriers
  • Online payment modules with rate rule management
  • Product promotion and customer follow-up tools
  • Management of orders, delivery notes and customer invoices
  • Marketing performance measures
  • Multi-boutique management with different languages

Find out how our Prestashop expert can help you

Click & Collect solution

Made famous during the Covid-19 crisis, Click and Collect is a form of sale that allows customers to order online before picking up their purchase in a store or at a point of delivery.

Altosor Communication offers you this functionality, available on any of our e-commerce solutions.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question concerning the implementation of one of our solutions: one of our e-commerce specialists will be happy to explain everything to you while avoiding technical terms:

Tell us about your e-commerce website project

How much does it cost to create an E-commerce website? Rates and Prices

In order to accompany you as well as possible according to your needs and expectations, we propose you packages to start the creation of your own customized E-commerce site. Call on the web designers of our web agency to start selling your products or services online.

Shopify website

Create your online store and start selling online without hassle
HT (from)
  • Professional home page
  • Creation of a custom template for a collection page and a product page
  • Customized shopping cart and checkout page
  • Creation of all legal pages (GTC, legal notice, privacy policy)
  • About us page
  • FAQ & Contact pages
  • Package tracking page
  • Creation of 2 to 4 collections and 10 products
  • Shopify back-office settings: name and address, payment methods, prices & shipping zones, email notifications sent to customers
  • Domain Name Installation
  • Optional visual identity or provided by the client
  • Sell online simply with a professional, scalable and easy to manage mobile e-commerce site.

Woo trade

Add e-coomerce features to your WordPress site
HT (from)
  • Creating an e-commerce site with the Woocommerce module
  • Pages - Home, Shop, Product categories, Presentation, Contact
  • Integration of your text, images, videos and 5 products
  • Legal information
  • Training to get started (adding products)
  • Writing by a web editor
  • Be visible to sell your products and services
  • Implementation of your graphic charter (color palette, fonts, logo)
  • Many options to support you (creation of pages and product sheets, SEO optimization, added features)
  • Domain name purchase, web hosting and image banks optional
  • Sell beyond your catchment area or develop click & collect


Sell your products on the Internet everywhere in France and in the world
HT (from)
  • Creating an e-commerce site with the Woocommerce module
  • Integration of your text, image, video and product content
  • Legal information
  • Training to get started (adding products)
  • Writing by a web editor
  • Be visible to sell your products and services
  • Implementation of your graphic charter (color palette, fonts, logo)
  • Setting up a payment method
  • Domain name purchase, web hosting and image banks optional
  • Sell beyond your catchment area or develop click & collect

Useful links to optimize your 3-commerce and increase your sales:


To have a tool to help you manage the e-marketing of your online business

Creating an e-commerce site is the first step to selling your products or services online, but you also need to understand how your customers interact with the site to detect any weaknesses. This is the exact definition of e-marketing.

Altosor Communication takes care of everything: let our specialists set up your account
Google Analytics
. You will be able to follow the detailed statistics of your online store and know :

  • the number of daily visits made to your store and their evolution
  • which products are the most consulted and by which type of visitor
  • where your customers are and what are their preferred shopping times
  • the amount of the average purchase basket of your customers and its evolution

and many other statistics that will quickly become essential to know :

  • how to improve your e-commerce site
  • when to offer promotions or discounts
  • how to keep your buyers loyal by collecting their opinions and their desire to buy.

E-marketing is the essential complement to your e-commerce site. Altosor Communication masters all the techniques and will advise you on how to improve your sales and get to know your customers better.

You want to know more about our e-commerce services?

Do not hesitate to contact us now:


To position your store's products at the top of the search results

As soon as your store is online and accessible to all Internet users worldwide, we will offer you several solutions so that your products or services are placed in good positions in the search results on Google and other engines.

Paid search campaign (SEA)

When a website is too new to have enough notoriety, it is still possible to make its content visible at the top of the search results, provided that you opt for an auction of strategic keywords via the tool

Google Ads


Microsoft Advertising

for the search engine Bing).

This purchase of keywords is done through a paid search campaign, also called SEA (for Search Engine Advertising). Altosor Communication has specialists who can help you define your e-marketing strategy according to the budget you intend to allocate for the promotion of your e-commerce products.

Natural referencing campaign (SEO)

Our agency is also at your disposal to optimize the editorial content of the pages of your site and in particular the product sheets of your e-commerce catalog.

Our web editors are trained to write specific content for e-commerce sites. They know how to create motivating texts rich in useful information for the consumer. This is what will make all the difference when the visitor decides to click on the purchase button.

This optimization of product sheets is part of the natural referencing strategy (also called SEO) for which we suggest you consult our web writing services.

You want to know more about the SEO campaigns we can offer you for
create an e-commerce site

Webdesign of your online store

Just like a traditional store, your online store must have a window and a look that reflects your brand. The atmosphere of the store, the quality of the visuals representing your products, the layout of the texts and the choice of the main colors of your site… Everything matters when it comes to seducing consumers on the Internet.

Altosor Communication puts at your disposal its team of webdesigners who excel in graphic creation for the web. After having studied your e-marketing strategy, listened to your expectations and understood your objectives, they will be able to propose you different screen models (called“templates“) which will compose the graphic charter of your online store.

You will be able to choose the style of the screens that will compose your web store

E-commerce is increasingly present on smartphones, especially among young consumers and our web designers will take care to create an e-commerce site with“responsive design” screens, in other words capable of adapting perfectly for display on a computer screen as well as a mobile.

Architecture of your product catalog

The customer journey is a fundamental notion to create an effective e-commerce site. The Internet user must be able to make a purchase with a minimum of clicks.

At Altosor Communication, our specialists attach great importance to meeting this performance criterion. We put in place all the necessary tools (search filters, breadcrumb trail, associated products…) so that your site visitors can easily navigate through your catalog, add their favorite products to their shopping cart and finalize their order without difficulty.

According to your wishes and your budget, we can also define promotional campaigns on the products of your choice (sales, private sales, promotional codes) and help you communicate on social networks to amplify the notoriety of your web store.

Want to know more about our e-marketing solutions?

Setting up payment tools

In order for your company to easily manage the accounting of your online sales, we offer you different online payment modules with gateways to your company’s bank account.

The WooCommerce solution interfaces easily with online payment solutions such as: PAYPAL, WOOCOMMERCE PAYMENTS, APPLE PAY, GOOGLE PAY … and with some French banks via a specific module.

The Shopify solution has many relationships with leading payment system providers. For France, here are some of these providers: AMAZON PAY, ONEY, PAYBOX, PAYPAL, STRIPE, WORLDPAY…

The PrestaShop solution also offers different payment solutions via its PrestaShop Checkout module and its
ATOS SIPS credit card module
compatible with the main European banks.

If you have any questions about the online payment, please contact us:

Entrust the creation of your e-commerce site to a specialist

You have just seen it by reading this page: to create an e-commerce site is not a trivial step. There are many important aspects to consider:

  • the design of your store
  • the quality of the writing of your product sheets
  • the ease of the customer journey
  • purchase, discount and delivery functionalities
  • online billing and payment tools
  • the e-marketing of your site

At Altosor Communication, we make it a point of honor to create only quality e-commerce sites that meet the expectations of our customers. Your success is our greatest reward.

Contact us to evaluate your project and get advice on the e-commerce solution best suited to your business strategy. According to your budget, we will be able to define with precision the services you need.

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