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Communications consultancy to strengthen your company’s brand identity

Communication has become essential to stand out from the competition, so it’s vital to choose the right partner to support your company’s strategy. Altosor Communication is thecommunications agency that can help you achieve your goals.

At Altosor Communication, we understand that your reputation is not only what you say about yourself, but also how others perceive and talk about you. We work with you to understand, enhance and protect your reputation, ensuring that you are always presented in the best possible light.

In addition to reputation management, we are also experts in brand identity development. Your brand is much more than your visual identity, logo or slogan – it’s the very essence of who you are as a company. We help our customers define and articulate their brand identity, creating a coherent and memorable image that resonates with their target audiences.

Finally, we understand that positioning is crucial to standing out in a competitive market. We work with you to identify your unique value proposition and position your brand to maximize your impact in the marketplace.

At Altosor Communication, our mission is to contribute to the active visibility of your company. Whether you’re looking to enhance your reputation, develop your brand identity or refine your positioning, we have the expertise to guide you every step of the way. With Altosor Communication at your side, you can be sure that your brand is in safe hands.

The reputation of your brand and your company depends essentially on your ability to manage your communication and to lead an offensive digital marketing strategy. Your reputation on the Web corresponds to all the beliefs and opinions of your customers and prospects regarding your project. With the development of mass media and the Internet, the amount of information, advice, needs, content and experiences has exploded, as well as the speed at which it is disseminated. To be visible on the Web, as in the street, it is better to address everyone according to a marketing plan and a well established digital strategy. In short, make a clear line for your business.

Altosor Communication: Your partner for a successful communications strategy

To further deepen the customer relationship, we talk about omnichannelity. The term omnichannel refers to the use of multiple brand channels at the same time. In fact, as consumer habits have undergone profound changes, omnichannelity means offering customers access to the brandwherever they are and from whatever medium they choose. For example, a customer can consult the product sheet of an item on his smartphone and at the same time be physically present at the point of sale. He can place an order from his computer and pick up the package in click-and-collect. Omnichannel allows us to respond to the expectations and behaviors of consumers who are becoming more and more connected and dependent on the Internet.

Definition of communications consulting

Communication consulting is a professional service designed to help companies develop and implement effective communication strategies. Communication consultants work with customers to analyze their current situation, identify issues and opportunities, and propose optimized solutions to achieve their objectives. This expertise encompasses areas such as marketing, advertising, public relations, digital and internal communications.

The importance of communications consulting

Companies call on communications consultants for a number of reasons. Corporate communication, for example, is a key means of reinforcing brand image and reputation with internal and external stakeholders. A good communications strategy also helps foster employee commitment, improve customer satisfaction and generate sustainable growth.

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Communication Expert

The different types of communications consultancy

Communication consulting can take many forms:

  1. Corporate communication: This involves managing the image of the company as a whole, including its mission, values and policies.
  2. Marketing communication: This encompasses the promotion of products or services through advertising, social media and other communication channels.
  3. Internal communication: This approach aims to improve relations and collaboration within the company, focusing on corporate culture and management.
  4. Lobbying: Communications consultants can also help companies navigate a complex regulatory environment and influence political decision-makers.

Communication consulting services

Altosor Communication offers a comprehensive range of communication consulting services designed to help your company thrive in the modern business environment. These services include reputation management, corporate identity development, strategic positioning and digital strategy implementation.

Reputation management is essential to maintaining the integrity of your brand. We work with you to understand, enhance and protect your reputation, ensuring that your business is always presented in the best possible light.

Brand identity development is at the heart of our services. We help our customers define and articulate their corporate identity, creating a coherent and memorable image that resonates with their target audiences.

Strategic positioning is crucial to standing out in a competitive market. We work with you to identify your unique value proposition and position your business to maximize your impact in the marketplace.

Finally, we offer digital strategy services to help you optimize your online presence. Whether you’re looking to improve your SEO, launch an e-mail marketing campaign or create an exceptional user experience on your website, we have the expertise to help.

These services can help your company achieve its marketing and communications objectives by strengthening your brand, engaging your customers and increasing your visibility. When you work with Altosor Communication, you can rest assured that you have a dedicated partner committed to your success.

Rates - Communication consulting

Positioning Communication
190 € HT
490 € HT
890 € HT
1590 € HT
Services and packages
Development of a dedicated positioning according to the characteristics of the company and its targets
Definition of 3 key messages
with illustrations
with illustrations
Competitive Analysis
Telephone interview with company managers (CEO, marketing manager and/or sales manager, R&D innovation manager or financial manager)
Definition of customer targets
Proposal of possible messages (scoring according to different criteria by the company’s managers)
FAQ of 10 questions and answers

FAQ of 10 questions and answers in option 290 € HT

Entrust us with the key of your communication, and we will advise you on the best strategy and methodology to adopt.

Altosor Communication: Your partner for a successful communications strategy

The importance of communications consulting

Communication consulting is a professional service that helps companies develop and implement effective communication strategies. It covers a range of disciplines, including public relations, digital marketing, brand management, and more.

A communications consultant works with a company to understand its objectives, identify its target personae, and create messages that resonate with this audience. They also help you choose the right communication channels, plan and execute campaigns, and measure their success.

Communications consulting is essential for companies, helping them to navigate the complex landscape of modern communications. Effective communication can strengthen a company’s reputation, engage customers, boost sales and promote long-term growth.

The different stages of an effective communications strategy

An effective communications strategy involves several key steps:

  1. Situation analysis: This stage involves understanding the context in which the company operates, including its strengths and weaknesses, market opportunities and threats, and the needs and expectations of its target audience.
  2. Defining objectives: Communication objectives must be clear, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. They can include increasing awareness of your company, improving customer engagement, or boosting sales.
  3. Message development: The message must be clear, coherent and relevant to the target audience. It must convey the company’s unique value and inspire action.
  4. Choice of communication channels: Channels can include traditional media, social networks, email, the company website, and more. The choice of channels depends on the target audience and communication objectives.
  5. Strategy execution: This stage includes creating and distributing content, managing media relations, organizing events and other activities.
  6. Evaluating results: It’s crucial to measure the effectiveness of the communications strategy using key performance indicators (KPIs), such as engagement rates, number of brand mentions, or sales generated.

By following these steps, a company can create a communications strategy that supports its business objectives and strengthens its relationship with its audience.

The main tools and techniques of communications consulting

The importance of a communications audit to assess the current situation

Thecommunication audit is an essential tool in the field of communication consulting. It’s a systematic evaluation of a company’s communications efforts, aimed at understanding what’s working well and what can be improved.

A communications audit can cover various aspects, including message clarity and consistency, channel effectiveness, audience engagement and brand perception. It can also include a competitor analysis, to understand how the company’s messages and strategies compare with those of its rivals.

A communications audit is important because it provides a solid basis for developing a communications strategy. It enables companies to make informed decisions based on data, not guesswork.

How to draw up a communication plan tailored to your company's objectives

Once the communication audit is complete, the next step is to draw up a communication plan. This plan must be aligned with the company’s objectives and adapted to the needs and expectations of its target audience.

Here are some key steps for developing a communication plan:

  1. Define communication objectives: These must be aligned with the company’s business objectives, and can include things like increasing brand awareness, improving corporate reputation or boosting sales.
  2. Identify the target audience: It’s crucial to understand who your ideal customers are, what they value and how they consume information.
  3. Develop key messages: These messages must be relevant to your audience, consistent with your brand and call for action.
  4. Choosing communication channels: Depending on your audience and your messages, some channels will be more effective than others. This can include social media, e-mail, online advertising, public relations, and more.
  5. Create a communication calendar: This calendar should detail when and how you will deploy your messages across your chosen communication channels.
  6. Implementing the plan: This involves creating content, managing media relations, organizing events, and other activities.
  7. Evaluate and adjust the plan: Use key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the effectiveness of your plan, and make adjustments if necessary.

By following these key steps to an effective communications strategy, we create a communications plan that supports your business objectives, reaches your target persona and strengthens your brand.

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Communication Expert

The specificities of external communications consulting

Brand image management and public awareness

In external communications consulting,brand image management is crucial. Brand image isn’t just a company logo or slogan, it’s the public’s perception of your company. It encompasses everything from product quality to customer service and social responsibility.

Brand awareness, on the other hand, refers to the extent to which your brand is recognized by your target audience. The greater your brand awareness, the more likely people are to think of your brand when they need what you have to offer.

Managing brand image and awareness requires a clear understanding of your target audience, your brand values and your unique value proposition. It also involves constant, consistent communication across all channels, to reinforce brand recognition and create a positive image in the public mind.

The different external communication strategies to be implemented

There are several external communication strategies that companies can use to reach their audience, including:

  1. Advertising: This can include online advertising, TV, radio, print, posters, Google Ads campaigns, etc.
  2. Public relations: This includes press releases, media events, interviews, etc. See our press relations services.
  3. Digital marketing: This can include actions on social networks, e-mail, SEO, SEA, etc.
  4. Partnerships and sponsorships: This can include partnerships with other companies or organizations, or sponsorship of events, training courses or activities related to your industry.

The most effective external communications strategy for your company will depend on your target audience, your budget and your communication objectives.

The challenges of internal communications consulting

The importance of internal communication in team cohesion and motivation

Internal communication is just as important as external communication. Effective internal communication can help create a positive working environment, reinforce corporate culture, increase employee commitment and improve productivity.

Good internal communication ensures that all team members understand the company’s vision and objectives, feel valued and are motivated to give their best. It also promotes team cohesion, encouraging collaboration and reducing misunderstandings.

Tools and methods for effective internal communication

There are several tools and methods that companies can use to improve their internal communications, including :

  1. Corporate intranet: An intranet can serve as a central hub for company information, including news, policies, manuals, calendars, etc.
  2. Internal newsletters: A newsletter can be an effective way of sharing regular updates with all staff.
  3. Regular meetings: Meetings can be used to share information, discuss problems and celebrate successes.
  4. Online collaboration tools: Tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Workspace can facilitate real-time communication and project collaboration.
  5. Surveys and feedback: Gathering regular feedback from employees can help identify communication problems and find solutions.

By implementing these tools and methods, companies can create effective internal communication that supports team cohesion, employee motivation and business success.

What is the role of a communications consultant?

Hiring a communications consultant can offer your company many advantages. A digital strategy consultant brings expertise and an outside perspective that can help you see things from a different angle. Our communications experts can help you :

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current communications,
  • Develop an effective communications strategy,
  • Choosing the right tools and channels
  • Measure the effectiveness of your communication efforts.

A communications consultant can also save you time and energy. Rather than trying to navigate the complex landscape of modern communication on your own, you can concentrate on what you do best and leave the communication to the consultant.

Finally, a communications consultant can be a valuable partner for your company. They can work with you over the long term to adapt and refine your communications as your business evolves and the communications landscape changes.

The skills needed for communications consulting

To provide effective communications consultancy, a consultant needs to possess a wide range of skills and expertise:

  1. Analysis: The ability to assess the company’s current situation and identify areas for improvement.
  2. Strategy: Expertise in developing action plans based on the customer’s specific objectives.
  3. Digital tools: Mastering digital tools such as social media, SEO and e-mail marketing is essential for adapting communication to modern needs.
  4. Creativity: A good consultant will be able to propose innovative solutions to competitive and market challenges.

How do you measure the effectiveness of a communication campaign?

The effectiveness of a communication campaign can be measured using various indicators such as conversion rate, number of impressions or clicks, positive customer feedback, sales generated, etc. It’s important to set clear objectives and monitor performance regularly to evaluate the campaign’s effectiveness.

What are the advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing?

Digital marketing offers several advantages over traditional marketing. The Internet and social networks give it greater reach. It’s also more interactive and personalized, boosting user engagement. What’s more, it offers precise tracking and analysis of results, making it easy to optimize campaigns.

How do you choose the right communication channels for your digital strategy?

To choose the right communication channels in a digital strategy, it’s important to take into account the target audience, the communication objectives and the characteristics of the different channels. It can be useful to carry out market research to identify the platforms preferred by the target audience, and to analyze past performance on each channel to make informed decisions.

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Communication Expert

Why choose Altosor for your communications strategy?

There are several advantages to working with Altosor:

  1. Personalized support: Every company is unique, which is why Altosor takes the time to listen to your needs and develop a tailor-made strategy adapted to your sector and your objectives.
  2. Expertise in digital marketing: Altosor’s team of experts is fully conversant with digital marketing tools such as SEO, social networking and the creation of attractive content.
  3. Web design skills: Altosor has a team of talented graphic designers capable of creating striking visuals for your internal website, e-commerce site or print media.

Altosor and small businesses: a synergy for success

Thanks to its expertise, Altosor helps associations, small and medium-sized businesses to conquer their markets in France and abroad. Our digital strategy consulting agency offers tailor-made support for every company. Altosor’s experts are here to guide you through the implementation of an effective digital strategy, enabling you to achieve your objectives while taking into account your budget and resources.

Expertise of our experts in communications consulting and digital strategy

Altosor Communication’s communication consultants are experienced professionals with in-depth industry knowledge. Our team is our greatest strength, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to every project.

Our consultants have varied experience in all aspects of communications, including reputation management, brand identity development, strategic positioning and digital strategy. They have worked with companies of all sizes and in all sectors, enabling them to bring a unique perspective to each challenge.

At Altosor Communication, we believe that our work speaks for itself. But it’s our consultants who really make the difference, bringing their passion, dedication and expertise to every project. With our experts at your side, you can be sure that your communication is in safe hands.

Altosor: Diversified experience to meet all your needs

Here are a few examples of Altosor Communication’s successful projects in various sectors:

  1. Creation of the visual identity and website for a company specializing in medical repatriation.
  2. Definition of brand positioning, and complete redesign of the e-commerce site for a ready-to-wear wax clothing company.
  3. Implementation of a global communications strategy for a start-up in the SAP personal services sector.
  4. Support for a brand aiming to eliminate unsold goods in its creation and development on social networks.

These success stories illustrate Altosor’s versatility and expertise in meeting a wide range of needs. Take a look at our references.

Our agency - your communication partner

Don’t leave your communication to chance. Trust our dedicated experts to help you define your visual identity, manage your reputation and position your company for success.

At Altosor Communication, we’re ready to help you navigate the complex landscape of modern communication. Whether you’re looking to launch a new brand, manage a PR crisis or optimize your digital presence, we have the skills and expertise to guide you.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Find out how our communications consulting services can help you achieve your goals and take your business to new heights.

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