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Your company website does not appear enough in the search engine results, despite your best efforts? Have you checked the SEO of your pages?

This set of SEO rules (for Search Engine Optimization) is absolutely essential for the indexing robots of Google and other engines to correctly index the pages of your website.

If your competitors’ websites are better positioned on the keywords you are interested in, allowing them to receive more visitors and therefore get more customers, it is because they have worked more on their SEO, also called“natural referencing“.

Our communication agency is specialized in website referencing. We will explain how we can intervene on your pages, correct your SEO and propel your website to the top of the search results.

An effective strategy: SEO

Google indexes millions of web pages every day. For each of them, he determines how he should rank the content, on which search keywords it is relevant and checks a large number of parameters to ensure its quality.

At Altosor Communication, we have SEO specialists who know perfectly how to build a web page so that it meets all these criteria.

SEO is an art that many web designers have not mastered. Even if your website has a beautiful aesthetic and seems very fashionable, what good is it if it is not visible to Internet users in the best places?

It is indeed rare that the Internet user goes beyond the first or second page of results. The good places are therefore very sought after and some website owners sometimes end up buying the positioning of their pages from Google.

The natural referencing (SEO) allows to avoid this type of expense: it is only thanks to the improvements made to the structure of the web pages that they manage to go up in the rankings.

To get a precise evaluation of the work we can do on your site to optimize its SEO, contact us now:

Not sure what would be best for your online business? Let our Altosor Communication team advise you.

What is SEO?

SEO is a work of structuring web pages. Without getting too technical, a web page is written in a computer language that includes HTML tags. There are tags for titles, links, images, paragraph formatting, etc.

Google and other engines decode this language in order to understand the hierarchy of your pages (what is the main title, what do the images describe, which terms are more important than others…).

To simplify, let’s say that it is important that the search terms used by Internet users (the keywords) are found in the right places in the tags of a web page, so that the engines know that this page can be chosen specifically on these keywords typed by Internet users.

This is just one of more than 200 ranking criteria that Google uses and keeps its importance secret. Our communication agency knows perfectly well all these criteria and knows how to make sure that your pages are correctly constructed to meet the expectations of Internet users as best as possible.

Do you want your pages to be among the first in the search results? You know now that you have to follow the rules of a good SEO.

This involves 4 important steps:


Choose your SEO positioning

There is no point in trying to position your page on a keyword that is too generic such as “sport” for example. A search engine will not know whether to look for sports stores, sports halls or other pages that include this term.

Before intervening in the content of your pages, Altosor Communication studies with you the positioning you wish to obtain for your website.

We determine what image your company wants to show, what objectives your website must reach (sell products, get registrations, make discover services…).

A good natural referencing starts with a good positioning of your website compared to the millions of others on the Internet.

From this study, we can deduce which keywords will have to appear in important places in your pages, taking into account the positioning of the sites of your direct competitors in order to put forward what differentiates you and carries your values.


Conducting an SEO audit

Before intervening on your website, we need to check its “SEO health”, in other words: evaluate the amount of correction work we will have to do to optimize each page of your site.

ThisSEO audit checks many points such as:

  • The presence and length of META title and description tags on all your pages
  • The hierarchical organization and the terms present in the titles and subtitles of your content
  • The frequency of use and the relevance of important keywords for the positioning of each of your pages
  • Inbound, outbound and internal links to your pages
  • and other important criteria for SEO that we will present to you during our SEO audit

Once this investigation is completed, we will provide you with a list of recommendations on the corrections and improvements to be made to your pages.

This can range from a simple modification of a few terms to a complete overhaul of the site by one of our web writers specialized in SEO.

Without this correction, your pages may be penalized in the search engine rankings, as Google itself explains in its
instructions to webmasters

Our SEO audit is therefore the cornerstone of your SEO strategy and the guarantee to remove from your website all the errors that can harm the good positioning of your pages.


SEO optimized web copywriting

One of Google’s main ranking criteria is the freshness and relevance of the information presented to Internet users.

This means that once created, your pages must evolve over time and regularly propose new content to complement the existing.

They must also contain information that is expected by Internet users. For example, be careful not to be off topic by developing new content that is not perfectly in line with the main key terms used for your pages.

This is exactly what a good web editor responsible for optimizing and updating the pages of a site: from the editorial strategy that will have been defined for your site, our web editor will make sure to write texts that perfectly meet Google’s criteria and the expectations of Internet users who may be interested in your pages.

Your pages will be regularly enriched with new content that will respect the key themes of your pages, what we call in our jargon the “semantic cocoon”.

The tone of the sentences, the precise terms used will be chosen according to the populations of Internet users you wish to reach. We speak here of “personae”.

By correctly targeting these personae, Altosor Communication will allow you to have a qualified audience in order to improve both the visibility and the notoriety of your website.

Once all the pages are optimized for their natural referencing, you will have to wait one to three weeks for the indexing robots to adapt the rankings of your pages compared to those of your competitors.

If you wish to accelerate the rise of your pages in the lists of answers (called SERPs), we can also propose to you to use the paid referencing (Search Engine Advertising or SEA) in order to place your important pages at the top of the results.

The SEA does not replace a good SEO but complements it, especially for one-off promotional operations or if your website has just been created. See also our optimized digital content strategy services.


Monthly SEO report

You can easily measure the progress made thanks to our regular interventions on the natural referencing of your website by consulting the monthly report proposed by Altosor Communication.

This report tracks yourorganic traffic (traffic obtained through keyword searches) and shows you for each search term the number of views of each page and the number of clicks made by Internet users on its content.

We can offer you these reports in French, English and other languages according to your request.

Entrust your SEO to creative people

Some create the content of their web pages themselves. After all, they think, adding text and images to a web page while respecting some SEO rules is not that difficult!

You know that things are not that simple, otherwise all websites would be well referenced! Web copywriting is a real business and the results are measured in terms of increased traffic, conversion rates and session duration.

If this job exists, it’s because you don’t have time to manage both your professional activities and the design of your website. To deal with it effectively, you would have to invest in different software specialized in SEO and website audit. You would have to spend hours studying trends, analyzing the competition, researching ideas, creating content…

To each his own, as the saying goes. The SEO specialists of our agency Altosor Communication are always listening to the market, scrutinizing the trends and monitoring the statistics of the websites entrusted to them, ready to intervene to improve them.

Their creativity is fully exercised to find the idea that will hit the Google search or social networks and that will surf on the trend.

Free up all your time by entrusting us with the SEO of your website. We will do our best to optimize the ranking of your pages and boost the traffic and visibility of your pages.

A complete offer for your natural referencing

Altosor Communication offers you a monthly package of personalized support for your website referencing.

We put at your disposal an experienced team of consultants for your SEO strategy, we define with you the necessary budget and the action plan according to the schedule that suits you best.

Every month, our team monitors the evolution and results of your Internet traffic in order to adapt corrective actions according to your expectations.

Our SEO action plan can consist of the following services:

Simplify your life and devote all your talent and energy to the development of your business by entrusting us with the entire SEO and optimization of your website!

How much does SEO cost for a website?

Monthly package – Natural referencing (SEO) support

Rate for a monthly personalized SEO support

Do you want to increase traffic and time on your site but don’t have the time or skills to get the results you want? We are here to accompany you, step by step, every month.

We start by defining a time horizon and a budget then work out a tailor-made strategy for your business for your business with concrete concrete actions each month. Different services are possible to improve the SEO and this is the advantage of our coaching formula. Thanks to the modularity of our offer and the varied competences within Altosor Communication, we can always reorient the action plan. If you can’t invest a lot of money at once, why not spread out this investment and carry out the actions as you go along to develop your site’s reputation?

Unlike SEA or web marketing, The results obtained by SEO will not be immediate but the strength of an effective natural referencing is to maintain its effects in time. For a non-commercial site (liberal profession, restaurant owner, tourism professional, business, cab), we recommend investing between 200 and 500€ HT per month over a minimum period of 6 months to see the first results.

Natural SEO

Possible services



Definition of your SEO strategy
On and off site SEO audit
Creation of optimized content pages for your site
Optimization of existing content, metadata, titles
Registration in a large database of directories to promote your visibility
Netlinking - Creation of backlinks
Writing and distribution of blog posts
Regular monitoring report of your site's performance

Services and support
Follow-up by a dedicated SEO expert
Get a free quote
Commissioning fees
The realization of an SEO Audit is essential before starting.

Monthly package - SEO copywriting and on-page SEO

Expert web writer and SEO optimized content creation for the natural referencing of your website

Prix /mois HT
150 € HT / mois
290 € HT / mois
430 € HT / mois
570 € HT / mois
Optimisation SEO Rédacteur SEO et outils analytiques
Stratégie de positionnement et définition du plan rédactionnel
Rédaction de contenu sur votre site ou blog (800 mots). Nombre d´articles optimisés SEO.
1 article
2 articles
3 articles
4 articles

It is wise to invest progressively and regularly in the natural referencing of your website by using an editorial strategy that allows you to develop the semantic field of your site around a core of targeted keywords. In the medium and long term, this will allow your website to position on long tail keywords (less competitive) and thus move up in the search engine results while presenting your activity, products and services in an advantageous way. Over time, you will pick up more and more visitors and expand your audience. Our SEO and marketing experts accompany you and guide you in the development of your activity. We naturally define customized SEO objectives.

Suggestion for a local referencing with Google My Business

If your business has an address, we recommend the creation and maintenance of your Google My business (GMB) listing to accentuate local referencing on Google.

We offer you the creation costs of your GMB file for any subscription of 6 months.



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