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SEO web copywriter: your copywriting optimized for search engine optimization

You want to offer your company a professional website that reflects your brand image? Are you looking to stand out from the competition by offering quality editorial content on your website?

We know that the key to successful communication is the trust you inspire in your prospects and their desire to read your content.

That’s why Altosor Communication provides you with a web editor experienced in
Content Marketing
and search engine optimized writing.

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How to optimize your texts with SEO web writing?

The creation of quality web content is essential for a successful
successful content marketing strategy
. To attract and retain your targets, you must define a clear and relevant editorial line for your website. Our team is equipped to produce
unique and relevant content

Our goal?

Answer your visitors’ queries while optimizing your natural referencing. We therefore propose to :

The first step in creating quality editorial content is to define a clear editorial charter. This charter must describe your editorial line, the relevant keywords for your site and the topics you will address. It should also specify the recommended word count and number of paragraphs for each page.

In order for your content to be visible on the first page of search results, it is important to write

. This means using relevant keywords in your headings, subheadings and body copy, but without overloading your text with keywords. It is also crucial to ensure that your content is easy to read and understand for the user experience.

The content you produce must be unique and relevant to your target audience. Avoid publishing copy and paste content or content that does not meet the needs of your visitors. To do this, you can conduct a market study to understand the needs and expectations of your audience.

If you don’t have SEO writing skills, it’s best to hire an experienced freelance web writer. Our expert can help you produce quality content that meets the requirements of search engines and your website visitors.

How to optimize your texts with SEO web writing?

Developing your company’s brand image on the networks is essential. For this, your website must be successful and tell the story of your business. This is called “storytelling”. The editorial quality of your content is paramount. If your prospects read a boring text or a text full of mistakes, it will harm your image.

But it is not enough to simply write correctly. You must know how to address your target customers and know their expectations. Your visitors should be interested in your texts and want to know more, as if they were immersed in a novel.

The web editor is a writer who must use key terms to write a lively, well-structured story that answers readers’ questions until the final denouement. These key terms are entered by Internet users when they search on engines such as Google.

For your site to be well referenced, keywords must be present in strategic places in your text. This is part of the rules of natural referencing, grouped under the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Discover our SEO services to learn more.

Our SEO web writing service guarantees you content that is both pleasant to read and effective in natural referencing. Our team of web copywriters, experts in content marketing and SEO, will write texts that will enhance your brand image and capture the attention of your target audience.

Thanks to our know-how, you will be able to devote your time to your business in all serenity, while being assured that your website has a professional quality content.

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Why choose Altosor Communication for your SEO web writing?

Today, companies must be present on the web to exist and stand out from the competition. For this, it is essential to have a professional website, which reflects the company’s brand image and highlights its products or services. But that is not enough. The texts of the web pages must also be punchy, interesting, and meet the expectations of Internet users. Indeed, they move from one site to another according to their desires and expectations. They are looking for information, products or services, and do not hesitate to leave a site if they do not find what they are looking for. It is therefore essential that your website stands out from the competition from the first few seconds of reading by offering quality content that arouses interest and the desire to know more.

Altosor Communication
We know perfectly well that web writing is an art in itself. To be effective, the texts must not only be striking, but also reflect the values of the company, highlight its services or products, and respect structural rules to optimize their referencing. That is why we put at your disposal
a team specialized in e-marketing
who knows perfectly how to handle SEO web writing techniques to promote your products or services.

We know that it is not easy to write with style while respecting the technical constraints of the web. That’s why we’re here to support you and free up your time, so you can focus on your business. Our SEO copywriting service will work wonders to create
content that is both pleasant to read and effective in natural referencing

By entrusting us with the writing of your website, you can be assured of a professional quality work, which will
will enhance your company and set it apart from the competition
. So don’t hesitate, contact us and tell us about your professional writing needs!

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Communication Expert

Our web writers offer you their web writing services

Here are the main services for which you may need the intervention of our website writing specialists:

Writing of product sheets

Writing blog posts

Distribution of a motivating newsletter

Landing page creation

Our SEO services

Here are the different SEO and content creation services that our

web writers
experienced web writers

can perform for you as well as the content of our services.

Web copywriting for your website in French or English

Our copywriter combines motivating scenarios and the insertion of keywords in strategic places to attract and seduce Internet users reading your pages.

Web copywriting for your website or online store

Boost your company's visibility on the Internet to present your know-how and make yourself known to more and more Internet users.

Writing of product sheets

This is the fault of many online sales sites: the product sheets are too succinct or not very engaging (their categories are sometimes not even presented). Your dedicated web editor will be able to create perfectly optimized product sheets for SEO and very attractive for your customers.

Web copywriting of secondary pages

In a website dedicated to online business, we sometimes notice the absence of information pages, called "secondary pages", yet essential for the positioning in search engine results. We create these satellite pages by optimizing their SEO (natural referencing) in order to amplify the visibility of your online store.

SEO web copywriting of blog articles

By publishing regular articles about your products or services, your blog will become a wealth of information for your customers and a great tool to build loyalty. Our web copywriters know how to include secondary, low-competition keywords in these articles, so they're highly effective in bringing you even more visitors.

Writing of newsletters

Ideal tool to get a qualified traffic towards your site, the newsletter informs your customers on the innovations proposed by your company. Thanks to our storytelling skills, our writers will make each of your newsletters more attractive to your customers.

Keyword audit

We analyze the semantic field of each of your texts in order to identify the main strategic keywords and the secondary keywords that can enrich your texts and improve their SEO ranking. If you prefer to write your own texts, this keyword audit will provide you with an optimized framework of strategic terms that you will just have to slip into your sentences.

Integration of optimized texts

If you do not have the time or the skills to transform your texts into HTML pages, our web writers can integrate your texts into your website. Of course, this service will also include the setting of Meta tags for the headers of your pages (title, description, keywords). You already have a website, but your content seems to be poorly optimized or a little too old? Our web editors are at your disposal to analyze them and propose the appropriate corrections. SEO-optimized web copywriting is the surest way to optimize your pages' positioning in the top positions of search engine results.

Writing e-books

Writing a corporate ebook can be an effective strategy for generating leads and building credibility for your brand. By offering quality and informative content on a topic relevant to your target audience, you can attract the attention of new potential customers and strengthen the relationship with existing ones.

White paper creation

Creating a white paper is an effective way to establish your authority and expertise in your field. A white paper is an informative document that provides solutions or advice on a specific topic. Our writer can design one for you using factual information and practical examples.

Script writing

By using the services of a professional script writer, you can ensure that your message is clearly defined, effectively structured and tailored to your target audience. Indeed, well-written scripts can also help improve your SEO on YouTube by using the right keywords for titles and descriptions.

Netlinking strategy

The implementation of a netlinking strategy can help improve the natural referencing of your website by increasing the quantity and quality of links pointing to your site. Netlinking consists of obtaining quality links from other websites relevant to your field of activity.This can be achieved by creating quality content that is shared on other websites or by partnering with other sites to create reciprocal links.To know: We can always adapt to your needs and objectives by providing you with customized content.

Digital SEO content strategy

For companies that want to work effectively on their SEO, we offer to build a customized digital content strategy. This formula is ideal for a website start-up, the launch of a new activity, product or service or to strengthen a positioning on targeted keywords.Finally, our web editors are at your disposal to analyze them and propose the appropriate corrections. SEO-optimized web copywriting is the surest way to optimize your pages' positioning in the top positions of search engine results.

Our SEO web copywriting rates

By entrusting the written communication of
content of your web pages
to our specialized web writers, you can rest assured that your site is in good hands. Our team works for you and will deliver quality content, free of plagiarism and perfectly adapted to your clientele and your brand image.

All our texts are submitted to correction (spelling, grammar and semantics) by our free secretarial service which validates each writing before its delivery.

You have a
dedicated SEO web writer
who takes the time to familiarize himself with your communication strategy in order to adopt a style and a tone that is perfectly in line with your existing texts so that the new texts integrate harmoniously with the pages already in place.

Indicative rates for your SEO text orders

Our rates are studied in order to
adapt to your budget according to your objectives
. All our content is created entirely by human beings (unlike some platforms that robotize these services). Our web editors use specialized software in SEO web copywriting. Each SEO-optimized page includes meta-title, meta-description, title tags, internal or external link proposals and keyword insertions.

To give you an idea, here’s an example of the prices charged for very small businesses:

  • 300-word article: from €45 ex VAT
  • Article or medium text of 600 words: from €60 excluding VAT
  • 800-word article: from €100 ex VAT
  • 800-word SEO-optimized article: from €130 ex VAT
  • SEO-optimized 1000-word article: from €150 ex VAT
  • 1500-word SEO-optimized long article: from €200 ex VAT

If your company is targeting an international clientele, we’ll set up and guide you through the implementation ofautomated translation tools like WPML on your site, and provide technical support.

  • English/French – French/English translation: from €0.16 (excl. VAT) per word
  • Installing the WPML plug-in

Altosor Communication guarantees originality and absence of plagiarism for all your writing.

Our competitive copywriting rates are tailored to the volume and level of requirements and the type of service:

  • Rewriting and improvement of existing text with SEO optimization
  • SEO article writing optimized for the web
  • Writing of product sheets
  • Writing of category pages
  • Writing of secondary texts
  • Writing of blog or LinkedIn articles
  • Newsletter writing
  • Keyword audit
  • Text integration
  • Writing of complex or specialized texts
  • Integration of text with images, shapes or tables
  • Proofreading and correction of dissertations, theses, works, editorial works
  • English-French or French-English translation
  • Setting up automated translation software on your website
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Communication Expert

What are the SEO copywriter rates? Improve your natural referencing

From experience, we know that each of our clients à different expectations, sometimes very specific. This is why our services are always customized, which means that costs may vary depending on the complexity of the work and methods used.

Here are some of the criteria we consider:

A text intended for a standard audience will not be as difficult to write as a text targeting a specific audience (informed amateurs, specialists in a field…).

To imagine and write a coherent story, your writer must first immerse himself in the subject and access sources of information that are not always easy to find, then take the time to read and understand the context. Our rates will be lowered if you provide us with these sources or if we can have them readily available.

A web writer will take less time to design several pages dealing with the same subject because he will have been able to appropriate this field and become familiar with the tone and style to adopt. We therefore recommend that you send us as many texts as possible with your first order so that we can lower our unit price.

For the same reason as mentioned above, we prefer to establish a long-term relationship with our clients because SEO web copywriting work is optimized over time. It is therefore in your interest as much as ours to be able to create content for your website on a regular basis and to use a dedicated web writer who is already fully aware of your company’s brand.

Web Editor by Altosor Communication Martinique

Entrust us with the management of the referencing of your site and we will follow the natural referencing of your texts in time and will ensure a competitive watch. We will make the necessary changes and improvements and SEO optimization to ensure that your site will always rank high in the search engine results and ahead of your competition.

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