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You want to develop your visibility on the Internet by effectively increasing traffic to your website, and quickly? Paid search is the right solution

Online advertising, used in addition to SEO, is the ideal tool to get results quickly. Online advertising is a component in your marketing strategy and campaign.

Whatever your objective: develop your visibility, sell your products and services, get inbound contacts… There is an advertising campaign that meets your needs.

Our communication agency, Altosor, does everything possible to ensure that you get the best possible return on investment (ROI).

Google Ads

A team of experts in paid search

Our Altosor communications agency is staffed with Google Partner-certified experts in SEA digital marketing, who create and optimize online advertising campaigns tailored to your company’s needs. The manageability of Adwords ads offers the advantage of being able to keep control over the different aspects of the campaigns: the budget, the audience and the duration of the broadcast.

What is the creation and management of Adwords ads?

Depending on your needs, objectives and budget, our webmarketing professionals will set up one or more advertising campaigns.

The campaign on the search network, which allows you to reach users when they search for the products and services you offer on search engines such as Google.

  • Display and video campaigns involve reaching your audience with visual and video ads on YouTube, websites and mobile applications.
  • The Shopping campaign, if you have an e-commerce site and want to sell your product inventory.
  • The app campaign, as its name suggests, is aimed at companies looking to find new users for their mobile application.
  • The local campaign is highly relevant when you have a physical store and your aim is to attract customers locally.

Once the type of campaign is defined, our team of digital experts will work on the different elements that will determine the success of your online ad.

The starting point of a successful campaign is first of all to know perfectly your target audience in order to select the keywords likely to interest them. This is a real strategy that consists of choosing queries based on their search volume, price and level of competition.

Once this crucial step is completed, our web professionals will be able to write your SEA ads. Their missions? Design a striking and eye-catching ad, both in terms of text and design, to catch the eye of Internet users.

ATS Auction

ATS Auction

The advertising space is essentially bought by auction via the keywords on which you wish to position yourself. Our role is to define the performance per click, targeting the best queries for you with keywords adapted to your activity.Good to know: most of the advertisers' investments in this field are made on Google. The platform used is Google Ads (formerly AdWords), which contains about 90% of global SEA investments.

Keyword Strategies

Keyword Strategies

As with natural search, the essence of the SEA advertising campaign is based on the finesse of the chosen key query. Your SEA webmarketing specialist finds the most favorable queries to bring you qualified traffic. The cost per click (CPC) is an important variable to judge the relevance of your campaign.Let us carry out your SEA campaigns in Martinique to develop your activity on distinct periods. Our team of web professionals is here to help you optimize your SEA campaign investment.

As a user, you have probably already been exposed to an advertisement from a website you visited and did not finalize your purchases.

This is what we can implement with retargeting and remarketing on Google Ads. These are two techniques that allow you to maximize conversions by targeting Internet users who have not yet converted, people who have abandoned their shopping cart or people who have downloaded a white paper or other document from your site, etc. The goal is to set up a personalized advertisement in order to recover the audience, and thus to boost the purchase intention.

Remarketing and retargeting

A follow-up and a personalized accompaniment

Once your campaigns are up and running, it doesn’t stop there. The Altosor team analyzes your ads throughout the time they are online and makes adjustments and optimizations when necessary.

By entrusting us with your advertising campaigns, you benefit from continuous monitoring and, of course, a personalized report on your campaigns. Thanks to an analysis of our experts on Google Ads and Google Analytics, we are able to provide you with precise details about the performance of your advertising campaigns (click rate, conversion rate, cost per click, cost per acquisition…)

Finally, advertising campaigns (SEA) support your natural referencing strategy (SEO) with digital content writing because they are two complementary methods, which have a common goal: to develop your visibility.

Our team is specialized in SEA webmarketing. Your online advertising campaigns become attractive and effective with a targeted ROI.

Advertising on social networks

When your website goes online, it takes some time for it to appear in the first search results of engines such as Google and Bing. This can be counted in weeks or even months.

Realizing a communication positioning, setting up a marketing strategy with our experts and then delegating the creation of accounts and management of your social networks are preliminary steps before launching into online advertising.

The main advantage of an advertising campaign is that the results are immediate. Within a few hours of launching the ad, you can see your site in the first search results.

Advertising online is also the certainty of generating quality traffic. Google Ads and advertising on social networks allow you to target your prospects, the people likely to buy your products and services. Our marketing experts work on precise audience targeting (geographic location, age, gender, and interests of Internet users and many other criteria that make advertising effective and profitable).

Youtube Ads

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and has more than one billion users.

Billions of videos are viewed every day, so this social network represents a huge opportunity for your company if you want to promote your products and services through this communication channel.

There are different formats of Youtube advertising, your video can, for example, be displayed before the video that the user is about to watch or be displayed as a banner in the Youtube search results.

The role of our communication experts is to guide you and select the advertising format that best suits your objectives.

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram are two of today’s leading social networks for developing your brand’s visibility and selling your products and services. See our packages for managing your social networks.

Through video, image, carousel and story formats, and thanks to quality content, it is possible to create an engaged community, reach your prospects and create a strong bond with your subscribers.

Advertising on these social networks has a great interest, since it allows you to boost your visibility.

As with Google advertising, the main advantages of this Social Ads strategy are to have a precise targeting and to maximize your chances to reach your objectives by broadcasting your ad to the largest number of people in your audience.

Facebook & Instagram Ads also have the advantage of adapting to all budgets and objectives (awareness, traffic and conversion) unlike a traditional media.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads is the perfect way to develop your business with a target audience that evolves in a professional world. See our Linkedin packages.

If you want to increase your notoriety, build a solid file of leads or ensure the visibility of your company, it is possible thanks to a dozen advertising formats that LinkedIn Ads offers.

Sponsored Content is the format to use if your goal is to get your brand in front of your target audience or attract qualified traffic to your website.

On the other hand, if you are targeting decision makers and business leaders, our digital communication experts will set up a personalized advertisement that will be sent directly by private message, this is the Sponsored Inmail.

On this professional social network, each click costs 2 € on average, that’s why it is essential to build a strategy and to go through communication professionals to ensure the best ROI.

Ready to get started in online advertising? The Altosor team will help you achieve your goals!

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