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Altosor public relations is a digital agency that supports companies in their communications. We offer a turnkey press relations service for freelancers, SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

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Our PR experts also support medium-sized and large companies in their PR campaigns.

A press relations agency to meet your needs

The Altosor Communication public relations agency offers two services to help you with your press relations

Outsourced Press Attaché

Your company benefits from a single consultant dedicated to your press relations campaign. Altosor is your Press Contact

Your professional journalistic editor

Your company can rely on our editorial department to produce high-quality journalistic content with a specialized communications team.

What are the advantages of raising your company's profile in the media?

1. Optimize your return on investment

Companies with media visibility enjoy an advertising return on investment (ROI) that is 3800% higher than that of companies without such visibility.

2. Boost your income

Companies with a media presence post sales 15% to 45% higher than those without a media presence.

3. Enhance your SEO

Companies with media coverage see a 41% increase in organic traffic to their website, compared to those without.

4. Increase your leads

Companies with media exposure generate 32% more leads than those without.

5. Increase conversions

Companies with a media presence convert 13% more leads into customers than those who are invisible in the media.

6. Enhance visibility and reputation

Companies that are featured in the media see a 23% increase in the sharing of their content on social networks, compared with those that don’t benefit from this exposure.

7. Consolidate your credibility

Companies with a media presence convert 18% more potential customers into loyal customers than those with no media presence.

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Public Relations Expert

Altosor Communication's public relations concept

Whatever your sector of activity, Altosor’s public relations agency can provide a turnkey press relations service that meets your expectations:

  • Building integrated, à la carte press relations initiatives
  • Intensify your presence in the French press and media
  • Reach television, radio, magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites
  • Guarantee a considerable return on investment (ROI) for each of your press relations campaigns
  • Take advantage of our responsiveness and know-how: a press relations campaign is ready in 7 days and more than 4,000 press relations campaigns have already been carried out.
  • Appear in B-to-B or B-to-C media without spending a single euro on advertising
  • Control your budget with pre-defined rates

A network of journalists and media at your public relations service

With Altosor Communication, get access to 99% of all French media for 0€ of advertising budget!

  • 17,000 media in our database
  • 75,000 journalists, influencers and bloggers
  • All business sectors, both B2B and B2C
  • All types of media (print, digital, etc.)

Here are some of the references in our media database:

General media

The media and the business press

The media and the trade press

Thematic media

Local/regional media

Our methods for successful public relations campaigns

Our approach is based on 6 key steps to support your press relations service.

  1. Development of the brief, definition of objectives, message, target and visual aspect.
  2. Design of press release and/or press kit.
  3. Selection and preparation of press release distribution.
  4. Integrated press relationstraining.
  5. Press release sent to journalists, media and influencers.
  6. Monitoring your press campaign: reading data and compilation of press articles.

Our offers - Press relations services

Laure e1677901151197

Public Relations Expert

Outsourced Press Attaché Service - Altosor Press Relations

A press officer dedicated to your company on request

  1. We are the link between you and journalists & media. We help you save time and maximize your results.
  2. Design, graphic layout and distribution of materials (press kit, press release)
  3. Distributions- Validation of a proof by you before dispatch
  4. Selection of journalists, media and influencers
  5. Pre-shipment press relations training and two follow-up meetings during the campaign
  6. Contacting journalists & influencers (30 people) by telephone & social networks (Linkedin, Twitter)

The advantages of a dedicated outsourced press officer

  1. The accessibility of a press attaché
  2. The strength of a press relations agency
  3. A single consultant dedicated to your press relations campaign
  4. We are the link between you and journalists & the media
  5. Tailored support throughout the partnership
  6. Your communication documents are designed by a graphic artist and adapted to your company’s corporate identity.


From 1995/month EXCL. VAT or €665/month excl. VAT for 3 months (declining scale from 12-month commitment)

A single PR expert dedicated to your press relations campaignA formatted press kitHandling of all media relationsThe results of your campaign in an aesthetic press review

Press relations: Get a free consultation and quote

– Personalized interview – Personalized communication & press relations project: angle and timing of your future PR campaign, examples of media and customer references in your sector. – Free quotation

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