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Website redesign: A website with an optimized design

Your products or services have evolved and your website is no longer an exact reflection of your activities? Its design is getting old and it has become slow to load?

Redesigning a website is crucial for companies wishing to compete in the digital marketplace.

Altosor Communication, an agency specialized in digital, offers you to give a new look to your pages by making a website redesign.

Website redesign: definition

This redesign service involves working on the details of each of your pages, but without affecting their SEO, so as not to penalize your website’s ranking in Google and other search engines.

Our service includes :

  • Modernization of your website design, logotype and graphic charter
  • A reorganization of your pages (menus, sitemap, links…)
  • The creation of new pages or functionalities
  • Optimizing site loading speed
  • The introduction of new quality visuals

It is quite normal that your site has aged: the fashion changes quickly in the field of web design. You need to adapt to new trends on the Internet and, above all, modernize your website to reflect your company’s brand image, which is also constantly evolving.

To keep up with the times and become more efficient and up-to-date than your competitors, tell us about your website redesign project:

Why is redesigning a website crucial for businesses?

Redesigning a website offers many advantages for companies. These include improving the user experience and increasing site traffic.

Enhanced user experience

An outdated or poorly designed website can damage a company’s image and put off potential visitors. On the other hand, a modern, functional site offers an optimal user experience, encouraging visitors to stay longer and interact more with the site.

Increased site traffic

A good user experience also boosts the website’s natural search engine optimization (SEO). Better positioning in search results helps attract more qualified traffic to your company.

Our team is available to audit your site free of charge. Based on this expertise, we’ll be able to suggest areas for improvement to make your website a real conversion tool for your business.

Key stages in a successful website redesign

Redesigning a website offers many advantages for companies. These include improving the user experience and increasing site traffic.

A successful redesign involves several essential steps:

  1. Needs analysis and definition of objectives
    It’s essential to precisely determine the expectations and objectives of the redesign in order to establish a coherent action plan.

  2. Design conception and modernization
    The design of your website must be aesthetic, ergonomic and adapted to different media (computers, smartphones, tablets) to deliver an optimal user experience.

  3. Page reorganization and content optimization
    It’s important to structure information in a clear, logical way to facilitate navigation and natural referencing. Web copywriters will implement your digital content strategy.

  4. Improved speed and performance
    A fast, high-performance site prevents impatient visitors from abandoning the site, and also improves natural referencing.

Website redesign: specifications

Redesign 1: Webdesign only

This redesign service is the lightest and resembles a “facelift”: our web design specialists will adapt the colors and visuals of your pages to bring more modernity and dynamism to the appearance of your website.

If necessary, we can also modify the editorial content or add certain pages to your site.

Redesign 2: Web design and structure

When your site has too many shortcomings, Altosor Communication recommends a more in-depth website redesign, including the very structure of your pages (their tree structure, their display order, the links between them).

This structural redesign is proposed to you when we see that the user experience can be greatly enhanced by these changes.

Internet users always want to be able to navigate easily, simply and fluidly between each page of a website, otherwise they’ll leave it for a more attractive one.

You don’t necessarily have the time or the technical experience to know what the best solution is, and that’s perfectly normal.

Modernizing a website is the favorite activity of our specialists. Tell us about your project and they will advise you free of charge on the type of website redesign best suited to your business:

The benefits of a website redesign

Whichever service you choose, to modernize your site or to counter your competitors, this intervention will bring you many advantages:

  • The navigation in your site will become more intuitive and more pleasant
  • Your pages will display perfectly on computers, tablets or mobiles ( Responsive Design principle)
  • Your site will reflect the reassuring image of a more modern company
  • You will increase the number of visitors to your site
  • Your site will get more conversions and online contacts

By improving your website, your company’s entireimage on the Internet will benefit from this redesign service, so that your pages are always adapted to the evolution of your offer and your clientele.

Tips for choosing the right time for a website redesign

It is recommended to consider a redesign when :

  1. Current site performance is unsatisfactory
  2. Competitors offer a far superior user experience
  3. Technologies used become obsolete or incompatible with new standards

Website redesign agency Altosor Communication France

Here are some key criteria for choosing a redesign agency:

  • Expertise and experience
    Make sure the agency has solid expertise in website redesign and has completed projects similar to yours.

  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
    Feedback from customers who have worked with the agency is a guarantee of reliability and competence.

Altosor Communication meets all these criteria, positioning itself as a key player in the field of website redesign.

Examples of Altosor Communication's successful website redesign projects

Altosor Communication has successfully completed several redesign projects, including :

Project 1: Complete overhaul of a ready-to-wear e-commerce site

“Happy arrival” has become “
Wax your world
“with a focus on improving the user experience, optimizing the buying tunnel and increasing conversions.

  • Conseil en communication: Renewing identity and positioning
  • New logo
  • Complete overhaul of Prestashop e-commerce site with new theme.
  • Prestashop upgrade to version 8.0
  • Optimized hosting
  • Domain name and email migration
  • Custom theme design
  • E-commerce database migration WAX

Project 2: Restructuring a B2B company website

West IndiesAssistanceto promote its services, make it easier to get in touch and develop its reputation in its sector.


Project 3: Complete overhaul of a seasonal rental booking site

is a vacation rental website in Martinique, we redesigned the entire site with a focus on improving the brand image, optimizing online booking functionalities and increasing the visibility of the booking site and conversions.

Redesigning a website is a strategic investment for companies, helping to improve theuser experience, increase site traffic and stand out from the competition. Thanks to its expertise and past successes, Altosor Communication is the redesign agency of choice to support companies in this essential process. Contact us today to discuss your project!

Free consultation

Your company needs a redesign service, for its web design or its structure?

Tell us about your project and let Altosor Communication guide you.

We’ll carry out an audit of your website, look at the areas for improvement and make proposals that are perfectly suited to your business sector.

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