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Digital transformation services for your business

Altosor Communication helps your company in the management of migration projects to the Microsoft Cloud, by intervening jointly with your IT department or your service providers.

Our digital transformation services include:

  1. Technical and functional audit of digital transformation
  2. Support in migrating to the Cloud
  3. Deployment of Microsoft 365 solutions
  4. Training your teams in digital tools
  5. Telecommuting solution (Digital Workplace)

Our team of experienced professionals can help you transition from traditional communication methods to digital solutions that will revolutionize the way you communicate with your customers, suppliers and other providers.

We have the expertise and knowledge to ensure that your business makes a smooth transition to digital transformation, step by step. Let us help you achieve maximum performance in all aspects of communication with your partners while controlling internal costs.

With Altosor Communication by your side, you can be sure that your company is ready to succeed in the strategic challenge of digitalization.

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1. Technical and functional audit of digital transformation

Today, the imperative objective for companies is to take the digitalization step. The advent of the telework and the generalization of communication tools via the Internet have imposed rapid access to information within the company.

Has your company accumulated a mass of printed material? Do your teams use old and heterogeneous tools to exchange information? Looking to get digital and get ahead of the competition?

Altosor Communication offers digital transformation services that can help your business reach new heights. Our services of consulting and auditing services for digital transformation are tailored to your needs and ensure that all your data processes and communication tools are optimized for success after digitization.

Our specialists will work closely with you to create a detailed detailed roadmap outlining how your organization can maximize its use of technology through various initiatives such as cloud migration, automation, machine learning, process optimization and systems integration.

This digital transformation audit of the company is necessary to determine the amount of work required and the tools to be used to have your printed documents digitized, organized and archived in the Cloud so that they are quickly available for electronic and secure consultation.

We also provide ongoing guidance throughout the process so you can rest assured knowing that all aspects of your digital transformation will be properly addressed.

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2. Support in the migration to the Cloud

Around the world, businesses in the service sector are moving to the CloudThis is a set of computers and servers accessible from anywhere in a secure mode via the Internet. The Cloud computing frees up teams and facilitates their communications thanks to 24-hour remote access.Altosor Communication offers services of digital transformation to help your business take advantage of the latest cloud technologies.

Our migration services make it easy to move your existing applications and data to the Microsoft Cloud, ensuring uninterrupted access for remote employees.

This migration to the Cloud is based on the 3 bricks of Microsoft 365:

  • Collaborative tools (formerly Office, now completed by OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Power Platform, etc.)
  • Integrated security (Zero Trust Security, identity management with Microsoft Entra)
  • Centralized device and data management

With our
virtual desktop solutions (Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365), you’ll be able to give remote teams access to the same tools and resources as in the office, enabling them to collaborate more effectively from anywhere.

We also offer solutions for software centralization that ensure high availability of your most important business applications. This minimizes downtime by providing reliable access to critical software when you need it most.

Finally, we can provide you with tools for data security tools using artificial intelligence to guarantee maximum protection.

At Altosor Communicationwe are aware that every day of the year is an important moment for your company and we are at your disposal to guide you towards this digital transformation which has become essential for modern companies.

Support for your partners and customers

To successfully digitalize your business, you also need to facilitate communication with your customers and suppliers. Thanks to the messaging and videoconferencing tools and applications implemented with the help of Altosor Communication’s specialists, you will be able to reach your partners at any time, communicate documents and information to them more easily and thus simplify all your communication processes.

To avoid disrupting exchanges with your various partners, we recommend that you conduct an audit of the various communication methods they are used to using and inform them of any adaptations that need to be planned, so that they can take full advantage of your digital transformation.

Altosor Communication can of course support you in this process change. Contact us at your convenience to present your project:

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3. Deployment of solutions
Microsoft 365

Altosor Communication is your trusted partner for digital transformation. We understand that the changing work environment requires a new approach to your business operations and collaboration with employees, customers and partners.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need tools that can help you achieve greater productivity and efficiency.

Thanks to our solutions for the deployment of
Microsoft 365
You can make the most of MS 365’s advanced features and tools. Our solutions include the following services and tools:

  • Video conferencing Teams
  • MS 365 office software
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Protection against cyber threats
  • Technical and functional expertise on Microsoft 365 and Azure

In this case
Altosor Communication intervenes directly with companies for various types of work, including

  • Migrations from traditional mailboxes (OVH type) or Exchange to Microsoft 365
  • File server migration to SharePoint
  • Migration of application servers to Azure (Web services or Azure Virtual Desktop)
  • Set up hybrid environments for the progressive migration of services to 365 and Azure
  • Creation of Intranet sites under SharePoint, with implementation of tools for information gathering and process automation (Power Automate)

Teams video conferencing solution

Democratized during the various health crises, Teams is ideal for remote work and collaboration, from any computer or phone equipped with a camera and microphone. Teams has become indispensable to telecommuting because of its reliability and quality of communication. It allows you to conduct virtual meetings and has tools to facilitate the presentation of slideshows or the exchange of documents. Teams meetings can be scheduled and synchronized via company calendars and messaging.

Microsoft Online Software

Once Microsoft 365 installed on the Cloud, all your collaborators will be able to have at any time and according to the assigned license, the office automation tools of the Microsoft 365 range, namely :

  • Word (word processing)
  • Excel (spreadsheet)
  • PowerPoint (presentations and slide shows)
  • Outlook (email)
  • Teams (video conferencing and file management)
  • Exchange (professional messaging)
  • OneDrive (file manager)
  • SharePoint (file manager)
  • Access (database management)
  • Publisher (professional publications)

By systematizing the use of coherent tools for all your employees, your company will have the guarantee of a real homogeneity in the quality and accessibility of the information within its teams. You will be able to better control the quality of the documents created and their compliance with the rules of your communication strategy.

Secure cloud storage

Don’t waste any more time finding a lost file among your collaborators’ computers and finally optimize the disk space necessary for the backup of all your sensitive data.

Our Microsoft 365 solutions provide fast and secure access to online documents, easily accessible to authorized persons and in full compliance with the European RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation), which has become mandatory for companies.

Altosor Communication is at your disposal to help you organize and transfer to the Cloud all your files and documents scattered in the file managers of your employees.

Protection against cyber threats

Microsoft 365 offers the ultimate protection for your business data and your employees.Altosor Communication’s specialists are available to help you take full advantage of Microsoft’s advanced security services.

We provide expertise in securely configuring your Microsoft 365 settings, so you can be confident that your confidential information is protected. With our expert advice, you can be sure that you are using the most effective security tools available to keep your data safe.

We also help you set up access controls, so you can restrict access to certain information.

In addition, Altosor Communication’s specialists have the experience to help companies stay compliant with industry data protection regulations.

By working together, we can ensure cybersecurity of your business.

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Microsoft 365:


4. Training of your teams to digital tools

Altosor Communication offers training in Microsoft 365 tools such as Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint, for example. Our team of experienced trainers is highly skilled and will support your organization in making your employees proficient users of these powerful telecommuting tools and developing a true digital culture.

User training on MS 365 collaborative tools, especially Teams

Training for IT departments on Microsoft 365 administration

We understand the importance of developing skills in collaboration and communication technologies, which is why we have designed customized training that will allow your teams to be quickly operational.

Our training materials are adapted to the needs of specific users: whether they are beginners or experienced, they allow your employees to quickly and efficiently learn the software.

Need help installing and deploying the Microsoft 365 solution in your company?

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5. Telework solution (Digital Workplace)

Altosor Communication knows that a successful transition to remote work requires a well-planned strategy and the right tools. Thanks to the solution Microsoft 365we can help you create the Digital Workplace solution tailored to your business needs.Our experienced team will assess your current intranet, identify any gaps and advise you on how best to transform it into a digital business tool.

We can help you select and configure the right tools, create engaging communication channels, develop collaboration spaces and provide knowledge management solutions that can be used for both telecommuting and for your mobile workforce.

With MS 365your teams will have a telecommuting solution including a personal dashboard of all their activities (notifications, tasks, events) integrated with the remote meeting tool Teams.

All the skills of your company will be accessible via a dynamic directory including the organization chart of your company. All your documents will be shared and accessible from the SharePoint Microsoft Cloud Collaboration.

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Want more information about the Microsoft 365 telecommuting solution?
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