Make your corporate identity unique with Graphic Design

Have you ever heard of the notions of graphic identityof brand territory and visual consistency ? No ? Don’t worry, it’s normal, because this is not your job. At Altosor Communication, however, it’s ours! The success of your brand will mainly depend on the image you give it in terms of graphic designof colorsof logoof visual coherence, oforiginalityetc. Your best ally in this project: the graphical design. The Graphic Design department of Altosor Communication France is at your disposal to answer all your needs and make your visual identity unique and remarkable on the web and everywhere else.

Why is graphic design by a competent agency important for your business?

The main objective of graphic design is to give your brand a unique graphic identity. It creates coherence and consistency visual harmony between all the communication media of your brand. Using a professional graphic design agency will make you save a lot of time and money. Our creative designers will quickly identify your needs. They will be able to offer you a custom-made project for enhance your company on the web.

Why work on your visual identity?

Visual identity can be defined as the graphic identity card of your company. It allows you to recognize your brand, sometimes, without even reading its name. One of the most prominent examples is the famous Apple brand! Do you still need to see the company name next to the logo?

Let’s take a simple example: you sell shoes and your logo is green. On your social networks, you mainly use blue and your tote bags are red. As a result, your customers will no longer find their way around and will look for more consistency elsewhere. In the end, they will probably use the services and products of another company.

To avoid damaging your company’s image and creating confusion among your customers, you must work on your visual identity with the help of experienced professionals. Only they will be able to create a coherent and impactful graphic design for your brand image.

The benefits of a consistent and professional visual identity

The visual identity of a company has two main objectives:

  • Transmit through the colors and shapes and shapes used the values of your company: dynamism, creativity, confidence, serenity.
  • Allow your customers to or prospects to immediately identify your company thanks to the combination of your logo and the colors that constitute your graphic charter. This identity must therefore be consistent across all your media.

Thus, to be relevant, the visual identity must quickly identify the field of activity of your company, its
valuesits targetetc.

Choose Altosor Communication for the creation of your visual identity

What are the different elements of the visual identity?

For more coherence and impact, the visual identity goes through several elements:

In short, it concerns all the graphic elements that are used and declined on your different communication supports (website, social networks, press kit, brochures, letterhead, packaging, etc.).

The logo: the iconic symbol of your company

The logo is the most distinctive graphic element of your company. He is the one who will identify your brand and your company to your customers and prospects. It is simply the foundation of your visual communication:

As a true mark of your company, the design of your logo must be carefully thought out. It must reflect the intrinsic values of the company.

If the logo is not worked on by an experienced graphic designer, your company risks sending back an unprofessional graphic image. Your prospects will turn away from your brand and be seduced by a more attractive and promising logo

Define your positioning and key messages

Before you start designing your logo, the most important thing is to know what image you want to convey to your customers and prospects? In an increasingly competitive market, the image allows you not only to differentiate yourself, but also to create a link with Internet users.

In communication, emotions are the key to taking action. It is therefore necessary to identify :

Logo redesign and visual identity: good or bad idea?

While it is not advisable to change your logo too often, especially if your brand is well established and recognized, nothing prevents you from giving it a facelift. If you’ve decided to refresh your image or your business strategy has changed, it’s probably time to rethink your corporate logo. Our communication agency and our designers will be able to offer you solutions for a renewed visual identity thanks to a redesign of your logo.

Talk to us about your needs and we will propose the most appropriate solutions for your situation.
Contact our Graphic Design
They are at your disposal to discuss your project.

What is the importance of the graphic charter for your visual identity?

The graphic charter is a technical reference document that defines the rules for using the graphic elements that make up your visual identity. The objective of this document is to maintain consistency between the various communication media of the brand. The different elements are :

The graphic charter is a technical document intended for all employees involved in your brand. Our Graphic Design department is at your side to design a clear and professional document.

Creation of logo with graphic charter

The identity : The starting point of the visual identity of your brand

Defining your company's positioning and identity is an essential preliminary step before designing your corporate identity. We define the positioning of your company, the main communication axes of your brand to then realize your communication and your visual identity.

Consult our formulas to obtain a Communication Positioning

The logo and graphic charter - an essential investment for your brand

Starting a project, creating a company, launching a product, designing a service, a label, redesigning a logo or a graphic charter.
Every project is different, so we strive to offer different packages to meet your requirements and budget. Whether you represent a start-up, a very small business, an SME or an international group, we can help you with the graphic design of your corporate identity to highlight your brand image.

Logo realizations

For self-employed entrepreneurs and very small businesses

Turnkey solutions to get you started

For entrepreneurs and VSEs who want to get started quickly and complete their project on a controlled budget, different combinations are available depending on your needs:

Graphic design

  • Visual identity presentation
  • Logo, logo variations, logo use, color palette, typography

Logo design

  • Creative brief
  • 3 creative leads
  • Optimizing the chosen axis

Visual Identity Creation

  • Creative brief
  • Logo design
  • Design of the graphic charter

Poster and flyer

  • Design poster A4 or flyer A3
  • Integrating your text

Sales brochure

  • Brochure design 1p
  • Integrating your text

Business card

  • Double-sided business card design
  • Integration of your graphic charter

For SMEs and large companies

Personalized support to meet your every need

Example of an elaborate graphic charter

Banners and visuals for advertising and communication media

Our team of graphic designers doesn’t stop at creating or redesigning your logo. Your media plan will require communication on social networks or via traditional advertising. You’ll need specific banners and visuals.

You’ll need to maintain a consistent look and feel to avoid losing your target clientele. Respecting your visual identity and knowing how to apply it to all your communication media is at the heart of our graphic design department’s work.

We create these elements by inlaying your logo and your brand’s visual identity on all the communication media that you deem relevant to your overall communication strategy:

Decline its graphic charter on all the supports

From experience, we know that each of our clients has different expectations, sometimes very specific. This is why our services are always customized, which means that costs may vary depending on the complexity of the work. Here are some of the criteria we consider:

When you give someone your business card, you’re entrusting them with your company’s brand image. It must therefore represent your field of activity but also the values you wish to convey. In the blink of an eye, the prospect must visualize the entire universe of your brand on this small rectangle that is your business card.

Even in the context of a marketing campaign, all your advertising materials must include your graphic charter. The goal of an advertising campaign is to convince your prospects to buy your products or services. They must therefore identify you immediately when they make a purchase.

The media have become digital and your graphic charter must be applied to all your digital document models such as presentations and other Powerpoint slides and PDF presentations. Themastery of certain techniques by an expert digital graphic designer will be essential.

The newsletter is a valuable loyalty tool. This newsletter will present your products, services and news on a daily basis. Each newsletter must faithfully respect the brand’s graphic charter. The recipient will immediately identify the company before even reading the newsletter.

The idea here is to transcribe its graphic charter into video. In the same way, your audience must find the whole universe of your brand. A professionally produced video design will allow you to offer quality and engaging content while respecting the color codes of your brand image.

It is obvious that your graphic charter also concerns all the social networks affiliated with your company. This is a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression on people every day. Each banner has its own design, with its own codes. It is important to be accompanied by experts who can adapt your graphic charter to each social network:

  • Facebook banner
  • Instagram banner
  • YouTube channel coverage
  • Pinterest profile skin
  • LinkedIn profile banner, etc.

Sample PowerPoint presentation

Realization Altosor Communication

Our graphic design service at your service

All the know-how of our graphic designers at your disposal

The graphic designer studies with you your target customers and your needs. Then, he will shape this work through images, colors and graphic elements. Our Graphic Design service is at your side to accompany you in your project. Here are the services we offer:

  • Global brand strategy
  • Logo creation
  • Setting up your advertising visuals and banners
  • Visual identity creation
  • Development of the graphic charter
  • Digital or editorial communication
  • Print on all media

How does the Altosor graphic design service work?

Using our graphic design service is very simple. Before any graphic realization of your project, we organize a briefing in order to better understand your activity and the profile of your target customers. We then conduct an analysis of the direct competition and current trends. This way, we can find theperfect angle to position you on.

Our team’s work consists of creating benchmarks to define your own graphic identity and brand image. They must be recognizable, identifiable and assimilable by your target. One thing is sure: with Altosor Communication your visual identity is in good hands.

Need help creating your visual identity or redesigning your graphic identity? Contact our agency and tell us about your project.

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