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Make your corporate identity unique with Graphic Design

In an increasingly visual world, the quality of a company’s graphic design can make all the difference. At Altosor Communication, we understand the importance of a strong, distinctive visual identity. Effective graphic design is much more than just a logo or an attractive color palette – it’s a visual representation of who you are as a company and what you stand for.

Our team of talented graphic designers is committed to transforming your ideas and values into a visually stimulating and captivating design that speaks directly to your target audience. Whether you need logos, websites, brochures or advertising, our graphic designers are ready to makeyour corporate identity unique through graphic design. So get ready to see your brand in a whole new light with Altosor Communication.

Why is graphic design by a competent agency important for your business?

The main aim of graphic design is to establish a distinct visual identity for your brand. It ensures uniformity and visual balance across all your brand’s communication channels. Hiring a professional graphic design agency can save you valuable time and financial resources. Our innovative designers are able to quickly understand your requirements and can offer you a customized solution to showcase your business online.

Why work on your visual identity?

Working on your visual identity is crucial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it conveys comprehensive information about your brand and field of activity, going beyond a simple name or graphic element.

Secondly, a well-crafted visual identity offers multiple advantages, such as recognition on all media, consistency in communication, and increased credibility.

Thirdly, a good brand identity can reassure your prospects about the quality of your services, make you visible to the competition, and clearly express your market positioning.

Finally, a logotype plays an essential role in your company’s development, reputation and credibility. It enhances your values and brings your company to life

For all these reasons, it’s essential to work on your visual identity, whether to enhance your company’s dynamism, modernize your image, reinforce brand consistency or stand out from the competition.

The benefits of a consistent and professional visual identity

Opting for a well-thought-out visual identity with Altosor graphic design agency offers a range of invaluable advantages for your company.

  1. Brand recognition: A strong, consistent visual identity helps customers recognize your brand instantly, whether online, in print or in physical environments.

  2. Consistency: Consistency in visual identity reinforces your brand message and facilitates customer engagement by creating a unified experience across all customer touchpoints.

  3. Credibility and trust: A professional visual identity makes your company look credible and trustworthy. This can positively influence public perception and attract new customers.

  4. Differentiation: A unique visual identity allows you to stand out from your competitors and establish a strong market position.

  5. Communicating corporate values and vision: A well-designed visual identity can effectively communicate your company’s values and vision, creating an emotional bond with your target audience.

  6. Increased sales and brand loyalty: An attractive and memorable visual identity can lead to increased sales by attracting more customers. What’s more, it can help create brand loyalty by delivering a consistent brand experience.

When you choose Altosor Communication, you’re investing in a consistent, professional visual identity that can generate a significant return in terms of brand recognition, credibility, market differentiation and customerengagement.

Shape Your Brand with Altosor Communication: Your Partner for Unparalleled Visual Identity

Reveal Your Brand: The Key Elements of Visual Identity

Visual identity is a reflection of your company, allowing your brand to stand out and be recognized. It is the first contact between your company and your potential customers. At Altosor, we understand that a strong, consistent visual identity is an art. Here are the different elements that make it up.

In short, it concerns all the graphic elements that are used and declined on your different communication supports (website, social networks, press kit, brochures, letterhead, packaging, etc.).

The logo: the iconic symbol of your company

The logo is the most distinctive graphic element of your company. He is the one who will identify your brand and your company to your customers and prospects. It is simply the foundation of your visual communication:

As a true mark of your company, the design of your logo must be carefully thought out. It must reflect the intrinsic values of the company.

If the logo isn’t designed by an experienced graphic designer, your company risks giving off an unprofessional graphic image. Your prospects will turn away from your brand and be seduced by a more attractive and promising logo

Current trends in graphic design

Trends in typography and layout

Typography continues to be a crucial aspect of graphic design. In 2024, we’re seeing a trend towards bolder, larger typefaces. Designers don’t just get the message across, they use typography to create a dynamic visual experience.

As far as layout is concerned, the trend is towards simplification. Sleek designs, with lots of white space, are very popular. This highlights key design elements and makes them easier to read.

The use of illustration and images in graphic design

Illustration continues to grow in popularity in graphic design. 3D illustrations, in particular, reach a new level of sophistication. They offer a depth and reality that capture the viewer’s attention.

Images also play a key role in graphic design. The current trend is for authentic, realistic images that tell a story. Designers are increasingly turning to images that reflect diversity and inclusiveness.

Logo redesign and visual identity: good or bad idea?

Redesigning a logo and visual identity is an important strategic decision that can have a significant impact on the public’s perception of your company. At Altosor, we believe that well-planned and executed change can revitalize your brand, make it more relevant in today’s landscape, and strengthen your position in the marketplace.

It’s important to note that frequent logo changes can confuse your customers and damage brand recognition. That’s why we recommend a redesign only when necessary, for example when your company has evolved significantly or your current logo no longer adequately reflects your positioning.

Redesigning a visual identity is a complex process that requires careful planning and anticipation. At Altosor Communication, we don’t see this process as a sign of failure or an indication that the previous visual identity was bad. On the contrary, we see it as an opportunity for your brand to grow and remain competitive.

Ultimately, the decision to redesign a logo and visual identity should be based on a thorough analysis of your company’s needs, market position and future goals. If executed well, a redesign can be an excellent opportunity to revitalize your brand and further engage your customers.

Graphic Design Fundamentals: Understanding the Graphic Charter

Graphic design is a field that combines creativity, strategy and communication. To create visually appealing and effective designs, you need to understand its fundamental principles. At Altosor, we believe that these principles are essential to defining a strong, coherent graphic identity. Here are some of these principles:

Graphic charter

The graphic charter is a document that groups together all the rules for using the graphic signs that make up the visual identity of a company, organization or product. It includes specifications on how to use elements such as the logo, colors, typography and images.

A well-defined graphic charter ensures consistency in all communication media, whether printed or digital. It helps ensure that brand identity is correctly and consistently represented, reinforcing brand recognition.

  • 1. Balance and proportion: Balance gives a design a feeling of stability and harmony. It can be symmetrical, with equally balanced elements on either side, or asymmetrical, with unevenly balanced but still harmonious elements.
  • 2. Hierarchy: Hierarchy helps organize information in order of importance. This guides the viewer’s eye through the design, from the most important information to the least important.
  • 3. Contrast: Contrast adds visual interest to the design and helps to highlight certain elements. It can be created by using different colors, shapes, textures and sizes.
  • 4. Repetition: Repetition strengthens a design by tying elements together. It can help create unity, consistency and reinforce brand identity.
  • 5. Negative space: Negative space, or white space, gives breathability to a design. It helps to highlight important elements and create a hierarchy.

At Altosor Communication, we understand the importance of these fundamental principles of graphic design and their role in creating an effective graphic identity. We are dedicated to helping our customers develop a strong, consistent visual identity that effectively communicates their message and reinforces their brand image.

Logo Design with Graphic Charter: A Pillar for Your Brand

Identity: The starting point of your brand's visual identity

Your brand identity is what sets you apart from your competitors, and is much more than just your name and logo. It includes your values, your mission, your vision, your unique value proposition, and even your brand personality.

Defining your company's positioning and identity is an essential first step before designing your corporate identity. This work on your brand identity will help you understand what you want to communicate through your logo and graphic charter, identify your target audience, the promise you make to your customers, and how you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

At Altosor Communication, we define your company's positioning and your brand's main communication axes, and then create your communication and visual identity. All these elements must be reflected in your visual identity. Consult our formulas to obtain a Positioning Communication

Logotype and graphic design - an essential investment for your brand

A logo is much more than just a design; it's the most identifiable element of your brand. It must be unique, memorable and able to communicate the essence of your brand at a glance. A good logo can help build brand awareness, trust and customer loyalty.

However, a logo can't do it all on its own. It needs a graphic charter to go with it. A graphic charter is a set of guidelines that define how your logo and other visual elements are to be used. It can include specifications on colors, fonts, images, spacing and more.

There are several reasons why investing in a professional logo and graphic design is essential. Firstly, it ensures that your brand will be presented consistently across all media, reinforcing brand recognition. Secondly, it gives your company a professional image, which can increase trust and credibility. Finally, it can help communicate your brand message effectively and create an emotional connection with your audience.

Logo realizations

For self-employed entrepreneurs and very small businesses

Turnkey solutions to get you started

For entrepreneurs and VSEs who want to get started quickly and complete their project on a controlled budget, different combinations are available depending on your needs:

Graphic design

  • Visual identity presentation
  • Logo, logo variations, logo use, color palette, typography

Logo design

  • Creative brief
  • 3 creative leads
  • Optimizing the chosen axis

Visual Identity Creation

  • Creative brief
  • Logo design
  • Design of the graphic charter

Poster and flyer

  • Design poster A4 or flyer A3
  • Integrating your text

Sales brochure

  • Brochure design 1p
  • Integrating your text

Business card

  • Double-sided business card design
  • Integration of your graphic charter

For SMEs and large companies

Personalized support to meet your every need

Example of an elaborate graphic charter

Banners and visuals for advertising and communication media

Our team of graphic designers doesn’t stop at creating or redesigning your logo. Your media plan will require communication on social networks or via traditional advertising. You’ll need specific banners and visuals.

You’ll need to maintain a consistent look and feel to avoid losing your target clientele. Respecting your visual identity and knowing how to apply it to all your communication media is at the heart of our graphic design department’s work.

We create these elements by inlaying your logo and your brand’s visual identity on all the communication media that you deem relevant to your overall communication strategy:

Decline its graphic charter on all the supports

From experience, we know that each of our clients has different expectations, sometimes very specific. This is why our services are always customized, which means that costs may vary depending on the complexity of the work. Here are some of the criteria we consider:

The business card, whether paper or virtual, remains an essential tool for establishing professional contacts.

Paper business cards have the advantage of being tangible and offer a certain formality when exchanged at face-to-face meetings. It can be creatively designed to reflect brand identity, which can help leave a lasting impression.

On the other hand, the virtual business card is gaining in popularity due to the increasing digitization of business interactions. Easy to share by email or via social networks, it’s always available and never in danger of being lost or forgotten. It can also incorporate interactive elements such as links to a website or LinkedIn profile. Ultimately, the choice between a paper or virtual business card will depend on individual preferences and the professional context.

Brochures, leaflets and flyers are essential communication tools for any successful marketing campaign. These tangible communication media enable you to effectively disseminate information about your company, products or services to a wide audience.

Brochures offer more space to detail the features of your products or services, tell the story of your company, or present case studies.

Flyers, on the other hand, are ideal for communicating specific information or promoting a particular event.

Finally, flyers are ideal for short, punchy announcements designed to grab attention quickly. Attractively designed and printed on quality paper, they can leave a lasting impression and help reinforce your brand image.

PDF presentations and Powerpoint slides in your corporate colors are crucial communication tools for effectively conveying your messages while reinforcing your brand image.

A well-designed presentation can captivate your audience, whether potential customers, business partners or employees. The use of your corporate colors in these presentations ensures a visual consistency that reinforces your brand recognition.

Powerpoint slides enable dynamic interaction during meetings, conferences or webinars, while PDF presentations offer a more static format ideal for sharing reports, brochures or guides. Each slide or page must be carefully designed with a balance of text, images, graphics and white space to ensure easy reading and to maintain the audience’s interest.

Newsletter templates that respect your graphic charter are essential tools for communicating consistently and professionally with your customers or subscribers. They enable you to create attractive newsletters that reflect your brand identity.

The graphic charter, which typically includes your company’s fonts, colors and logo, is respected to ensure instant brand recognition.

Newsletter templates can be designed for different types of content, whether it’s product updates, event announcements, helpful tips or sharing company news. By respecting your corporate identity, these templates help reinforce your company’s credibility, build customer loyalty and create a consistent customer experience at every point of contact.

Motion design videos in your corporate colors are a dynamic and attractive way of presenting your brand to your audience. They can be used to explain complex ideas in a simple way, thanks to customized graphic animations that respect your graphic charter.

Whether you’re presenting a product, a service or your company’s history, these motion design videos can reinforce your brand image and energize your communications. What’s more,video packaging in your corporate colors ensures visual consistency across all your content, contributing to greater brand recognition.

Banners for your social networks that respect your graphic charter are key elements in reinforcing your online brand identity. They offer a strong visual first impression to those who visit your profiles on platforms like Facebook, X, LinkedIn or Instagram. Using the colors, fonts and logo defined in your graphic charter, these banners ensure visual consistency across all your communication channels. They can also be adapted to highlight special events, promotions or product launches, while remaining true to your brand’s aesthetic. A well-designed banner can increase audience engagement and brand recognition.

  • Facebook banner
  • Instagram banner
  • YouTube channel coverage
  • Pinterest profile skin
  • LinkedIn profile banner, etc.

Sample PowerPoint presentation

Realization Altosor Communication

Our graphic design service at your service

Services offered by our Graphic Design Agency

Our graphic design agency offers a wide range of services designed to improve and strengthen the brand image of your company, association, local authority or EIG. Here is an overview of the services we offer:

Global Brand Strategy

Effective branding can be the key to a company’s success. Our digital agency offers branding services that help define your positioning, target your audience, develop your brand message and plan the deployment of your brand across different channels and platforms to achieve your business objectives.

We work closely with you to understand your business, your market and your customers, then use this information to develop a brand strategy that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from the competition.

Our aim is to create strong, memorable brands that inspire loyalty and lead to commercial success. Whether you’re launching a new brand or refreshing an existing one, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Logo and graphic design

Your logo is the face of your brand, and the graphic charter is the guide that ensures its consistency across all media. We create distinctive logos and implement graphic charters that faithfully reflect your brand identity.

Visual Communication

From the creation of advertising posters to the design of brochures, we offer visual communication services to help you reach your target audience effectively and attractively.

Business Card and Stationery Design

Your business card is often the first impression someone has of your company. We design business cards and stationery that reflect your brand and leave a lasting impression.

Graphic Design

We offer graphic design services that include creating visuals for social media, infographics, corporate presentations and much more.

Web Solutions

A well-designed website is crucial for any modern business. We offer design and development services for websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also optimized for SEO and mobile-friendliness.

Visual Identity Design

We help define and design your brand’s visual identity, including color choices, fonts, image styles and other visual elements that form the overall look and feel of your brand.


Signage is a key tool for guiding, informing and orienting people in a physical or virtual space. We design attractive and effective signals that enhance the user experience.

Packaging Design

Packaging design is a crucial aspect of product marketing. We create attractive, functional packaging designs that highlight your product and attract consumers’ attention.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design

We design intuitive, user-friendly interfaces for applications and websites, focusing on enhancing the user experience and facilitating interaction between the user and the product.

Creating content for social networks

We create visually appealing content for your social networks, to engage your audience and strengthen your online presence.

Exhibition stand design

If you’re planning to take part in trade fairs or exhibitions, we can design exhibition stands that showcase your brand and attract visitors.

Merchandising design

From t-shirts to mugs, tote bags and more, we offer merchandising design services to help promote your brand in a creative and tangible way.

Design of editorial publications

Whether for magazines, catalogs, annual reports or books, we offer editorial publication design services that ensure your content is presented in an attractive, easy-to-read way.


Vehicle wrapping is an excellent way of advertising your brand on the move. Altosor Communication offers covering design services that transform your company vehicles into mobile billboards.

Video and Animation Design

Videos and animations can be a powerful tool for attracting attention and engaging your audience. We create promotional videos, logo animations, animated infographics and more.

Banner Design

Whether for web or print, we design eye-catching banner ads that increase your brand’s visibility and attract the attention of your target audience.

Photography and Image Retouching

High-quality images are essential to any branding strategy. We offer professional photography and image retouching services to ensure your visuals always look their best.

Newsletter design

We design attractive, effective newsletters that help you stay in touch with your audience and share important information about your business.

At Altosor Communication, we understand that every brand is unique and requires a personalized approach. Whether you need a new logo, a website redesign or a complete visual communications campaign, we’re here to help you achieve your brand objectives.

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