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Communication and digital marketing campaign

The reputation of your brand and your company depends essentially on your ability to manage your communication and to lead an offensive digital marketing strategy. Your reputation on the Web corresponds to all the beliefs and opinions of your customers and prospects regarding your project. With the development of mass media and the Internet, the amount of information, advice, needs, content and experiences has exploded, as well as the speed at which it is disseminated. To be visible on the Web, as in the street, it is better to address everyone according to a marketing plan and a well established digital strategy. In short, make a clear line for your business.

Our agency at the service of your needs for your communication strategy and marketing campaign

As acommunication consulting agency, our core business is toassist your company in defining the best communication strategy. That’s why we offer you a personalized support according to your targets and business objectives.

Altosor Communication offers you professional support that covers all marketing possibilities.

Think global strategy

To guarantee its reputation and create a relationship of trust with its customers, your company must define a global strategy. And it goes through the Internet as well as through more traditional marketing tools . Thus, it will never be necessary to neglect the creation of paper supports to reach your customers and make known your activities: business card, brochure, flyers, … With one objective in mind: to make your project known, to be visible and to spread the word that your company and your activity deserve to be known. Whether on the Internet or anywhere in France, monitoring and controlling your image in an optimal and efficient way is not an easy task. Hence the importance of a real strategy to offer your visitors the customer experience they expect.

Omnichannelity or the total customer experience

To further deepen the customer relationship, we talk about omnichannelity. The term omnichannel refers to the use of multiple brand channels at the same time. In fact, as consumer habits have changed dramatically, omnichannelitymeans offering customers access to the brandwherever they are and from whatever medium they choose. For example, a customer can consult the product sheet of an item on his smartphone and at the same time be physically present at the point of sale. He can place an order from his computer and pick up the package in click-and-collect. Omnichannel allows us to respond to the expectations and behaviors of consumers who are becoming more and more connected and dependent on the Internet.

What is a digital marketing campaign?

Digital marketing could be defined as all the marketing techniques used on all the digital media and channels. With the sole objective of promoting products and services. The digital strategy must be consistent with the overall marketing strategy and with the company’s objectives. Before jumping in headlong, it’s a good idea to make a few adjustments:

Conducting a strategic audit

Before setting up a digital communication strategy, it is necessary to make a diagnosis of the digital development and the digital identity of your company. Theidea is to point out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the digital presence of your company. And to ask you some questions: Do you have a project in online advertising? Is your website ergonomic ? Is your offer clear? Do you know if your customers are satisfied? How could you stand out on the Internet? Similarly, it may also be useful to conduct an analysis of concurrent practices

Define a target

For any marketing communication strategy, the company must know who it is addressing. As a professional in your business, your analysis will be all the better for defining your typical customer and your expert visitor.

Set goals, establish a timetable and make a budget

It is essential to set the precise objectives of your plan from the beginning, before allocating a budget and finally establishing a rigorous schedule. Making a schedule will allow you to stick to the initial plan without the risk of neglecting the marketing part.

Implementing a content marketing strategy

Content marketing, in the wake of inbound marketing, consists of creating content that is likely to interest your customers. In other words, it is the art of communicating with your clients without trying to sell them anything, to tell them a story, your story, and to allow them to identify with you .

Referencing, referencing and referencing 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined as the optimization of the indexing by search engines of different sites corresponding to a given search. In other words, where your website will appear in search engines. Because, let’s face it, a website that does not appear in the first web results is a website that is almost invisible. And, to be visible, you have to work on your referencing.

There are two types of referencing

  • Natural referencing: it consists in optimizing your site so that it is “well seen” by search engines
  • Paid referencing: this one works thanks to the purchase of sponsored links, aiming at attracting the Internet users on your site.

Social networks, your best tool

To talk to your customers, you have to know how to talk to your community. On a social network, a community is a group of visitors linked by a common interest (a social link in this case) who choose to interact more or less. On a social network, your community will be built around a common interest for your company, your project or your services.

Our communication agency, your partner

For all this and more, the agency Altosor Communication is your privileged partner to advise you in order to allow you toincrease your presence and your notoriety andimprove your brand image. You benefit from the expertise and advice in communication and online marketing of our team ofweb and public relations experts.

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