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Create your Prestashop e-commerce store

You want to create or modify an online store in order to have an e-commerce solution capable of evolving towards more and more features?

Creating a PrestaShop e-commerce store means opting for a professional solution that has proven its worth: every 4 minutes, a PrestaShop store is created worldwide. This represents sales of 15 billion euros (PrestaShop figures for 2018).

Why use Prestashop?

When you choose PrestaShop software, you benefit from a network of over 1000 contributors who are constantly improving this open source solution, ensuring that you always have access to a reliable, modern tool. It’s partly for these reasons that Altosor Communication has chosen this e-commerce solution for its customers.Altosor Communication offers several upgradeable packages to create your PrestaShop online store

Our PrestaShop rates and packages

Delivery time
3 days
15 days
45 days
60 days
Rates excl.
599 €
1990 €
4990 €
7990 €
Free accommodation for the 1st year*.
Installing your Prestashop theme
Configuring your Prestashop theme
Integration of your company logo
Theme colors
Integration of your texts and photos
Prestashop theme advanced customization
100% custom Prestashop theme
1 payment method & 1 carrier configured
Multiple carriers & payment methods
Legal texts included as standard
Getting started training
1 hour
1 hour
2 hours
2 hours
Integration of your first 50 products
Abandoned basket relaunch system
Theme SEO optimization

Useful links to optimize your E-commerce and increase your sales:

Prestashop Expert

5 Strengths of the Prestashop solution

Migration of your website to Shopify

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and numerous features, PrestaShop allows you to create a complete professional online store that will be perfect for your start in online business.

If your success leads you to open new stores, you will have the great advantage of being able to create them with the same tool. The management of all your stores will be centralized in PrestaShop.

PrestaShop’s multi-boutique allows for example to propose a range of products for a sales channel dedicated to a country and a different range for another country.

PrestaShop also allows you to sell your products on many sales channels and to develop an omnichannel sales strategy. This marketing term means that your customers will always benefit from an excellent user experience whatever the channel: web pages, social network, marketplace (Amazon, EBay…), mobile application, e-mail…

It is also a guarantee that you will not need to change your software if your online business grows efficiently and the number of your products and your catchment areas increases significantly.

If you want our advice about the deployment strategy of your PrestaShop e-commerce store, do not hesitate to contact us:

2. Centralized management of orders and invoices

In the PrestaShop back-office, you can find all your orders, delivery notes and customer invoices. You can edit your invoices, follow-up with your customers or check the status of an order, which makes it easier to manage your e-commerce store.

You can even create orders from the PrestaShop administration interface, modify one at the request of a customer, or ask to receive an email notification for each new order.

Few e-commerce software offer so many useful features to merchants. Altosor Communication can present you all the advantages of PrestaShop if you wish:

3. Multilingual and multicurrency e-commerce solution

PrestaShop is an e-commerce solution designed for global Internet commerce. You can easily add a new language or offer online payment in multiple international currencies.

Of course, it is possible to configure customized shipping solutions for each country.

If you are targeting the global market to develop your e-commerce, for example to set up a dropshipping solution, Altosor Communication recommends PrestaShop, an e-commerce solution that is much more scalable than its competitors.

4. Management of product packs and declinable products

PrestaShop is one of the few e-commerce software that can not only manage classic products, but it can also offer online purchase of product packs (e.g.: bundles) or products that can be declined (according to size, color, material, etc.).

An undeniable advantage for creating commercial events on specific dates. For example: combine the sale of a ring, a necklace and flowers for Valentine’s Day in one package.

PrestaShop can also manage dematerialized products, for example to associate an insurance offer with the purchase of a material product.

If you would like more information on how the packs work, please contact us:

Start your Shopify store in the best conditions

PrestaShop displays your marketing performance, for example :

  • visits to your website
  • conversion rates
  • the average shopping basket
  • revenues generated
  • the best performing products

With PrestaShop, you can easily manage your online store and improve its efficiency by tracking your sales and buyer behavior.

Altosor Communication
trains you to use the
PrestaShop statistics module

Coupled with the information provided by Google Analytics, this module will give you a complete vision of the behavior of visitors and customers of your PrestaShop online store. Altosor Communication is at your disposal to explain in detail all the advantages of this module:

Prestashop Expert

PrestaShop custom store creation

PrestaShop is an Open Source software solution. This means it’s possible to adapt your computer code (PHP language) to very specific cases when standard modules aren’t enough to meet your needs.

If you’re planning to launch a store that goes beyond the usual standards, for example, to offer functionalities that your competitors haven’t seen before, or to link your online store to your company’s other software, Altosor Communication will be happy to study your specific requirements.

Premium package
is precisely adapted to the creation of
customized PrestaShop store

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a detailed presentation of your project. We’ll then be able to offer you a solution tailored to your budget.

Boost your sales with Altosor marketing solutions

You don’t need to have any technical skills to install PrestaShop because the specialists of our agency Altosor Communication take care of this delicate phase.

Our services include the following steps:

Depending on the package you choose to order, Altosor Communication can install the PrestaShop e-commerce solution on the hosting of your choice or on our own secure servers.

After defining together what your expectations are, how to organize your product catalog and what marketing strategy you want to implement, our PrestaShop specialists will be able to set up all the software bricks of the solution so that your store becomes operational.

PrestaShop offers hundreds of fully customizable e-commerce store themes. With our PrestaShop Premium offer, we can even create a design that will be unique to your business to distinguish it from your competitors. The choice of a theme is essential for your future customers to easily recognize your commercial sign. All the pages of your PrestaShop store will be built from the chosen theme.

Altosor Communication provides you with a talented Web Designer who will know how to choose the visual aspect, the colors and the logo of your online store according to your editorial charter in order to obtain a visual coherence which will emphasize your brand.

It can be a graphic creation if you start a new site, but we can also respect an existing graphic charter if you transfer your current e-commerce store to the PrestaShop software. See
our services in Web Design
on this subject.

Our specialists set up the back office of your catalog so that it is easy to add, modify or delete the products you want to sell online:

  • Creation of categories and sub-categories in your catalog
  • Choice of product photos
  • Product description text
  • Detailed list of your product’s features

To ensure that every product page in your e-commerce store is optimized for search engine optimization (SEO),
Altosor Communication
can write the descriptions of the products in your catalog for you. We have specialists trained in this specialty (see our service concerning our
web editors specializing in SEO

We recommend this service if you want your PrestaShop online store to be well positioned in the results of Google and other search engines.

The PrestaShop back-office is a real control tower that will allow you to manage your e-commerce store simply and efficiently. It includes several modules:

  • Prestashop Orders module
    List of orders made online, generation of invoices in PDF format, generation of credit notes, creation of delivery notes, list of shopping carts (validated carts, abandoned carts…).
  • Prestashop Catalog Module Access to each product and their categories, display of incomplete products (photo or missing text for example), management of product attributes (sizes, colors, price per attribute…), management of brands and suppliers, documentation on each product, pricing rules, proposed discounts, stocks, available quantities.

  • Prestashop Customers module
    Manage your customers, their order history, messages sent, discounts granted, authorized work in progress, after-sales service messages, product returns…

  • Prestashop Statistics Module
    Statistics : average baskets per period, per customer, sales volume per product, turnover per period, …

Altosor Communication
can also add more specific PrestaShop modules at your request, if you want your store to be even more personalized.

Please contact us for further information.

Google and other search engines.

PrestaShop is a very complete tool, quite intuitive to use but with a lot of features. That is why we offer you
customized training
that will allow you to acquire more autonomy in the management of your online store via Internet.

We know that for you time is money and that your main priority is not to manage the technical aspects of your store. Trust our specialists and entrust Altosor Communication with the management and maintenance of your PrestaShop store.

To find out more about our PrestaShop training courses, please contact us.

creer un site e-commerce avec prestashop

Consulting in multi-channel communication strategy

Altosor Communication offers various services to guide you towards the success of your project, based on clearly identified steps:

Market research to analyze the competition and the positioning of your brand (service in progress)

Domain name management

Creation of your visual identity

Amplification of your notoriety thanks to Netlinking

Maintenance of your store and catalog

Ask for a free presentation of our services:

Migration of your website to Prestashop

Already have an online store? You’ve created it with software that doesn’t have the ability, like PrestaShop, to easily adapt to multiple languages, multiple currencies and choose the most appropriate shipping method for the customer?

Altosor Communication can recover all your data (database, product sheets, photos, prices, satellite pages) and transfer them to a PrestaShop store.

Of course, this is a delicate service: your current store must remain operational until the new PrestaShop version has been fully configured. Don’t worry: we know exactly how to ensure that your online sales are never interrupted.

Our PrestaShop specialists will take care of the entire process of creating and transferring your old store (after backing up its data) and putting it into test mode so that you can check that it’s working properly before presenting it to your customers.

Your current store is most likely connected to complementary tools such as
Google Analytics
. Don’t worry: we’ll take care of setting up your statistics on the new PrestaShop store.

Please contact us for more details on this specific service:

Altosor Communication, the partner of your Shopify store

Investing in an e-commerce solution is a major challenge for any company, and that’s why it’s important to choose the right provider, because once you’ve made the investment, it will be difficult to change your solution.

Altosor Communication is an agency with a proven track record in creating e-commerce sites using PrestaShop. This solution is world-renowned for its reliability and powerful capabilities.

Would you like to meet with us to discuss your project?

We look forward to hearing from you:

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