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How to redesign your website

In concrete terms, these 3 words “website redesign” describe the redesigning a web portal as the action of transforming an existing website to make it more efficient, richer or even more modern. This is an excellent opportunity to precisely define the site’s objectives and implement an appropriate content strategy. It’s the best solution for ensuring the longevity of your showcase site or online store. There are many reasons why a company might want to redesign its website. These include the need for a design that is both ergonomic and more attractive. Theaim is to give visitors a good impression and a pleasant experience when browsing your portal. But it is possible to redesign your site toimprove its visibility on search engines. It’s all about SEO and search engine optimization, while also touching on content strategy strategy semantic field and ergonomics. Alternatively, the redesign may be dictated by the desire to administer your site yourself, upgrade functionality or increase conversion rates. On the other hand, there are a number of long-term benefits to be gained from a website redesign. First and foremost, it increases your company’s presence on the web. What’s more, your site will be optimized for smartphones and mobiles. This is what specialists call “responsive design“. Last but not least, redesigning a website allows you to reflect on your objectives.

Signs that your site needs a makeover

It’s important to note that redesigning a website isn’t something you decide on a whim. You may wish to consider such an operation if you notice any of the following signs :

Visitor numbers down

Today, the vast majority of websites are equipped with Google Analytics. By quickly analyzing the data collected with this SEO tool, you’ll obtain relevant information. You should therefore be particularly vigilant when you notice a decrease in average session time and in the percentage of new sessions. The same applies if you notice a drop in the number of users and sessions. Last but not least, an increase in the bounce rate is also a serious indication that your portal needs to be redesigned quickly. Whether your website is a showcase or a e-commerce site, it’s essential to understand how it’s used by Internet users.

Content is outdated/no longer up to date/SEO no longer up to date

It’s also a good idea to consider redesigning your website if visitors tend to leave it quickly. Indeed, he doesn’t like surfing on a portal whose home page looks old-fashioned and unprofessional. Similarly, if the content is no longer up to date, your platform is of no interest to him! Not to mention that if SEO is out of date, it’s normal for your website to be poorly ranked by Google.

No mobile compatibility

Did you know that today, 3 out of 4 Internet connections in France are made from a mobiledevice? This means you need to make your website “responsive” or ” compatible mobile ” without delay. In other words, you need to work on a technique so that your website can adapt to all the screen resolutions currently available. So you need to take advantage of the redesign to ensure that your site renders correctly on various devices, and at the same time delivers a better user experience, whatever the type of screen used.

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Website redesign: An evolving strategy for your company

It’s important to remember that an activity shouldn’t remain fixed in time. This means that a company is bound to change its targets, products or positioning throughout its existence! As a result, the   websitemust also keep pace with this evolution. Indeed, while it recently completed a re-branding its portal needs to be redesigned to reflect its current brand image. This way, the customer won’t feel lost, and you won’t risk sending a confusing message.

General site fatigue

As time goes by, your website may seem outdated and lose its appeal. In fact, every year there are new trends in website design and development. This means that updates are available for search engine spiders, browsers and modules. With a website redesign, you can dust off your portal! At the same time, you show Internet users that your company knows how to adapt and modernize. And above all, that it constantly monitors its market. In this way, you make your site much more modern and effective, while improving your public image.

A new visual identity

Today, visuals play a key role in communication. This is especially true in the digital age. As a result, it’s vital to give your visual identity a new lease of life. Theaim is to make it more youthful, dynamic and in harmony with your current brand image. In this way, your   web portal will become a powerful vector of communication, and will be able to convey the messages you want to get across to Internet users more effectively.

Poor ergonomics and user experience

Over time, the design of your website may no longer be in line with the evolution of the graphic charter used on all your other communication media. Indeed, today’s web users demand quick access to a platform via intuitive menus. Which means it’s time to think about a website redesign if the user experience no longer meets this requirement.

Website redesign strategy

The steps to follow and the strategy to implement for a website redesign

Just as the decision to redesign a website is not one to be taken lightly, it’s crucial to respect the various stages involved in bringing the project to a successful conclusion.

Drafting and creation of specifications for a website redesign

Even before you draw up a set of specifications for the agency in charge of redesigning your website, it’s important to clearly define your needs. With this in mind, we recommend that you carry out an audit of your website. The results of this audit will help you considerably in identifying your company’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s on the basis of these findings that you’ll draw up your specifications. This is a presentation document that sets out the objectives of the redesign operation. It also paints a picture of your company and its long-term objectives.

New objectives/Web site analysis

So you need to define the objectives you want to achieve by redesigning your website. With this in mind, a number of questions need to be asked, such as : Does the portal offer a good user experience? Do you need a design project to redesign your gate? Is it adapted to different screen sizes? Is the site well organized and functional? Do you need to improve loading speed? What about referencing? When it comes to site auditing, it’s particularly useful to obtain data as relevant as the gender, age and origin of Internet users. It’s also an opportunity to get information about their queries and your conversion rates. It’s also about taking advantage of the data provided by Google Analytics. At the same time, thanks to a web audit, you’ll be able to assess your portal’s ergonomics and the relevance of its design.

Keyword search

When redesigning your website, it’s important to carry out keyword research. In fact, it’s possible that the keywords used in the past are no longer relevant today. So don’t neglect this step, or your site’s SEO potential will be limited. What’s more, you’ll be forced to optimize after the fact, when you should already have done so at this stage. 


This is an SEO audit. This stage consists of analyzing various elements such as titles and subtitles, meta descriptions, keywords, URLs, inbound and outbound links, coding, page content, traffic sources, and so on.

Choose an agency that meets all your needs

To avoid wasting time and money, we recommend entrusting the redesign of your website to a digital agency like Altosor Communication. To find the best provider, it’s a good idea to ask yourself a number of questions about the agency’s reputation, its level of expertise in website redesign, whether you can follow the steps involved in carrying out the process, the rate charged by the agency, whether you can retain access to your accounts, etc. Based on these objective and precise criteria, you’ll be able to select the agency that best meets your needs.

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Choose your service provider with Altosor

As mentioned above, redesigning a website can’t be entrusted to just anyone. With this in mind, our Altosor communications agency offers you the benefit of its many years of experience to bring this project to fruition and create long-term exchanges. Our company brings together experts in web design, SEO, marketing and consulting. This makes us the ideal partner for your website redesign, whether your company is based in the French West Indies, mainland France or elsewhere in the world.

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