Audit SEO website and performance analysis

You can’t find your website in the first results of search engines? Are your pages too slow to load and hope to be well ranked by Google?

In order to rank higher, you know that the performance of your website must be improved.

Altosor, digital communication agency, performes audit SEO for your website and a performance analysis of your web pages. Contact us now to explain your project:

How to optimize the performance and audit SEO for your website?

Without optimization, a website always has some flaws. Our team has professional tools capable of analyzing the behavior of Internet users. She also performs a performance audit of your pages.

Once all the defects are detected, our specialists intervene in your content to make the necessary corrections.

We reduce the time needed to load each of your pages. Internet users no longer lose patience and stay on your website, which has become more efficient and therefore more comfortable to visit.

Google itself explains it in its guidelines for webmasters: the slower a site’s pages load, the more likely users are to give up visiting them in favor of other faster pages.

By letting us optimize your pages, you will not lose any more customers to faster competitors. Thanks to the corrections that we can make to your pages, your ranking in search results will improve and the performance of your site will be optimal.

What is a performance audit?

Your website may have one or more of the following defects:

  • it contains structural errors
  • it is slow to load
  • the reading of the pages is not fluid enough
  • its content is poorly indexed by the engines
  • it gives an impression of heaviness

You are aware that there are opportunities to improve your site, but you don’t have the time or the technical skills to do it. We are at your disposal to highlight the full potential of your site.

Entrust our digital communication agency with the realization of a complete and efficient website audit.

reduce loading time

Precise analysis

Smooth navigation

Increase your visibility

Our professional tools allow us to scan accurately, and our team analyzes the priorities.

When to do a website audit?

Search engines index the pages of a website shortly after they are put online. If your site has already been in existence for a few months, it is high time to perform a website audit of all your pages.

You may have accumulated a few design errors that are hurting its SEO in search results. Let us do the SEO audit to detect them. You will have a detailed SEO analysis of your web pages with solutions to correct them.

Don’t waste any more time and contact us by phone or via the contact form below to get a free quote for this SEO audit:

Website audit: Improve the performance of your website

Services to improve your natural referencing
Prices in € excl.
On Site SEO Audit
Objective: Detect technical flaws and weaknesses of the site and pages
  • On-page SEO: content, tags, meta, alt, keyword density, web writing, semantics, customer experience, ux design…
  • Technical audit: crawler, log, analytics, mobile optimization, speed, internal linking, language, duplicate content, blocking elements, code errors, overoptimizations…
  • Drafting of an action plan
269€ HT if <1000 pages
on estimate if >1000 pages
Audit of the competition
  • Identification of the competition
  • Realization of an SEO positioning audit of competitors
  • Careful study of strategic choices, SEO optimizations and content developed by competitors
  • Study of the popularity and netlinking strategies deployed (Analysis of backlinks)
500€ HT
Simple keyword analysis
  • Research of potential keywords (find the possible, relevant keywords, with their essential statistics: analysis of the number of searches, competition, proximity with the activity…)
  • Extraction of your competitors’ keywords
349€ HT
In-depth keyword analysis
  • Research of potential keywords (find the possible, relevant keywords, with their essential statistics: analysis of the number of searches, competition, proximity with the activity…
  • Choice of main and secondary keywords and page(s) to be created and/or modified
  • Analysis of the competition and the market
    Activity, Market, Sector, Substitutes, Search engine queries
    Competition: keywords, positioning, site structure, referencing strategy…
650€ HT
On-site optimization (performed after the audit)
  • Review of code and blocking elements or elements to improve (error messages, logs, crawl, analytics, mobile compatibility, w3c standards)
  • Optimization of download time, rich snippets, ux design, sitemap, robot.txt, site structure
On estimate according to the action plan established during the audit
On-page optimization (performed after the audit)
  • SEO tool installation (Yaost, Rank Math or other)
  • Integration of keywords in pages (Hn, Meta, Title, Alt tags)
  • Checking the structure of tags in pages
  • Internal linkage (site map, tree structure, internal and external links, architecture…)
On estimate according to the action plan established during the audit
SEO positioning follow-up
  • Configuring Google Search Console
  • Follow-up of the positioning of your keywords.
  • Monthly report with analysis of results.
  • Actions to be implemented
199€ HT (monthly, quarterly or bi-annual frequency to be determined)
Netlinking (inbound links)
  • Writing of optimized articles positioned on reference sites in your field of activity
  • It is recommended to define a netlinking strategy over time and to subscribe to a netlinking package over time.
SEO- off site audit of your inbound links
  • Analysis and listing of your backlinks
  • Removal of toxic links
  • Recommended action to increase the performance of your website.
199€ HT

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