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SEO web copywriter: your copywriting optimized for search engine optimization

Do you want a professional website that enhances your brand image? Do you want your website’s editorial content to stand out from your competitors’ pages?

As you know, successful communication depends first and foremost on the confidence in your discourse and the desire to read that you will be able to arouse in the prospects who visit your site.

Altosor Communication provides you with a web editor, specialized in content marketing and SEO optimized writing.

How to optimize your texts with SEO web writing?

Developing the brand image of your company on the networks and in particular on the Internet is a major objective which passes by the realization of a successful Web site. It must tell the story of your company and enhance it. This is called“storytelling“.

The editorial quality of your content plays a major role in this enhancement. What would your prospects think if they had to read a bland text or one full of French mistakes?

Of course, it is not enough to write well: you have to know how to address your target audience and to know their tastes and expectations. While reading your pages, your visitors should be interested in your texts and feel the desire to know more, just like a reader dives into a novel without being able to leave it.

The web editor is like an author: he or she must know how to use key terms and highlight them in a lively, well-structured story that can answer the readers’ questions until the final denouement.

These key terms are entered by Internet users when they search in engines such as Google. They must be present in strategic places in your text. This is part of the rules of natural referencing grouped under the term SEO(Search Engine Optimization,
see our SEO services
on this subject).

Writing with style while respecting the technical constraints of the web is not easy. That’s why Altosor Communication offers you its SEO web writing services.

We can provide you with a web writer who will be able to integrate these strategic keywords in a natural way in his story while respecting to the letter the brand image you want to put forward in your pages.

Entrust us with your professional writing needs and free up your time to focus on your business. Our SEO web writing service will do wonders to create content that is both enjoyable to read and performs well in natural referencing.

Choose Altosor Communication for your SEO web writing

As we have just seen, in order to be effective, the texts of your web pages must be striking, reflect the values of your company, highlight your services or your products, while respecting the structural rules that allow them to be optimized for SEO.

Internet users move from one site to another according to their desires and expectations. If they are tired of a text or do not find the information they are looking for, they will go to competing sites.

By reading your pages, your prospects should immediately perceive what differentiates your company from others and feel attracted by what you communicate, regardless of your professional activity: restaurant, service, hotel or any other business.

Altosor Communication has a team specialized in e-marketing that knows perfectly how to handle SEO web writing techniques to enhance your products or services and turn your website visitors into customers.

Entrust us with the writing of your website in all serenity: we guarantee you a professional quality work.

Our web writers offer you their web writing services

Here are the main services for which you may need the intervention of our website writing specialists:

Writing of product sheets

Writing blog posts

Distribution of a motivating newsletter

Creation of a sales page

Here are the different SEO and content creation services that our experienced web copywriters can perform for you as well as the content of our services.

Web copywriting for your website

Our copywriter combines motivating scenarios and the insertion of keywords in strategic places to attract and seduce Internet users reading your pages.

Web copywriting for your showcase site

Boost your company's visibility on the Internet to present your know-how and make yourself known to more and more Internet users.

Writing of product sheets

This is the fault of many online sales sites: the product sheets are too succinct or not very engaging (their categories are sometimes not even presented). Your dedicated web editor will be able to create perfectly optimized product sheets for SEO and very attractive for your customers.

Web copywriting of secondary pages

In a website dedicated to online business, we sometimes notice the absence of information pages, called "secondary pages", yet essential for the positioning in search engine results. We create these satellite pages by optimizing their SEO (natural referencing) in order to amplify the visibility of your online store.

SEO web copywriting of blog articles

By publishing regular articles about your products or services, your blog will become a wealth of information for your customers and a great tool to build loyalty. Our web editors know how to slip into these articles secondary keywords, not very competitive and therefore very effective to bring you even more visitors.

Writing of newsletters

Ideal tool to get a qualified traffic towards your site, the newsletter informs your customers on the innovations proposed by your company. Thanks to our storytelling skills, our writers will make each of your newsletters more attractive to your customers.

Keyword audit

We analyze the semantic field of each of your texts in order to identify the main strategic keywords and the secondary keywords that can enrich your texts and improve their SEO ranking. If you prefer to write your own texts, this keyword audit will provide you with an optimized framework of strategic terms that you will just have to slip into your sentences.

Integration of optimized texts

If you do not have the time or the skills to transform your texts into HTML pages, our web writers can integrate your texts into your website. Of course, this service will also include the setting of Meta tags for the headers of your pages (title, description, keywords). You already have a website, but your content seems to be poorly optimized or a little too old? Our web editors are at your disposal to analyze them and propose the appropriate corrections. SEO-optimized web copywriting is the surest way to optimize your pages' positioning in the top positions of search engine results.

Our SEO web copywriting rates

By entrusting the written communication of the content of your web pages to our specialized web writers, you can be reassured that your site is in good hands. Our team works for you and will deliver quality content, free of plagiarism and perfectly adapted to your clientele and your brand image.

All our texts are submitted to correction (spelling, grammar and semantics) by our free secretarial service which validates each writing before its delivery.

You have a dedicated SEO writer who takes the time to familiarize himself with your communication strategy in order to adopt a style and a tone that is perfectly in line with your existing so that the new texts integrate seamlessly with the pages already in place.

Indicative rates for your SEO text orders

Our rates are designed to fit your budget and your goals. All our content is created entirely by human beings (unlike some platforms that robotize these services). Our web writers use specialized SEO web writing software.

Altosor Communication guarantees originality and absence of plagiarism for all your writing.

Nos tarifs rédaction

Non-optimisée / Tarif € HT
Optimisée pour le web / Tarif € HT
Réécriture et amélioration de texte existant avec optimisation
0,09 € / mot
0,13 € / mot
Création de contenu de site optimisé
0,14 € / mot
0,19 € / mot
Rédaction de fiche produit
0,14 € / mot
0,19 € / mot
Rédaction de pages catégories
0,14 € / mot
0,19 € / mot
Rédaction de textes secondaires
0,14 € / mot
0,19 € / mot
Rédaction d’article de blog ou LinkedIn
0,14 € / mot
0,19 € / mot
Rédaction de newsletter
0,14 € / mot
0,19 € / mot
Audit mots clés
50 €
Intégration de texte simple
Supplément de 0,02€ par mot. (Service inclus avec un forfait d’accompagnement.)
Intégration de texte avec images, formes ou tableaux
Supplément de 0,03€ par mot. (Service inclus avec un forfait d’accompagnement.)
Rédaction de textes complexes ou spécialisés
À partir de 0,20 €/ mot

Monthly package - On-page SEO and web copywriter

Prix /mois HT
150 € HT / mois
290 € HT / mois
430 € HT / mois
570 € HT / mois
Optimisation SEO Rédacteur SEO et outils analytiques
Stratégie de positionnement et définition du plan rédactionnel
Rédaction de contenu sur votre site ou blog (800 mots). Nombre d´articles optimisés SEO.
1 article
2 articles
3 articles
4 articles

Why do we offer indicative prices?

From experience, we know that each of our clients has different expectations, sometimes very specific. This is why our services are always customized, which means that costs may vary depending on the complexity of the work. Here are some of the criteria we consider:

A text intended for a standard audience will not be as difficult to write as a text targeting a specific audience (informed amateurs, specialists in a field…).

To imagine and write a coherent story, your writer must first immerse himself in the subject and access sources of information that are not always easy to find, then take the time to read and understand the context. Our rates will be lowered if you provide us with these sources or if we can have them readily available.

A web writer will take less time to design several pages dealing with the same subject because he will have been able to appropriate this field and become familiar with the tone and style to adopt. We therefore recommend that you send us as many texts as possible with your first order so that we can lower our unit price.

For the same reason as mentioned above, we prefer to establish a long-term relationship with our clients because SEO web copywriting work is optimized over time. It is therefore in your interest as much as ours to be able to create content for your website on a regular basis and to use a dedicated web writer who is already fully aware of your company’s brand.

Web Editor by Altosor Communication Martinique

Entrust us with the management of the referencing of your site and we will follow the natural referencing of your texts in time and will ensure a competitive watch. We will make the necessary changes and improvements and SEO optimization to ensure that your site will always rank high in the search engine results and ahead of your competition.

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