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Visual Identity Creation: 5 Essential Steps to Make Your Brand Unique

The creation of your visual identity is an essential step for your brand image. It represents all the graphic elements that will define your company. It is an important landmark and surely the most visible by customers. Without it, you will not succeed in conveying your message and you will lose credibility. Wondering how to choose your brand identity? Are you thinking about redesigning your image? Discover in this article 5 essential steps to create your visual identity.

Why create a visual identity for your brand?

Creating your visual identity is essential, as it represents the DNA of your brand. It allows you to recognize your company at a glance and to stand out from the competition. As the guarantor of your product’s image, reputation and credibility, visual identity is also the first thing a customer sees. Its objective is to describe the company’s activity, respect its values and carry its message.

What is a visual identity? It is composed of several graphic elements:

  • colors ;
  • typography ;
  • the logo;
  • different signs and pictograms ;
  • the layout.

All these elements symbolize the universe of your company and participate in an effective communication strategy. It is thanks to a successful graphic identity that you will enhance your image and that you will seduce your prospects.

5 essential steps for creating your company’s visual identity

Step 1 – Gather your ideas and analyze

The creation of your brand’s visual identity involves a lot of thought: how do you want your customers to perceive you? Think about your business needs and the brand image you want to have? Surf Google, get inspired by trends, colors, use your personality and study your competitors. Don’t put up any barriers and find your own style. Certain elements remain essential:

  • your brand image;
  • your positioning ;
  • your values ;
  • trends in your market;
  • your target customers.

After this brainstorming, organize your ideas and insert them into yourbranding strategy . This stage of your project is essential, it is the vital source of your company’s visual identity.

Step 2 – Define your graphic elements

  • Colors: choosing your colors is the first thing to do in your graphic research. Ask yourself about the colors specific to your sector and their symbolism. Choose a maximum of 2.
  • The typography: it will carry your message, it is important that the font is consistent and easy to read. Choose 2 types of typography maximum.
  • The logo: the cornerstone of your company’s visual identity. The logo will enhance your brand and make it unique.
  • Layout: this is the way in which all the graphic elements are organized. The layout harmonizes your visual identity and makes the user experience more pleasant.

Each of these elements must be carefully defined in order to achieve a coherent whole for your business. Our professional graphic designers will develop an effective communication strategy and create a custom visual identity.

Step 3 – Create your graphic charter

After defining and validating your graphic elements, it is important to create a graphic charter. It is the reference document that determines all the rules of use of your visual identity. It is the guarantee of a coherent brand image in all your communication supports:

  • Paper: poster, business card, etc.
  • Physical: all marketing and advertising material, signage, etc.
  • Virtual: website, e-mail, multimedia, etc.

The interest of the graphic charter is to ensure that the image of your company is always identical. This document should include technical elements such as:

  • The specificities ofeach graphic element for any type of support.
  • Color types , background colors, Pantone exact values.
  • The details of the typography.
  • A simplified form of the logo in black and white.

Using this document, you can easily create new graphic elements that will always respect your company’s universe and values.

Step 4 – Seek outside advice

The creation of a visual identity is a crucial work for the visibility and success of your brand image. It is therefore necessary to know how to surround yourself and to ask the opinion of a panel of your target customers.

You can request the skills of professional graphic designers to accompany you in this project, they will bring you :

  • time saving;
  • an effective branding strategy;
  • a mastery of graphic design tools;
  • access to innovative equipment: software, computer, printer, etc.

Once completed, confront your visual identity with consumers interested in your theme. They are the ones who must be convinced by your brand to become loyal customers. They can help you make some adjustments to find the perfect balance.

Step 5 – Broadcast your brand’s visual identity

It’s time to get your visual identity out to the public. This step must be done in a judicious and professional manner. A communication agency will know how to establish a strategy to make your activity known thanks to the best tools:

  • Paper supports: flyers, posters, signs, etc.
  • Digital media: website, web banners, brochures, etc.

A visual identity is also shared via social networks. It is not a question of being present everywhere, it is necessary to know which social networks to use according to your sector, and your target customers. Here are some popular examples:

  • Instagram: focus on visual content;
  • Facebook: to gain visibility and credibility;
  • LinkedIn: more focused on business and the pure professional world.

You now know the 5 essential steps for creating your visual identity. At Altosor, we believe that your brand image is the foundation of your communication. Call on our graphic design service. Our experts are at your side to create a personalized visual identity that will have a lasting impact on your customers.


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