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Logo design: discover 10 trends to follow for your brand in 2023

Logo design is often the first step in branding your brand. The logo is also part of your
visual identity
. The choice of design and colors should help convey your company’s message. Perhaps you are at this stage and already feel a little lost? You want a logo with an original style, but at the same time modern and in the air of time? Discover the 10 logo trends for 2023 in this article.

1 – Minimalist logo

What counts in logo design is that the public memorizes it easily and quickly understands the company’s message. Hence the return to a minimalist logo style but skilfully worked by professional graphic designers. Designing a simple logo is no easy task: you need to be able to capture the essence of a brand to create an eloquentgraphic identity. For example, it can be a matter of choosing a single color, simple shapes and lines, and clean typography. In 2023, the trend is towards simplicity for increasingly powerful logos!

2 – Hand drawn logo

Woman Drawing Illustartion Pad Paper Palette Font Design Words

In 2023, the trend is away from perfectly shaped designs and towards rougher, more natural logos. Particularly suitable for businesses in the creative and artistic fields, hand-drawn logos give an impression of closeness and humility that can touch the public. It’s also an opportunity to show off your creative skills, make reference to art and give confidence in your brand.

3 – Colorful logo

Color remains a surefire way to get noticed. It can be very symbolic and send strong messages. The creation of a logo in bright, acidic colors seems to be a strong trend in 2023. These “flashy” logos are eye-catching, and they are synonymous with dynamism and energy. A brand seeks to impact its audience, so the choice of colors is essential for its image and graphic identity. The logo can have a single color, but also a gradient of colors. They must be chosen with care for a logo that is always elegant.

4 – Logo with stylish typography

Typography should never be overlooked when designing a logo. On the contrary, the shape of the font is very important and always captures the attention of consumers. The possibilities are endless when it comes to typography and multiply the chances of creating a unique and elegant logo. One of the trends in 2023: making logos using just typography. In this case, the choice of font is intended to be design and innovative. The color of the typography, like the shape, is important.

5 – Animated and moving logo

Branding your brand is essential in 2023. That’s why animated logos are very trendy. They attract much more attention from the public because oftheir playfulness and dynamism. Animation also adds another communication channel to get a message across. Too much animation kills animation, subtlety must be used to avoid boring the consumer. This 2023 trend needs to be handled by professional graphic designers who know how to create a relevant and original animated logo.

6 – Logo with overlapping elements

Layering multiple elements in the creation of a logo adds depth. It is also an opportunity to direct the gaze towards the essential. The professional graphic designer will be able to layer colors, shapes, letters and images after careful consideration. The goal is to obtain a clear and coherent visual.

7 – Logo in black and white

The combination of black and white is a trend that crosses the ages. It’s not lacking in 2023, where colorless logos are as much in demand as ever. It is true that black and white bring simplicity and chic to a graphic identity. However, the creation of this type of logo requires skills and experience in order not to fall into the ease and the déjà-vu. On a more technical side, a black and white logo adapts more easily to all media (print and web) and stands out better on any type of background.

8 – Retro logo

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.”

Maxime de Lavoisier

The trends often repeat what has been done in previous years. They only repeat themselves while becoming more and more modern. Logo design is no exception. A brand always wants to design a logo that works quickly.

Going back to basics is reassuring for both entrepreneurs and consumers. The entrepreneur sees it as an assurance of success, while the consumer is reassured by a logo that already looks familiar. A company can draw on vintage ideas, but they can also take their own logos and update them. See the example of the updated France Inter logo.

9 – Logo and use of negative space

What is negative space in graphic design?

A negative space represents the empty spaces between the letters and around your logo. By using these spaces, a graphic designer can create shapes, clean lines, communicate a message and give a new dimension to a logo. Using these negative spaces is one of the major graphic trends of 2023. This technique is perfect for those who like minimalism and simplicity.

10 – Logo Design 3 D

3D design was a hot trend in the 2000s. Long shelved, 3D design is back in fashion in 2023! Like the layering of elements, 3D design provides depth and catches the eye, but it also adds perspective. Only a professional graphic designer will know how to make a modern and clean 3-D logo, indeed badly used the 3-D design can quickly appear outdated.

This type of logo can help you work on your company’s branding to stand out strongly from the competition.

At Altosor, we are convinced that logo design is a crucial step for your brand and that it is imperative to create an original and relevant logo.

Our graphic design experts can help you create a unique logo that will touch your customers and convey your brand message.

We remain at your disposal to discuss your project and your expectations.

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