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Branding your business: 8 tips for creating an impactful and professional logo

Creating an impactful logo is very important to enhance your company‘simage and business. Your logo must bring together several elements in order to integrate into thevisual identity of the brand and be able to reach your customers. In this article, you will discover in more details, why the creation of a logo is an essential step for your communication. And above all how to make it impactful and professional.

cre%CC%81er un logo impactant
Graphic design logo composition with tools and color schemes

What is the purpose of creating a logo for your company?

Designing a logo for your company is often the first step in any communication strategy.

What is a logotype?

A logotype, more simply called logo, is a graphic representation that embodies the brand image of a company. It is also part of a whole that is called the visual identity. It is composed of different elements:

  • Logo;
  • Typography;
  • The colors.

These elements defined in the graphic charter must allow customers to identify the brand at a glance. The logo is important because it is the basis of the visual identity, the first thing the consumer sees of a company. It must convey a message, values, and make your audience understand that you understand their needs.

Creating a logo is also and above all respecting a
communication plan
It must be coherent with the brand, but also with the
marketing strategy
privileged. Its design is therefore crucial, because your logo will be found everywhere on your products, your website, your business cards, etc.

The logo is also an opportunity to stand out from the competition, to break the codes and to have a lasting impact on its customers. As an entrepreneur, you must give a soul to your company’s image and create emotion in your future customers. Creating a logo is a surefire way to do this, but it requires real skills in terms of graphic design. Calling on an agency of
professional graphic designers
is the guarantee to get the logo you have always dreamed of.

How to create an impactful and professional logo ?

graphic design studio cre%CC%81er un logo impactant
Graphic design studio with logo design on laptop screen

Here are our 8 tips:

1 – Keep it simple

A simple logo will make it easier for customers to remember and quickly understand the company’s message. It is important to focus on the essentials. Simplicity is also a guarantee of longevity of your logo.

2 – Create a recognizable and unique logo

Your logo embodies your difference and must have that little extra something that makes it unique. It must embody a strong identity that is unique to your brand. A professional graphic designer will know how to emphasize the details that define your company. Avoid logo banks that will drown you in the mass.

3 – Be relevant in your choice

Your logo must make sense in relation to the activity of your company. For example, for a meditation center, it is excluded to choose red or to put small flowers in the logo of the national gendarmerie! The symbolism of certain images must be taken into account so as not to bias the company’s message.

4 – Avoid clichés

Creating an impactful logo requires work andoriginality. Simplicity does not mean to fall into the easy way. For example, a key for a locksmith is not a wise choice, unless you twist this cliché with skill and humor. A design and an idea that stands out from the crowd will definitely highlight your company and its identity.

5 – Choose your colors well

The choice of colors represents the basis of a
good communication
. Indeed, it will define the whole of your graphic identity. The colors must embody the universe and values of your company. We often associate colors with symbols and emotions. All these elements are taken into account when creating your logo. From an aesthetic point of view, the colors must also harmonize well with each other.

6 – Adopt an appropriate typography

graphic designer cre%CC%81er un logo impactant
Graphic designer drawing sketch design creative Ideas draft Logo product trademark brand artwork. Graphic designer studio Concept.

The choice of typography is important, it also contributes to convey your values and your message. Again, keep it simple, there are several things to consider:

  • Relevance to your company’s type of business;
  • customize your typography, be original to stand out;
  • choose one or two fonts.

7 – Your logo must be declinable

When creating a logo, you need to make sure it is in vector format so that it can fit on the web and be enlarged without losing quality. It should also be able to be used on your website, for digital publications, etc. It is also wise that your logo is declined in several colors, but also in black and white so that it can work on any type of background.

8 – Use professional graphic designers

You know a little bit about how to go about creating your logo, but is it enough? A contractor has no time to waste and must be efficient quickly. Using a professional graphic designer will save you time and money. Knowing how to combine aesthetics, embodiment of an identity and technique in the creation of a logo requires skill and experience. The graphic design department of Altosor is at your disposal to create a unique and relevant logo that will enhance your business.

Things to remember

As you have understood, creating a logo is essential to enhance the brand image of your company. It is also the first step in an effective communication strategy. For an impactful and professional logo, always ask yourself if your logo is :

  • unique and original;
  • simple and easy to remember;
  • aesthetic and harmonious;
  • a vector of emotions;
  • relevant;
  • tailored to your target customer;
  • can be used on several supports.

Now it’s time to share your thoughts in the comments below. Share with us your favorite logos and tell us if you are ready to create the perfect logo for your brand image? Our graphic design team is ready to advise you and accompany you in your project to serve your company.

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