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Amen. fr stands out as a key player in the web industry. Founded with the aim of providing quality web services to professionals and individuals alike, this company has established itself as a reliable pillar for many players seeking to assert their online presence. offers a complete range of services, from domain name registration and web hosting to dedicated servers and website creation. This diversity of services is testimony to our ability to meet the varied needs of our customers, whether they’re a company looking for a solid infrastructure, or an individual looking to launch their first blog.

The aim of this blog post is to provide a detailed overview of, exploring not only its services and solutions but also its history, evolution and the testimonials of those who put their trust in it. We’ll also take a look at how supports its customers through its offerings and customer support. In short, we take a look at a company that, over the years, has built a name synonymous with trust, innovation and quality in the web world.


History of

Foundation and Initial Vision was founded in 1999 by Patrick Chassany and Oleg Tscheltzoff. These visionary entrepreneurs quickly established the company as a leading Internet service provider.

Name meaning

The name “Amen” was chosen for its cultural impact and its ability to give the company a recognizable identity right from the start.

Expansion and adaptation

Over the years, the company has grown significantly, expanding its portfolio of services to meet the changing digital needs of businesses and individuals.

Support for professionals and SMEs has established itself as a key player in supporting professionals and SMEs, helping them to develop and manage their online presence for digital success.

Diversification of Amen Services’s offering has expanded beyond domain name registration and web hosting to include professional emailing solutions, website creation and dedicated servers.

Strengthening the market with integration into the Group

New customers and strategic partnerships have consolidated’s position in the European and international markets. is part of the European group, which further strengthens its brand image and market stability.

Agility and Innovation

Throughout its history, has adapted nimbly to market changes, maintaining a strong commitment to innovation and quality of service.

web hosting amen

Democratizing Internet services

The company has worked to make quality Internet services accessible to all, including sole traders and small businesses.

Contributing to Digital Transformation

As a pillar of digital media, continues to make an active contribution to digital transformation, offering reliable solutions and expert advice to its customers.

Services offered by has established itself as a versatile Internet service provider, distinguishing itself in several key areas. Here’s a detailed exploration of the range of services it offers.

Amen web hosting in France and Europe offers a variety ofweb hosting options to meet the needs of any business, large or small. Their hosting packages range from shared solutions, ideal for blogs and small businesses, to VPS options and dedicated servers for companies requiring more power and control. Their offer is reinforced by the use of the cPanel administration interface on their Linux hosting, renowned for its ease of use and rich functionality.

Domain names

As the foundation of an online presence, the domain name is a crucial aspect. offers domain name registration with a wide variety of extensions, including the popular .fr. The service includes additional features such as privacy protection and DNS management for increased personalization and enhanced security.

Web hosting amen
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Dedicated servers provides dedicated servers for companies requiring high performance and dedicated resources. These servers offer a fully controllable environment, perfect for demanding applications, large databases and high-traffic e-commerce sites.

Professional Emailing

Email remains an essential tool for professional communication. offers professional emailing solutions that include not only personalized email accounts, but also advanced features such as anti-spam and anti-virus filtering, as well as cross-device synchronization for optimal mobility.

Website Design

For those less familiar with web development, Amen. fr offers a website creation service that allows users to benefit from a tailor-made design, designed to meet their specific needs. The service includes support for site design, development and deployment.

SEO Optimization and Custom Web Design

Recognizing the importance of SEO for online visibility, also offers SEO optimization services to help customers improve their search engine rankings. In addition, their bespoke web design service ensures that websites are not only functional, but also aesthetically appealing and in line with the latest design trends.

Concrete examples of use services are used by a variety of customers. For example, an SME can choose shared hosting and acquire a domain name to quickly launch its e-commerce site, while benefiting from emailing solutions to communicate effectively with its customers. A technology start-up, meanwhile, could opt for a dedicated server to develop and host a complex web application, taking advantage of’s SEO optimization services to increase its online visibility.

In each case, Amen. fr positions itself as a technology partner offering solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers, backed by in-depth expertise and responsive customer support.

Web hosting amen highlights and innovations

What sets apart from its competitors stands out in the competitive web hosting and Internet services market for a number of key reasons. The reliability of our services is one of the pillars of our success, guaranteeing users constant website availability and minimizing downtime thanks to a robust, secure infrastructure. Customer service is another strong point, with technical support renowned for its responsiveness and efficiency, offering 24/7 support in the event of problems or questions. When it comes to technology, stands out for its use of advanced platforms and tools, ensuring an optimal user experience as well as top-notch performance and security.

Recent innovations and enhanced user experience

In terms ofinnovation, is constantly evolving to meet the changing demands of the digital world. For example, the company may have recently integrated new server technologies, improving the speed and responsiveness of hosted sites. Innovations can also include updating content management systems (CMS) to facilitate website creation and maintenance, or introducing automated SEO analysis tools to guide users in optimizing their online presence.

In addition, may have focused on improving its user interface, making web hosting and domain management more intuitive and accessible, even for technology novices. A focus on the mobile experience can also be a key innovation, with applications and services designed to enable easy management from any mobile device. pricing and offers

Overview of different price ranges for different services

Amen. fr offers a variety of services with prices to suit the needs of both businesses and individuals. Here is an overview of the different services and their price ranges:

  • Domain names: Prices start from €3.90 excl. VAT per year, making it easy for users to register or transfer their domain.
  • Web hosting: Web hosting packages are available from €2 ex-VAT per month for basic Windows or Linux solutions, with advanced options for more specific uses such as WordPress or PrestaShop.
  • Dedicated servers and VPS: For dedicated server solutions, prices start at €40.00 per month and can go up to €245.00 per month for the most robust configurations, depending on performance and capacity requirements.

Discover prices

Let Altosor Communication take care of web hosting and technical support for your website with By opting for our services, you’ll benefit from expert management of your online platform, guaranteed reliable hosting and assiduous maintenance on the robust infrastructure offered by Enjoy the serenity of professional management and devote yourself entirely to growing your business, while we keep your digital presence running smoothly.

Current promotional offers or loyalty programs

Amen. fr periodically publishes promotions for its products and services. These promotions are often governed by specific conditions and may include :

  • Referral discounts, for example €12 when a current user refers a new user.
  • Special offers during events such as Black Friday, when significant discounts can be applied to a selection of services.
  • Domain names or hosting services offered under certain conditions, as with all-in-one packages.

Users interested in these promotions should refer to the detailed conditions available on the website or follow updates on the company’s official channels. Customer Service and Support

Technical support: availability, means of contact, multilingualism’s technical support is a key part of the customer experience, offering expert help with all aspects of the services provided. This support is available in several ways:

  • A telephone hotline for direct assistance.
  • An email ticket system to track more complex requests.
  • Online chat for fast, interactive assistance.

Depending on the service chosen and the subscription level, the availability of technical support can vary, sometimes offering 24/7 service for the most comprehensive packages. Support is generally multilingual, enabling assistance in the main European languages.

Training and resources for users provides users with various resources and training tools to help them get the most out of the services they have subscribed to:

  • A comprehensive knowledge base covering a wide range of technical topics and step-by-step procedures.
  • Guides and tutorials to help users configure and manage their services.
  • Webinars or instructional videos that provide visual instructions on specific topics.
  • A blog with regular articles offering advice and information on industry trends.

These resources are designed to support customers at every stage of their online project, from the initialization of their web presence to the day-to-day management of their digital resources.

web hosting amen

Web hosting and domain names with

In conclusion, is positioned as a complete solution for the online needs of businesses and individuals. In this article, we’ve explored the diversity of services offered by, from domain name registration to web hosting solutions, including dedicated servers and VPS for larger-scale projects. The flexibility of its rates, as well as the various promotional offers and loyalty programs on offer, make accessible to a wide range of budgets and needs.’s customer service and technical support are distinguished by their availability and the extent of the resources made available, ensuring an optimal user experience thanks to multilingual support, training tools and assistance adapted to different levels of technical skill.

If you’re interested in creating or improving your online presence, certainly deserves your attention. We invite you to visit to further explore their services and discover how they can meet your digital needs. Whether you’re looking for a unique domain name, reliable web hosting or a powerful server infrastructure, has the tools and expertise to help you succeed.

Don’t wait any longer to bring your online projects to life. Get in touch with today, and take the first step towards an impactful, professional web presence.

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