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What financial aid is available for the digitization of your company in the Centre-Val de Loire region?

Discover the Centre-Val de Loire Region’s Digitization Grants

In an increasingly digital world, digitization has become essential for business development and competitiveness. Whether you’re a retailer, craftsman, SME or even a cinema, the digital transition can be a real growth driver. However, this transition can represent a major challenge, both in terms of financial resources and technical skills. Fortunately, in the Centre-Val de Loire region, a number of aids are available to support you in this digital adventure.

In this blog, we’ll explore these different types of aid, what they’re made up of, how they can benefit your business and how you can take advantage of them. Whether you’re looking to improve your online presence, optimize your internal processes or adopt new technologies, there are devices to help you. So join us as we take you into the world of digitalization financing in the Centre-Val de Loire region, and discover how to make your business more resilient, more competitive and ready for the future.

CAP TN - Digital Transformation - Centre-Val de Loire region

The beneficiaries of this aid are companies, whether they operate in the traditional or social economy. These companies must be based and active in the Centre-Val de Loire region, and have no more than 500 employees (consolidated). What’s more, they must be registered in the National Business Register (RNE).

In terms of business sectors, eligible companies include those in industrial and craft production, business service providers, local economy companies, food retailers and craftsmen, essential shops and craftsmen, arts and crafts, building sector companies involved in quality initiatives, and restaurants (with the exception of fast-food outlets and integrated chains).

How to participate

To benefit from these aids, you need to follow two steps:

  1. Step 1: The project owner must first get in touch with the economic advisors at the Maisons de Région.

  2. Step 2: Once the eligibility of your project has been verified, the project manager will send you the link to apply for funding from the Regional Council.

More about Cap CTN Transformation numérique

investissement numerique

Amount of assistance

The Region’s CAP’TN program offers financial support in two forms:

  1. CONSULTING component: This component encourages companies to seek external advice for their digital transformation or to prevent cyber risks. The Region offers a grant of up to €20,000, in compliance with the applicable aid schemes and their intervention ceilings. The aid rate is up to 50% of eligible expenses. Support must be provided for at least 5 days, and regional assistance may not be less than €3,000. The maximum duration of the program is 12 months, with no possibility of extension.

  2. INVESTMENT component: For this component, you need to provide a study and recommendation report less than 12 months old, resulting from an external consultancy co-financed by the Region or other public funds. This report must describe in detail the digital investments envisaged and how they will contribute to the company’s transformation and modernization. The regional aid ceiling is €200,000, with a maximum rate of 30% of eligible expenses. Regional aid may not be less than €10,000. The maximum duration of the program is 24 months.

Assistance for the VSEs of the Community of Communes Coeur de France

The Community of Municipalities financially supports local VSEs in their investments by :
  • computer equipment ;
  • production equipment.
The amount of the grant is 20% of the eligible expenses with a 10% increase for :
  • job creation ;
  • taking over a company ;
  • the renovation of a downtown business.
Aid for the VSEs of the Coeur de France Community of Municipalities
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