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What are the financial aids for the digitization of your company in Corsica?

The Corsican Economic Development Agency (ADEC) provides financial aid to support local companies and help them with their innovation projects.

The device
Impresa Sì

  • finances tangible and intangible investments;
  • the amount reaches 30% of the expenses for VSEs;
  • the amount reaches 20% of the expenses for SMEs.

The device
U Pattu Innuvazione

  • finances research, processes and innovative tools (digital transition);
  • financial assistance of up to 15,000 euros;
  • supports 50% to 70% of eligible expenses for development projects requiring less than 200,000 euros of public aid over 3 years.

Subject to review of the file.

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The stakes and context of Financial Aid and Subsidies in the Corsican Region

The Corsican region, with its unique cultural and natural heritage, offers a fertile breeding ground for companies and entrepreneurs wishing to establish themselves here. However, in the face of specific economic and structural challenges, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the financial aid and subsidies available to support local initiatives. Altosor Communication, an expert in strategic communications, presents here the stakes and context of these aid schemes.

Corsica’s economic and structural context

Corsica is a dynamic region with a diversified economic fabric. It is characterized by a strong presence of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and an economy based on tourism, agriculture and fishing. However, the region’s island size also creates specific challenges in terms of transport costs, accessibility and sustainable development.

The Challenges of Financial Aid and Subsidies

In this context, financial aid and subsidies play a crucial role. They are designed to support the region’s economic development, promote local employment, encourage innovation and contribute to the ecological transition. This assistance can take many forms, from direct subsidies and tax credits to guarantees and low-interest loans.

The opportunities offered by these aids

These grants enable companies to finance research and development projects, invest in new technologies or improve their energy efficiency. They can also contribute to employee training, develop new products or services, or invest in sustainable development.

Altosor – Your communications expert for your digital transition

Understanding the context and challenges of financial aid and subsidies in Corsica is essential for any entrepreneur or company wishing to set up or expand in the region. Altosor Communication, with its expertise in strategic communications, can help you navigate this complex landscape and maximize your access to these valuable resources.

Don’t hesitate to entrust Altosor with your website creation or communications strategy project. The experts at Altosor Communication are here to help you realize your ambitions in Corsica. Get in touch.

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