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What are the financial aids for the digitization of your company in Mayotte?


digital transformation

is a major challenge for businesses and the economy of

. In light of this situation, there are a number of investment assistance schemes available to support this transition. In this article, you’ll find out about the different types of assistance available and the steps you need to take to benefit from them.

Support and guidance systems

There are several ways to support companies in their digital transformation:

European funds

European funds are an important source of financing for the digital transformation of businesses in Mayotte. These include European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF). These funds aim to reduce economic disparities between regions and promote territorial cohesion.

Eligibility requirements for these funds vary according to project and business sector. It is therefore essential to check with the relevant authorities to find out the specific criteria applicable to your situation.

Investment aid (AI)

Aide à l’Investissement (AI) is a grant for companies wishing to make an investment as part of their digital transformation. Eligible projects include the purchase of hardware, the creation of websites and the development of software solutions.

The amount of aid depends on the total cost of the project and the level of innovation it represents. Selection criteria include company size, growth potential and ability to create jobs.

Investment aid (AI) is available to local companies with fewer than 50 employees. It finances innovation and modernization projects of the production tool and the economic model. This subsidy is capped at
50,000 euros

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How to qualify

Here are the steps you need to take to qualify for assistance:

  1. Identify the right scheme
    Find out more about the different schemes and their eligibility criteria, so you can decide which one is best suited to your project.
  2. Building a solid business case Gather all the documents you need to present your project (business plan, financial statements, etc.). Be sure to highlight the positive impact of the project on the company and the local economy.
  3. Apply for assistance Submit your application to the appropriate bodies (local authorities, government departments, etc.). Their role is to review applications and select eligible projects.

  4. Follow the progress of your application
    Keep in touch with the relevant bodies to find out the status of your application and answer any questions or additional requests.

Success stories - Region Mayotte grants and subsidies

Several Mauritanian companies have already benefited from this aid to help them complete their digital transformation. These include :

  • A company specializing in the distribution of food products has received financial support to develop an e-commerce platform enabling customers to place orders online.
  • A medical practice has been awarded a grant to digitalize its internal processes, improving the quality of care it offers and facilitating the management of patient files.
  • A transport company has modernized its fleet of vehicles by investing in geolocation and real-time tracking systems, optimizing route management and reducing its environmental footprint.
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Benefits for companies and the local economy in Mayotte

Investment grants for digital transformation offer many advantages for Mayotte’s businesses and local economy:

  • Improving competitiveness
    Digitalization enables companies to boost productivity, optimize processes and improve the quality of their products and services.

  • Job creation
    Digital transformation projects can generate direct jobs (developers, consultants, etc.) and indirect jobs (maintenance, support, etc.).

  • Attractiveness of the territory
    Mayotte’s dynamic, innovative economic fabric helps to make the region more attractive to national and international investors.

  • Sustainable development
    The digital transition can encourage the transition to a more environmentally-friendly economy through eco-responsible solutions (waste reduction, energy optimization, etc.).

In conclusion, investment grants for digital transformation represent a major opportunity for Mauritian companies. By seizing this opportunity, companies based in Mayotte can improve their competitiveness, create jobs and contribute to the territory’s economic development. So don’t wait any longer and embark on this digital adventure!

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