What are the financial aids for the digitization of your company in New Caledonia?

Grant for digital transformation in New Caledonia

digital transformation is a crucial step in staying competitive and reaching new markets. However, this transition can be a challenge, both in terms of cost and logistics. If your company is located in New Caledonia, you’re in luck! There are a number of financial aids available to support your transition to digital technology. In this article, we’ll explore these different options, help you understand the eligibility criteria and guide you through the application process to give your business the digital boost it needs.

In New Caledonia, a number of financial aids are available to support companies in their digital transition. One of the main ones is “Aide à la Numérisation des Entreprises”, a scheme set up by the South Province. This aid is aimed at local craft and commercial businesses, and is designed to encourage the adoption of digital solutions.

PRO’SUD is another option that could be useful for your company. It offers financing to help companies accelerate their digital transition.

In addition, there is also the Prêt de Développement Outre-Mer (PDOM), which can provide additional financial support for businesses in New Caledonia.

For more information on these aids and how to benefit from them, I recommend that you consult the above-mentioned websites or contact the organizations concerned directly.

PRO'SUD - New Caledonia Region

PRO’SUD is a financial support program set up by New Caledonia’s Southern Province. It aims to encourage economic development and innovation within local businesses.

Under this scheme, companies can receive support for various projects, including the adoption of digital technologies. This can include initiatives such as installing new IT systems, developing websites or applications, or implementing digital marketing strategies.

The amount of financial assistance varies according to the size of the company and the nature of the project, but is generally generous enough to cover a significant proportion of the costs associated with these initiatives.

It should be noted that to be eligible for PRO’SUD assistance, companies must meet certain criteria, such as being registered with the New Caledonian Trade and Companies Registry and having their head office in the South Province.

For more information on the PRO’SUD program and how to benefit from it, please visit the Province Sud website or contact them directly.

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Overseas Development Loan (PDOM)

The Prêt de Développement Outre-Mer (PDOM) is a financial scheme set up by Bpifrance, in partnership with the European Union, to support the development of companies located in French overseas departments and territories, including New Caledonia.

The PDOM is designed to finance tangible or intangible investments linked to the creation, development or modernization of a business. This may include expenditure such as the purchase of equipment, the construction or renovation of buildings, the acquisition of patents or licenses, or the implementation of new technologies.

Loan amounts generally range from €20,000 to €400,000, with repayment terms of up to 7 years. It should be noted that the loan must be combined with bank financing of at least the same amount.

Find out more about the Overseas Development Loan.

Aid for the digitization of local craft and commercial enterprises

New Caledonia’s South Province has set up a financial aid scheme dedicated to the digitization of local craft and commercial businesses, to help artisans make the transition to digital technology as quickly as possible.

Eligible companies will benefit from:

  • of a digital diagnosis ;
  • of digital solutions;
  • purchase of computer equipment ;
  • training on digital tools.

The amount of the subsidy is 50% of the eligible expenses with a maximum subsidy of 250,000 Pacific francs.

More info: Southern Province of New Caledonia – Financial assistance for the digitization of local craft and commercial businesses

Digitization assistance for businesses in New Caledonia

Business digitization assistance is a streamlined, efficient process designed to help companies make the transition to digital.

It implies that the South Province covers 50% of the total cost of qualified expenditure linked to the digital transition.

The maximum amount of this aid is limited to two hundred and fifty thousand francs.

Each company can benefit from this aid only once.

Find out more: Digitization assistance for South Province businesses

Support for digital transition investment in the New Caledonia region

This scheme allows the company to finance investments related to its development and the improvement of its customer service.

This includes:

  • digital equipment;
  • software ;
  • digital tools.

Digital Transition Investment Assistance

investissement numerique

Business communication support in the New Caledonia region

This device contributes to financing a part of the expenses related to the commercial communication of the eligible companies.

This grant concerns the digital transition essential to good business communication:

  • creation of a website ;
  • website hosting and natural referencing within the first 6 months of subscription.

The amount of the grant is 50% of the eligible expenses with a maximum of one million Pacific francs.

Help with commercial communication

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