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What financial aid is available for the digitization of your company in the Hauts-de-France region?

Exceptional aid for the development of online commerce by local businesses (CELE)

The objective of this aid is to support and finance local companies with less than 20 employees in their digital transition projects.

It concerns :

  • the setting up of an e-commerce site;
  • the development of a click and collect service;
  • the addition of a new customer service.

The purpose of this subsidy is to increase the turnover, it is limited to 500 euros.

Plan Booster TPE Artisans-Commerçants in the Hauts-de-France region

This device supports companies in their innovation and digital transition projects. It is a question of acquiring new economic models to ensure the sustainability and development of VSEs.

After an initial diagnosis, the companies are directed towards :

  • support ;
  • financing ;
  • the animation of the sector.

Plan Booster TPE Artisans-Commerçants

contrat croissance

Hauts-de-France Rebound Loan

Subsidized by Bpifrance and in partnership with the regions, the Hauts-de-France Rebound Loan supports and accompanies companies that are experiencing difficulties related to :

  • a cyclical crisis;
  • temporary financial instability (effects of the health crisis, digital transition, ecological transition).

The advantages of the Hauts-de-France Rebound Loan:

  • zero interest loan;
  • 7-year term with a 2-year grace period;
  • no guarantee requested on the assets of the company or its manager;
  • between 10,000 and 300,000 euros.

Hauts-de-France Rebound Loan

Digital Investment for Craft Traders in the Hauts-de-France Region

The objective of this grant is to support and finance companies with less than 20 employees in their digital transition projects.

This includes:

  • craftsmen ;
  • merchants ;
  • social and solidarity economy companies.

The grant is 40% of the eligible expenses and is capped at 12,000 euros.

Digital Investment of Artisans and Traders

investissement numerique
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Cyber Tip Pass

This scheme supports and finances the development of cybersecurity in companies with less than 250 employees.

Consulting services may address the following topics:

  • IT security audit ;
  • web security test ;
  • implementation of a computer security policy.

The grant corresponds to 50% of the amount of the consultants’ services with a ceiling of 10,000 euros.

Cyber Tip Pass

Cyber Investment Pass

This scheme supports companies with less than 250 employees in their investments in Cybersecurity. This grant corresponds to 30% of the eligible expenses, between 900 and 4,800 euros.

Cyber Investment Pass


Cyber Training Pass

This scheme supports and finances the development of cybersecurity in companies with less than 250 employees. The Cyber Training Pass aims to train referents in Cybersecurity. The grant amounts to 50% of the total cost of the training, up to a maximum of 200 euros per day of training.

Cyber Training Pass

Robonumérique Hauts-de-France Program (ROBO)

This program helps regional companies with fewer than 2,000 employees stay competitive through digital transition and new technologies. In the medium and long term, the objective is to maintain and create jobs in the Hauts-de-France region.

For SMEs:

  • grant assistance ;
  • the aid covers between 10 and 20% maximum of eligible expenses (depending on the number of employees).
  • Additional bonus if jobs are created.

For ETIs (intermediate-sized companies with less than 2000 employees):

  • assistance in the form of a repayable advance;
  • corresponding to a maximum of 33% of eligible expenses;
  • rate at 0%;
  • over a period of 7 years with 2 years deferred.

Robonumérique Hauts-de-France Program (ROBO)

European Metropolis of Lille

Development assistance for small businesses in the craft, commercial and service sectors

This  scheme helps very small businesses boost their competitiveness and create jobs.

Expenses can be linked to :

  • consulting services ;
  • intangible investments (including software for the digital transition, for example).
  • Investments in new equipment.

The grant is a repayable advance that will depend on the nature of the project. The investment must be at least 30,000 euros.

Support for the development of SMEs

This aid scheme supports companies that have reached a critical point in their development. It concerns expenditure onnew production equipment and intangible investments. This financial assistance is a repayable advance that will depend on the nature of the project.

The cost of the project must be greater than :

  • 200,000 euros for industrial companies;
  • 50,000 euros for high value-added service companies.

Support for innovation

This financial aid will contribute to the development and therefore to the competitiveness of the companies.This scheme can fund:
  • new equipment ;
  • intangible investments ;
  • an increase in cash flow, etc.
It will favour financing by repayable advance, prioritizing innovative and job-creating projects.Economic aid from the European Metropolis of Lille

Amiens Metropole

Aid for material investments for VSEs

This financial aid is for local companies with less than 10 employees on permanent contracts. Its purpose is to allow companies to acquire new equipment necessary for their development (including computer equipment). The amount of the grant is 15% of the eligible expenses, with a maximum of 6,000 euros over a 3-year period.

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