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Which free photo editing software to choose in 2024?

Whether for personal or professional use, it is always useful to be able to retouch an image with a free photo editing software. This is even necessary when the quality is not there. Images have become an essential element in print and digital communication. On a website, social networks, a presentation brochure, they are everywhere and help illustrate and enhance your content. However, when you do not find the photo that fits perfectly, it is sometimes necessary to make some changes with an effective editor. Indeed, the post-processing of photos allows to proceed to the adjustment of the colors, to the addition of various filters, to improve the saturation or to remove a background or an undesirable person. Today, there are many powerful photo editing software, but most of them are not free and sometimes expensive for an occasional use. It is therefore interesting to find and be able to rely on a free photo editing software that offers good performance. Here is our selection of the 5 best tools to edit your images.

GIMP – Photo editing software for professionals and amateurs

The free and royalty-free photo editing software, GIMP , figures prominently. Used by various people, this tool is very complete and allows you to perform advanced processing of your photos. It competes directly with Adobe Photoshop thanks to its wide range of functions and its vast palette of tools. In addition, this software offers up to 150 filters and effects that anyone can easily apply. You can also manage different layers so that you can, for example, superimpose different images into one to make montages. This free tool is capable of handling a wide range of photo file types. To top it all off, it offers an interface that is both easy and simple to use. This way, anyone can fine-tune the contrast or brightness of their photos, or even crop them. And this, after only a few tries, so intuitive is the interface of this software! Not to mention that you can customize widgets, tools and color on this interface. You can then export your image in many formats. However, in order to master all the possibilities of this software, you will need some time. But there are multiple tutorials that will help you achieve the desired effect.

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Woman make a photo of product for selling online in Internet from home – Free photo editing software useful for beginners

In truth, this photo editing software is originally designed to replace Microsoft Paint. This makes one of the best free photo editing software. It differs by its interface which is well organized and very clear. This makes life easier for amateur photographers as they can use it easily, whatever their level. In addition, the tool offers all the most basic photo editing features. These include contrast, shading, brightness adjustment, and the ability to go back if you are not satisfied with the result. Not to mention that it is compatible with Windows and you can edit several images simultaneously. Finally, with, it is possible to decrease the contrast between the darkest and lightest segments of an image. Also, you can make the colors of your photos more vibrant. On the other hand, it offers fewer possibilities for editing multiple photos.

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PhotoScape X – Free photo editing software with advanced features

Those who are looking for free photo editing software can turn to PhotoScape X. It is true that this tool includes all the most advanced applications and features in photo post-processing. These include the ability to add frames or text, adjust colors, create animated GIFs, etc. Also, you have access to interesting features like filters, brushes, stamps, frames, color picker, etc. You can also merge several photos into one to create collages, or cut your photos into different parts. On the other hand, PhotoScape X offers extremely high batch processing capability. This is perfect for professional photographers. Indeed, they will save precious time by editing several images at the same time! A true Swiss Army knife, this tool can be adapted to both Windows and Mac. This means that this photo editing software is perfect for creating visuals for your marketing campaign or social networks. Moreover, it is possible to convert your RAW photos into JPEG. Finally, you can use it to print landscapes, portraits and even passport photos.

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Photos Pos Pro, free photo editing software for beginners

Need an open source photo processing tool? Why not let yourself be tempted by Photos Pos Pro, one of the most popular image editors. This free photo editing software is a tool that is primarily aimed at beginners in photo editing as well as aspiring professionals. Users of this tool can choose between 2 interfaces. On the one hand, you have the platform that allows you to perform advanced manual retouching on your photos. This allows you to access the usual tools such as layers, textures, brushes, etc. It is also possible to process your images in batches. On the other hand, it is possible to opt for a platform that is more focused on automatic retouching. In this way, you get a quality rendering by simply making a few clicks to apply the appropriate filters on your photos.

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Pixlr – Free photo editing software available in two versions

Those who are looking for a free and simple photo editing software can also adopt Pixlr. It is a powerful tool that has a number of similarities with Photoshop. This free photo editing software is directly available online. It offers a wide range of basic functions that you can use to edit your images. And this, without the need to download anything. Moreover, this software has a pleasant and very simple interface. This makes it accessible to a wide audience and easy to understand. This way, anyone can easily and quickly retouch any kind of image with this tool. Moreover, it is possible to use it directly on your phone. But if you want to benefit from more advanced features, it is recommended to turn to the professional version. Of course, the latter is not free. However, you will get results worthy of the professionals!

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These photo editors offer features that meet the expectations of a wide audience. In addition, each free photo editing software presented allows everyone to learn about image post-processing techniques before buying a more powerful software with more advanced photo editing features.

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