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How to increase your turnover with a website?

You’ve created a quality, relevant and useful product that you’re proud of. You have communicated on different social networks and started to earn some money.

However, there is still a question to be answered: How to increase your turnover with your website because the result is not yet up to your expectations.

The only solution to generate more revenue: An optimized website, relevant and targeted content.

We will explain why a website is an unstoppable tool to reach your goals and how it is possible to monetize it.

The website: the essential tool to accelerate your online visibility and increase your sales

The origins of the web

The first website was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990. This British scientist working at CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research) wanted to find a way to share information instantly between members of different scientific teams.

1991: the first website looks like a Word page, black text on a white background. The content is informative.

1994: the number of online sites increases from 2738 to 10000, content and design improve, Amazon is born.

1997: Sergei Brin and Larry Page create Google. More than two million sites are already online.

Google is improving the user experience by creating an algorithm capable of highlighting websites closer to the user’s search.

This era saw the advent of the first content creators, the first blogs appeared.

The natural referencing (SEO ) is developing, the owners of website understood that to appear on the first page of Google is essential to increase their business.

2021: approximately 1.88 billion websites online.

(Source: Statista study 6 August 2021 )

The online presence becomes a major stake in the sustainability of its business.

Why a website is essential for the success of your business

The French are avid users of e-commerce,

According to Médiamétrie’s Internet Usage Observatory 42 million Internet users made online purchases in the 2nd quarter of 2021. That’s nearly1 million more online shoppers than in Q2 2020

Faced with the magnitude of this phenomenon, accentuated by two years of pandemic and containment, it is inconceivable for an entrepreneur today not to be present online.

The growth of online sales has been exponential since 1997, dazzling in France with an increase of 1400% between 2003 and 2010.

In 2019 in France, online sales exceeded the figure of 103.4 billion euros.

Nowadays, the consumer’s first reflex is to type a query on the internet to find what he needs.

In 2013, 82% of companies that filed for bankruptcy did not have a website.

These companies would have had a better chance of increasing their revenues by creating a website, provided it was visible online.

Online presence requires expertise from professionals. Your site must havean attractive design, be easy to use, the content must be regular, relevant and well referencedwitha quality digital marketing strategy…

As you can see, the consumer is more connected than ever. In addition, the covid-19 pandemic has consolidated his reflexes to search and buy online.

The online presence makes you gain credibility, establishes and strengthens the relationship of trust with the customer. A well optimized website brings you qualified leads and visitors interested in your services.

Let’s imagine that you open a vegetarian restaurant in Paris in the Marais district, if the Internet user types in a query on this subject and you don’t appear in the first results of Google, you lose a huge amount of visibility as well as a significant amount of potential customers.

Calling on experts in website creation , specialized in digital marketing strategy is the best solution to make your business take off and last.

Increase your sales with your website?

1 / Work on the SEO of your website through blogging

The SEO search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) brings together the various processes used to optimize a website and improve its positioning on search engines.

As the foundation of SEO is the search for relevant keywords for your business,a blog is the perfect tool for improving and maintaining your visibility on the web, and thus significantly increasing your sales.

In 1994, American student Justin Hall published the first blog post recounting his discovery of the Internet. For the first time in the young history of the web, a person tells his story publicly and publishes content daily about his life, his encounters, his experience…

So what is a blog?

The word blog comes from the contraction of a compound word “web log” which means “journal”.

It is a daily succession of articles, from the most recent to the oldest, which delivers varied content on a specific theme and keywords.

A great opportunity to work on your SEO and keywords in different articles. By publishing relevant and qualitative content regularly and over the long term, you rise in Google results, you are more visible, more solicited and your web revenue increases.

Read our article:

Google EAT : Improving the quality and visibility of content for search engine optimization

SEO is an effective and profitable digital marketing strategy in the long term, allow six months before reaching your first results.

A blog is also a showcase for your potential customers. By publishing optimized and qualitative content you demonstrate your expertise in your field, you build a solid brand image.

You can also use the art of storytelling, tell the story and the genesis of your business, reveal yourself a little more in order to make your company more human, to convey strong values and to build your relationship of trust with your future customers.

Call on the professionals of web writing and content marketingprofessionals to enhance your brand and make your customers dream.

2/ Creation and distribution of newsletters

Newsletters are also an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. It will help you to be remembered by your subscribers and future customers.

Read our blog post on ten tips for writing an effective newsletter

What is a newsletter?

The newsletter is a marketing tool frequently used, it is a newsletter sent regularly to its subscribers through emails.

According to the site Statista Research Department, in 2021 there were nearly 319.6 billion emails sent and received every day in the world, this figure is estimated to 376.4 billion in 2025.

The newsletter allows you to:

Increase traffic to your website by sending an email that includes links to your blog posts or website. With more visitors on your website, you improve your SEO, you move up in Google results and you gain visibility. More customers and increased revenues.

Convert your prospects into customers: it is by communicating regularly about your products and services, by offering them unique and quality content, by making them benefit from promotions that you will convert your prospects into customers.

Building customer loyalty : the main benefit of a newsletter is to encourage customers to return to your site. By regularly sending out news and promotions, telling the story of your product or service, and providing relevant, targeted content, you’ll build customer loyalty. Satisfied, they can even easily forward the newsletter to their contacts.

Gain credibility: sending a newsletter allows you to gain credibility by communicating regularly about your expertise. You build a solid relationship of trust with the customer while becoming a true reference for your subscribers.

The creation and distribution of a newsletter is an always winning marketing strategy to boost the visibility of your website.

3/ Focus on a successful user experience

The user experience (UX) has become a major issue to increase revenues on the web.

What is user experience (UX)?

It is the quality of an individual’s experience when interacting with a product, a service or a website.

In the case of a website, the UX will define the user’s feeling after using a website in terms of ergonomics, aesthetics, emotions, and ease of use.

88% of Internet users will not return to a website if they have had a bad user experience. A customer who does not stay on your site and does not come back, it is a lost customer, a turnover in decline.

– Website owners who invest in UX is a return on investment x 4.

Why is it important to invest in UX?

A satisfied, reassured and convinced potential customer will stay on your site, he will enjoy browsing it and will be more inclined to buy your products or to use your services.

Investing in UX is :

Study the behavior of your typical user to determine their needs, their browsing habits and to adapt your content. Your web designer will be able to create a custom user experience.

Optimize the loading of your website, 53% of Internet users will leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. The loading speed of a site is a pillar of the UX, users want to be informed in a clear and fast way.

Optimize navigation for mobile format. Half of the world’s internet traffic is on mobile. Make sure your site works on both computer and mobile.

The design must be adapted, aesthetic, elegant. A user who is put off by the design of your site will leave quickly.

In order to make your website’s user experience responsive, unique and simple, call on experts in website design . You will save time, money and customers!

4 tips to monetize your website

1/ Sell your products and services

Selling your products (jewelry, clothes, paintings etc…) or your services (training, coaching, e-book) are the first reflexes when it comes to monetize your website .

Being an expert in your field, providing real added value with a quality product or service is essential.

You also need to know how to adopt the right digita marketing strategies l (blog, newsletter…) and perfect the user experience with an elegantly designed website and relevant, targeted and optimized content.

2/ Advertising with Google Adsense

You can also earn money by advertising on your website with Google adsense.

What is Google adsense?

This is Google’s advertising network that aims to display advertising on your website to generate revenue.

The more targeted traffic you get the more revenue you generate.

In 2015 Google announced that nearly $10 billion was paid out to publisher partners.

How to use the Google monetization program:

You must have:

– A Google account

– A website that offers interesting content

– A phone number and mailing address associated with the bank account that will receive the payment.

This tip will only generate revenue if you have a large audience.

3/ Doing affiliate marketing

80% of brands use affiliate marketing to generate leads

This generates between 15 and 30% of sales.

What is affiliation?

You contribute, through your website, to the sale of products or services of a company in exchange for a fee.

To succeed in affiliation you must choose a good niche product, have tested it and that it fits in the theme of your website.

But also work on its SEO, the keywords around this product and propose a content always original, targeted and optimized.

4/ Produce sponsored content

Sponsored content and affiliate marketing are two very different things.

Where affiliate marketing is based on lead conversion, sponsored content is primarily about visibility.

It is for you to collaborate with a brand or a company by publishing quality content on your website.

This content includes a link to a partnerbrand page, also known as a backlink in SEO terms.

The content can be written by the partner brand but you can also write it yourself by charging more for the service.

This tip is interesting if you have a lot of visitors as well as a lot of online influence.

You will have to alternate between sponsored content and your own content, as a website cannot be satisfied with sponsored articles only.

At Altosor, we are convinced that an optimized website, with a good design and original and relevant content will increase your sales.

Our experts can help you design a custom website, adapted to your product and to your customers’ expectations.

We can also assist you in setting up an effective digital marketing strategy to increase your revenues and monetize your site.

We remain at your disposal to discuss your project and your specificities

Would you like to find out more about our services? Click here.

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