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Top 7 blogging trends

Blogging appeared more than 20 years ago and has been a success ever since. For personal or professional use, it represents a source of information and debate most appreciated by Internet users. In fact, 77% of them say they read blog posts on a regular basis. Thus, companies also have an interest in turning to blogging. According to the latest statistics, portals with a blog have 434% more indexed pages than their counterparts without a blog. Proof, if any were needed, that a successful web marketing and referencing strategy cannot do without the creation and regular feeding of a blog. However, it is not enough to write a few texts from time to time. Like any communication tool, the blog requires a strategic reflection on the content to be put online (content marketing) while keeping up with the evolution of trends in the field in order to better stand out from the competition and “seduce” the algorithm of the main search engines. Careful preparation is key to writing a blog post properly.

#1 Blogging Trend – Write very long articles

In 2020, it is content that is both useful and long that Google is interested in. In fact, articles that appear on the first page of the search engine results are on average 1,890 words long. It is true that today’s Internet users are looking for a maximum of information. This means that by writing between 2,000 and 3,000 words per article, you are perfectly meeting their expectations! But be careful, the quantity is not enough. Your content should also be of real interest to the reader and easy to read and understand. Long gone are the days when writing blog posts was mainly based on an abundance of keywords, lined up one after the other, with more or less editorial skill. There is no need to fill pages and pages, what counts today for the readers is the quality. Your blog post must add real value. Also, current blogging trends require that articles be easy to read. Of course, Internet users need information, but they also want to have a good time.

#2 Blogging Trend – Apply the latest trends

Nowadays, blogging represents an important source of income for a number of bloggers, provided they follow the current marketing trends. On the one hand, you haveguest articles that allow you to promote sites that do not compete with yours and with which you can achieve audience sharing. This practice is also called netlinking. More specifically, it is about sharing expertise, reputation and also authority. On the other side, there is affiliate marketing. Did you know that the number of companies with their own affiliate program is growing all the time? This is especially true for the online business sector, which is growing exponentially. Finally, we must not forget e-mail marketing, which remains an excellent tool for acquiring and converting customer leads.

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#3 Blogging Trend -Write short articles from time to time

Certainly, the trends in blogging are towards longer articles. But that should not prevent you from writing short topics sometimes. This is what specialists call “snack content” with mini-articles ranging from 300 to 1,000 words in length. It is true that these will have little impact on the referencing of your website. However, thanks to the relevance of the contents, they will interest the Internet users who use their smartphone to browse the net. So, the shorter your content is, the faster it will be absorbed by the user. And that’s if it’s attractive enough. To do this, don’t hesitate to insert graphics, videos and infographics into your article. This does not fail to seduce Internet users. In addition, these mini-articles should be published regularly since the key to success lies in consistency.

#4 Blogging Trend – Podcasts: Offer a choice of relevant content to your readers

Blogging trends also include audio or video formats such as vlogs. Beyond providing more original content, it offers an image of seriousness, depth and relevance to the topic you are dealing with. On the other hand, the Internet user will have the choice between an article “to read” and “to listen”. This allows him to select the solution that offers him optimal comfort while obtaining the information he is looking for.

#5 Blogging trend – Mobile-first: a reflex to adopt beyond appearances

All experts will tell you that you need to optimize your website for cell phones and tablets. Today, it is therefore essential to create a site in responsive design. But it’s not just about designing your website to fit the smartphone screen. You should also incorporate this trend when writing your blog posts! Therefore, you should not hesitate to make frequent line breaks and to integrate relevant titles and subtitles that allow a quick reading and understanding of your content. This way, you can air out your articles. At the same time, short sentences of less than 20 words should be preferred. Finally, bulleted lists are a valuable ally for a successful mobile-first policy. Thanks to all these techniques, the caller will no longer have to zoom, move his screen from left to right or rotate it to be able to read your articles. Here’s a statistic that should convince you: 40% of mobile users turn to a competitor’s site when they encounter a bad mobile web experience.

#6 Blogging Trend – Give confidence by proving your point

One thing that is essential in blogging is the trust you inspire in your readers. Indeed, Internet users need to be reassured about the accuracy of the content you offer them. If not, they won’t come back. So, don’t hesitate to enrich your statements with sources, statistics and quotes. This means that your content must be both well provided and verified in order for your site to be competitive and to rank well. For this, it is advisable to write honest content that you can back up with reliable sources. Similarly, you can use backlinks to include them as footnotes or simply to cite sources. In addition, you should not make allegations that you cannot prove.

#7 Blogging trend – Create debate to generate interest

If a blog’s first objective is to inform and share your values, it is also a good way to create debate, to incite reflection, to allow the public to ask questions and to generate real interest in your brand. It is not a question of polemics with small sentences but rather of making things move forward, of presenting your point of view in a structured and always justified way. A good blog post is often the way to start a conversation with your target. Moreover, you should not hesitate to share your articles on your social networks in order to extend its visibility beyond your site.

By applying these different techniques, you will be able to offer a new dimension to your blog posts, while staying on top of the trends. This will certainly have an impact on your company’s website traffic.

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