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The best PrestaShop modules for optimizing your e-commerce store in 2022

The Altosor digital agency has expertise in PrestaShop modules. We know how crucial it is to choose the right tools to make your online store thrive. In this article, we guide you through a selection of the best PrestaShop modules to improve your performance, customer experience and SEO.

Why use PrestaShop modules?

Advantages of PrestaShop modules for online stores

PrestaShop modules, commonly known as Addons, are extensions designed to enhance and customize your online store, according to your specific needs. They offer a number of advantages, such as

  • Greater flexibility and customization
  • Improved efficiency and reduced time spent on certain tasks
  • Improved search engine positioning thanks to advanced SEO features
  • Optimized customer experience, which can lead to increased sales

PrestaShop modules are essential for enhancing the functionality and user-friendliness of your online store. They can also be used to automate certain tasks such as order processing, payment processing or the mass transfer of files to Microsoft 365 or Google Drive. What’s more, there are various types of PrestaShop modules available on the Internet, which can be adapted to different specific business needs, such as product catalog management or external source code (CSS) management.

PrestaShop modules are extensions or add-ons that extend the functionality of your online store, enabling you to offer a more personalized and comprehensive customer experience.

How modules can improve performance and customer experience

By integrating the right modules, you can increase your e-commerce site’s loading speed, optimize its content for SEO and deliver a smooth, pleasant user experience. Modules can also be used to add additional functionalities such as live chat, customer reviews and simplified order management.

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What are the best PrestaShop modules for performance analysis?

Google analytics logo

Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration is essential for tracking and analyzing your online store traffic. This module gives you access to detailed data on visitor behavior, traffic sources and conversions.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

The Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce module lets you easily integrate Google Analytics into your PrestaShop store and track advanced ecommerce data. It offers detailed reports on your store’s performance, sales, products and traffic sources.

hotjar logo


Hotjar is another indispensable analysis tool for understanding how users interact with your site. It offers features such as heatmaps, session recordings and surveys to identify areas for improvement in your store.

Doofinder logo


Doofinder is an enhanced search module that makes it easier for customers to navigate your site.

Smartsupp logo


Smartsupp is a live chat tool for communicating with your customers and answering their questions in real time.

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prestashop modules for seo

Essential modules for SEO

SEO Expert

SEO Expert is a complete Prestashop add-on that helps you optimize the SEO of your PrestaShop store. The SEO Expert module lets you automatically optimize your online store’s SEO. It automatically generates meta titles, meta descriptions and search engine optimized URLs, which can help you increase your visibility on Google and other search engines. Redirects to avoid 404 errors

SEO Redirection Manager

The Prestashop SEO Redirection Manager module is ideal for efficiently managing redirects and avoiding duplicate content problems. It also lets you track 404 errors and create customized redirects.

SEO Image Optimizer

The SEO Image Optimizer module optimizes your images for SEO by automatically adding alt and title tags.

Google Rich Snippets

Google Rich Snippets allow you to improve the visibility of your products in Google search results.

Prestashop modules for logistics

Essential Prestashop modules for logistics


The Colissimo module makes it easy to integrate the Colissimo carrier into your PrestaShop store. It automatically calculates delivery charges, edits shipping labels and offers package tracking for your customers.

Mondial Relay

Mondial Relay is another essential logistics module for simplifying shipping management. It offers seamless integration with the Mondial Relay carrier, and flexible delivery options such as point relais or home delivery.

DPD France

DPD France is a module that allows you to easily integrate the DPD France carrier into your PrestaShop store.

Click & Collect

The Click & Collect module offers your customers an in-store pick-up service to diversify their delivery options.

prestahop payment modules

Prestashop modules crucial for payments


Stripe is a secure payment solution popular with online store owners. The Stripe module for PrestaShop lets you accept credit card payments quickly and easily.


The PayPal addon is essential if you want to offer your customers a reliable and widely-used means of payment. It makes it easy to integrate PayPal into your Prestashop store, and supports different currencies and transaction types.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay allows your customers to pay with their Amazon account


Skrill allows additional payment methods to expand your options

prestashop modules to enhance the customer experience

Add-on modules to enhance the customer experience

Live Chat

A live chat module is a great way to enhance the customer experience by responding quickly to their questions and concerns. There are several options, such as or Zendesk Chat, for integrating this functionality into your PrestaShop store.


The Wishlist module lets your customers create personalized wish lists and share them with friends and family. It’s a great way to encourage thoughtful purchases and increase conversion rates. Product Reviews

With the Product Reviews module, collect and display customer reviews of your products to boost the confidence of future buyers.

Gift Card

Thanks to the Prestashop Gift Card module, offer gift cards to your customers to boost sales and build customer loyalty.

You guessed it. it’s essential to choose the right PrestaShop modules to enhance your online store, and to check that they’re up to date. Take the time to assess your specific needs, and don’t hesitate to try out different free or paid modules to find the ones that suit you best. By investing in these tools, you’ll optimize not only your performance, but also the customer experience and your site’s SEO.

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Best prestashop modules

More of the best PrestaShop modules for optimizing your online store

There are many PrestaShop modules that can help you optimize performance and improve your online store. In this section, we’ve selected some of the best modules to help you get the most out of your e-commerce site.

Abandoned Cart Reminder Pro

Shopping cart abandonment is a common problem for online stores. The module Abandoned Cart Reminder Pro module helps you win back these customers by sending them personalized e-mail reminders when they abandon their shopping cart without finalizing their purchase.

One Page Checkout PS

The module One Page Checkout PS module simplifies and accelerates the checkout process by grouping all order steps on a single page. This can reduce cart abandonment rates and improve the user experience.

Advanced Search 5

Advanced Search 5 is an advanced search add-on that enables your customers to find the products they’re looking for quickly and easily. It offers features such as real-time search, category search and customizable search filters.

All-in-One Rewards

The All-in-One Rewards module is a complete solution for setting up a loyalty and referral program on your PrestaShop store. It lets you create rewards for your customers when they make purchases, refer friends or take part in promotional activities.


PrestaSpeed is a speed optimization module that helps you improve the performance of your online store by compressing and optimizing images, cleaning the database and caching pages. A faster store can improve the user experience and increase conversions.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews are essential for building trust and encouraging sales. The Customer Reviews and Ratings modules enable you to easily collect and display customer reviews and ratings on the product pages of your online store.

Live Chat Pro

The module Live Chat Pro module lets you offer real-time customer support via live chat on your online store. This can improve customer satisfaction by providing them with immediate assistance when they need it.

Mega Menu Pro

The module Mega Menu Pro module lets you create customized, responsive drop-down menus for your online store. It offers simple drag-and-drop menu management, and lets you add images, icons, videos and banners to make your menus more attractive.

Product Extra Tabs

The addon Product Extra Tabs helps you organize and display additional information on product pages, such as user guides, technical specifications and FAQs, in the form of tabs. This can improve the user experience by providing clear, easily accessible information.

GDPR Compliance

Prestashop module GDPR Compliance module helps you bring your online store into compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It offers functionalities for managing data access requests, data deletion requests and cookie consents.

Newsletter Popup

The addon solution Newsletter Popup allows you to display an attractive popup window to encourage your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. It offers easy integration with popular messaging services and lets you customize the appearance of the pop-up window.

Cross Selling on Cart

The module Cross Selling on Cart module lets you display complementary products and personalized recommendations on your customers’ shopping cart page. This can increase the average order value and encourage additional sales.


Thanks to the Watermark module, you can automatically display a watermark (logo or text) on your product images to protect your visuals from theft or unauthorized use. It offers flexible configuration to customize the appearance and position of the watermark.


With Prestashop module Multi-currency module, you can display the prices of your products in different currencies, depending on the location of your customers. It offers integration with real-time exchange rates and allows customers to choose their preferred currency.

Social Login & Connect

The addon Social Login & Connect add-on gives your customers the option of logging in or registering for your store using their social networking accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google. This simplifies the login process and can improve registration rates.

Advanced Wishlist

The Advanced Wishlist module lets your customers create and manage wishlists to save and share their favorite products. It offers simple integration with the shopping cart and allows customers to easily move items between their wish list and shopping cart. This can be helpful in facilitating ordering.

Business Blog Pro

The module Business Blog Pro module lets you add a professional blog to your PrestaShop online store. It offers easy management of blog posts, categories and comments, as well as integration with social networks for sharing your posts. A blog can improve your site’s SEO, generate traffic and build customer confidence.

Custom Fields & Attributes

The module Custom Fields & Attributes module lets you add custom fields and attributes to product pages, order pages and registration forms. This is useful for gathering additional information from your customers, such as personalization options, special instructions or preferences.

Popup Promo

The solution Popup Promo allows you to create promotional pop-ups to display special offers, discounts or important announcements on your online store. You can customize the appearance of the pop-up window, determine when it appears and target specific pages or groups of customers.

Product Countdown Timer

The addon Product Countdown Timer adds a countdown timer to product pages for limited-time promotions or flash sales. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages customers to make a purchase before the offer expires. You can customize the countdown for each product and configure specific pricing rules.

One Page Checkout

The module One Page Checkout module is a great way to simplify the checkout process for your customers. It allows buyers to fill in all the necessary fields on a single page, greatly facilitating their purchasing experience.

Creative Elements

Creative Elements is a powerful module that allows users to create personalized Web pages with rich, interactive content such as animated images, slideshows and image galleries.

By combining these PrestaShop modules with those presented above, you can continue to improve the user experience, increase customer engagement and boost sales. Feel free to explore other modules available on the PrestaShop Addons marketplace to find the ones that best match your specific needs. Try out the free Prestashop modules, but put efficiency and quality before price. Keep your modules up to date with each new version, if necessary, every year.

Contact a Prestashop developer from our Altosor digital agency. We’ll help you make the right choice for your online store.

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