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PrestaShop 8.0: The new major evolution of e-commerce software

PrestaShop is a leading open source e-commerce software used by e-commerce professionals to create and manage online stores. With the arrival of PrestaShop 8.0, a major release eagerly awaited by the community, this platform has reached a new milestone in its evolution. In this article, we’ll look at the main new features and improvements in PrestaShop 8.0 and what they mean for developers, merchants and users.

PrestaShop 8.0 is finally here, bringing with it a host of significant changes to the world of e-commerce. The new version promises improved performance, security and user experience for online store owners and developers. Find out everything you need to know about what ‘s new in PrestaShop 8. 0 and how these changes can improve your e-commerce business. Altosor Communication presents the benefits and advantages of features of PrestaShop 8, how to get started with the new version, and tips and tricks on how to get the most out of PrestaShop. optimize your online store

Prestashop 8.0 installation

New features and changes for your e-commerce with PrestaShop 8.0

Architecture and code: Migration to Symphony

One of the key evolutions of PrestaShop 8.0 is the adoption of the Symfony framework, which provides a solid, modular basis for software development. This migration facilitates the creation of more robust and secure PrestaShop modules and themes, while making the source code easier to maintain and update. Result: The overall performance of your e-commerce site is optimized.

Separation of modules and core

Separating modules from the core allows for better code organization. This facilitates maintenance and the development of new functions without impacting other parts of the system.

Compatibility with PHP 8

PrestaShop 8.0 is compatible with PHP 8, giving developers a modern, high-performance working environment for creating even faster, more efficient e-commerce sites.


Security is a crucial aspect of any online store. PrestaShop 8.0 has considerably strengthened its security mechanisms to protect your data and those of your customers. We strongly recommend updating your Prestashop version.

Reinforcing passwords

Passwords are now subject to stricter requirements, guaranteeing greater protection against fraudulent access attempts. These changes help protect customer data and prevent potential security problems.

More frequent security updates

PrestaShop 8. 0 also benefits from more regular security updates, enabling online store owners to effectively protect their site against threats and vulnerabilities.

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Prestashop 8.0 security

New features in PrestaShop 8.0

PrestaShop 8. 0’s new features are designed to improve the user experience and increase online store sales.

Enhanced user interface

The user interface has been redesigned to offer improved ergonomics and more intuitive navigation, making it easier to manage your PrestaShop 8.0 store on a day-to-day basis.

Advanced inventory management

Inventory management with PrestaShop 8.0 is now more advanced, giving you greater control over your products and preventing out-of-stock situations or duplicate orders.

Integrated marketing tools

PrestaShop 8.0 integrates powerful marketing tools to boost your sales. Take advantage of an emailing module, advancedSEO tools and simplified management of promotions and discounts.

prestashop 8.0 migration

Migration to PrestaShop 8.0

Migrating to PrestaShop 8.0 requires careful preparation to ensure a risk-free transition. Get advice froma Prestashop expert at Altosor Communication.

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Preparing for migration

Make sure that all your modules and themes are compatible with PrestaShop 8. 0 before starting the migration. You should also make a full backup of your current site.

Migration process

Follow the steps recommended by PrestaShop to complete the migration. It’s advisable to call on a specialized web agency like Altosor Communication to guide you through this process, to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Post-migration testing and verification

Once the migration to PrestaShop 8.0 is complete, test all your site’s functionalities to make sure everything is working properly. Don’t hesitate to ask our Prestashop developers developers if you need help.

Expert opinion altosor prestashop 8.0

Prestashop Altosor experts’ opinion

Prestashop experts from Altosor web agency agree on the benefits of PrestaShop 8.0 for e-tailers and e-commerce store developers.

Benefits for online store owners

PrestaShop 8.0 offers an optimized management environment and advanced features that enable online store owners to improve their business and increase sales.

Prestashop 8.0 benefits and features

PrestaShop 8 offers a range of new features and improvements over previous versions, including:

  • A simplified, more user-friendly interface
  • Enhanced performance and compatibility with the latest web technologies
  • New customization options for your online store design
  • Better integration with social networks, marketplaces and marketing tools

Prestashop 8.0 ease of use

Thanks to its intuitive user interface and numerous customization options, PrestaShop 8.0 is easy to use even for people with no web development experience. Entrepreneurs, business owners, SMEs and associations can quickly create and manage their online store without the need for advanced technical skills. However, relying on a partner like Altosor web agency is a guarantee of good advice and the ability to delegate sensitive or time-consuming tasks.

Benefits for e-commerce developers

Prestashop developers benefit from more structured code, PHP 8 compatibility and better documentation, making it easier to develop custom modules and themes.

Technical compatibility

PrestaShop 8.0 is designed to be compatible with the latest web technologies and market standards, facilitatingintegration with other platforms and services. It supports PHP 7 and higher, MySQL 5.7 and higher, as well as the latest versions of popular web browsers.

All in all, PrestaShop 8.0 brings major improvements in performance, security, user experience and functionality. If you want to boost your e-commerce business and offer your customers an unforgettable experience, it’s time to seriously consider migrating to PrestaShop 8.0.

PrestaShop Project: collaboration between developers and users

The PrestaShop Project is a collaborative effort between developers and users to continually improve the software and meet the changing needs of online commerce. By taking an active part in the project, retailers and developers can contribute to PrestaShop ‘s evolution and benefit from the latest innovations and enhancements.

Prestashop 8.0 update

Upgrade to PrestaShop 8.0

Before upgrading your store to PrestaShop 8.0, it’s important to check that all your Prestashop modules and themes are compatible with the new version. You may have to wait for PrestaShop developers to update their products, or look for compatible alternatives.

When you’re ready to upgrade, be sure to follow the instructions provided by and test your store carefully after the upgrade to detect and correct any problems.

If you’re not sure of your technical skills, it’s best to call in a Prestashop developer.

Book a free consultation with a Prestashop expert .

How do I get started with PrestaShop 8.0?

Install PrestaShop 8.0

To install PrestaShop 8 download the latest version from the official PrestaShop website and follow the installation instructions. You’ll need compatible web hosting and a domain name for your online store.

Configuring PrestaShop 8.0

Once PrestaShop 8 is installed, access your store dashboard to configure basic settings, such as company information, currencies, languages, taxes and shipping costs.

Customize your PrestaShop 8.0 online store

PrestaShop 8.0 offers numerous customization options for the design of your e-commerce site. Choose a PrestaShop theme that matches your brand and products, then customize it by adding your logo, quality images, attractive product descriptions and other visual elements.

Tips and tricks for optimizing your online store with PrestaShop 8

a. Use marketing tools to improve your visibility

PrestaShop 8.0 offers integrations with popular marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel and Mailchimp. Use these tools to analyze your store’s performance, create targeted advertising campaigns and develop your subscriber list.

Use Prestashop themes to enhance your store design

There are many PrestaShop 8.0 themes available on the market, designed for different industries and store styles. Choose a Prestashop theme that’s right for your brand and products, then customize it to create a unique and engaging user experience. Ask our experts for advice!

Develop plugins to add extra functionality

The Prestashop plugins plugins, also known as modules or addons, are extensions that add extra functionality to your PrestaShop 8 store. They can improve site performance, facilitate inventory management, optimize SEO and much more. Search for and install plugins relevant to your business to optimize your online store.

In conclusion, PrestaShop 8.0 is a major evolution in e-commerce software, offering numerous improvements in terms of performance, security and ease of use. Merchants, developers and users can take advantage of these new features to create more efficient and secure online stores, while benefiting from top-quality service and support.

Entrepreneurs, business owners, SMEs or associations: call on the Prestashop experts at Altosor Communication web agency to take full advantage of PrestaShop 8 to create and manage a high-performance Prestashop online store that appeals to your customers. Free quotation.

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