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Shopify Guide: How to create an online store to sell your products?

Find answers to your questions in our Shopify guide

If you’re looking to create a profitable, high-performance online store, you’ve come to the right place: Shopify. The Shopify e-commerce platform offers online entrepreneurs powerful tools that, when used correctly, will generate more revenue and improve the customer experience. In this guide, we share with you everything you need to know to make the most of this popular and interesting e-commerce solution. Let’s explore how to set up your online store on Shopify to boost sales and take your business to the next level!

Shopify is a popular and effective e-commerce solution offering powerful tools to help businesses find customers, increase sales and manage their online sales activities. Shopify offers a free trial to allow users to test the platform before making a commitment, and step-by-step step-by step-by-step to help users set up their online business.

Summary of our Shopify Guide

Identify your business and your needs

Before you start creating your Shopify store, it’s important that you take the time to think about your business and your business goals. You’ll need to determine what products or services you want to sell, what type of target customer you want to reach, and what additional features will be needed to achieve these goals. It’s essential to stand out from the competition in some way, and to aim at the right targets or personae, because every day hundreds of e-commerce sites appear online.

Contact our communications expert to define your online store’s positioning. See our communication consulting services.

Market study and business plan

Opening your Shopify store requires research, planning and preparation. It’s essential to ensure that you’ve taken into account all the SEO strategies and market research needed to make your business a success. Don’t rush into making an important decision, and make sure you stay informed. Thoroughly research your competition and your options, and take the time to develop your business plan and marketing strategy in depth, so as to build a solid foundation for the successful development of your business. If you’re in any doubt, or need further advice, there’s no harm in asking one of our experts to guide you through this essential phase. We offer personalized support to guide you to success with one-on-one consulting sessions and digital marketing services specific to building an online brand. If you’d like to get started right away, or would like more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact our team! We wish you the best of luck!

Your store’s positioning and communication strategy

Overall, good market positioning is crucial to the success and development of your Shopify store. It will enable you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, gain visibility and reach the right target audiences by knowing exactly what to say to them. As such, defining unique communication axes tailored to your objectives is essential. If you’ve been looking for ways to position your store in the competitive landscape, we urge you to enlist the help of our communications experts in this field. Our team has a wealth of experience in brand positioning, online shopping and enterprise. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help. We look forward to helping you define the competitive landscape of your Shopify store!

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Shopify create your online store

Define the purpose of your Shopify store

Once you’ve identified your business and your needs, it’s time to clearly define the purpose of your Shopify store. What’s the main reason you want to set up an online store? Is it to increase your sales? Offer your products beyond your physical store and reach a wider target? Or perhaps to promote your brand across borders? Once you have clearly defined your goal, you will be able to choose the right Shopify pricing subscription.

Choosing the right Shopify price plan

Shopify offers different pricing plans tailored to the needs of both small businesses and large enterprises. Plans vary in terms of price, features and additional benefits.

For example, some Shopify packages include custom domains, additional payment options and integrated marketing tools. By choosing the right price plan, you’ll be able to get everything you need to make your online store a success.

Once you’ve chosen an appropriate Shopify pricing plan, it’s time to move on to designing and configuring your Shopify e-commerce site. This stage involves choosing a theme suited to your business goals, customizing the design and structure of your online store, and integrating plugins or additional features.

Shopify ? Which plan to choose?

shopify rates

Choosing a theme to suit your objectives

Shopify offers a variety of professional, modern themes that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. You can choose a theme that reflects your brand’s style and image, while providing an optimal user experience for your customers.

The themes are also easy to configure and customize, which means you can quickly create a unique and attractive online store.

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We recommend that you ask our Shopify web designer for advice.


Customize your site’s design and structure

Once you’ve chosen the theme, you can start customizing the design and structure of your Shopfiy website. You can add images, descriptions and product variants for each product or collection, as well as modify fonts and typography to give your online store a unique look.

You’ll also have the opportunity to add personalized URLs for each page to enhance the customer experience.

Before building your site, we can create a mock-up for a customized, striking design.

Contact us

Integrate plugins or additional functionalities

Shopify offers a variety of apps and plugins from the Shopify App Store that can be integrated into your online store to enhance the customer experience. For example, you can add advanced search tools to enable customers to easily find the products they’re looking for, or automated marketing tools to send push notifications or promotional emails to your customers. In fact, there are many tools available to boost engagement and conversions for your Shopify e-commerce site. First of all, pop-ups are an effective way of attracting visitors’ attention and encouraging conversions. Pop-ups can be used to offer promotions, discount codes or newsletter sign-ups. Push notifications are also popular for boosting conversions by sending messages directly to the visitor’s mailbox, particularly following an abandoned shopping cart. Secondly, using a chatbox is a great way to help visitors find what they’re looking for and answer their questions in real time. Chatbots can also be used to guide customers through the purchasing process. Finally, the use of content personalization can help increase conversions by offering visitors product recommendations based on their purchase or browsing history on the site. All these tools can help improve the user experience and increase sales.

Once your store is ready to go online, it’s time to start promoting your e-commerce site! There are several ways to attract more traffic to your Shopify e-commerce store, including launching an advertising campaign on social networks, creating an Instagram and Facebook account, and using SEO techniques to improve natural referencing and get more visibility.

Shopify CMS also makes it easy to manage an online store, including payment options, customer account management and order tracking. Shopify also offers a number of guides and tutorials to help store owners with every stage of the online store creation process, from visual design to inventory management and product collection creation. With its cutting-edge online sales features, Shopify is a complete solution for store owners who want to sell their products effectively online.

Shopify online advertising Google Ads

Work on and optimize the product descriptions of your collections

Shopify is a must-have solution for e-commerce store owners who want to sell online. A Shopify e-commerce site offers many features to help customize your online store, such as page layout, image display and the creation of product descriptions. Product descriptions should include key product information such as benefits, features, dimensions and key specifications. To get the most out of Shopify, you need to be able to devote time to creating quality product descriptions with clear images that highlight the features and benefits of each product. Save time and delegate the writing of your product sheets and the integration of your content to an Altosor Communication SEO expert.

Optimize and track conversions

Creating, optimizing and tracking conversions on your Shopify online store is crucial to maximizing the revenue generated by your site. It’s important to track conversions in order to understand what’s working and what’s not on your online store. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as bounce rate, conversion rate, number of visits and average cart can help identify areas for improvement to increase sales. Integrating tools such as Google Analytics and A/B testing can also help identify the factors influencing conversions on your Shopify online store.

Finally, using a tool like Google Tag Manager offers many advantages for improving your site data tracking and analysis strategy. This tool manages all tracking tags in one place, simplifying the tracking process and avoiding the need to modify tracking code directly on the site. What’s more, Google Tag Manager also tracks visitor interactions on the site, from navigation to purchases and completed forms. This enables detailed analysis of site performance and advertising campaigns, and can help identify site strengths and weaknesses. Using Google Tag Manager can also improve site loading speed, as tracking tags are loaded asynchronously. In short, Google Tag Manager is a practical and effective solution for tracking visitor interactions on your site, improving performance and optimizing your online marketing strategy.

Launch an advertising campaign

Online advertising on social networks

Social networks are a great way to reach a wider target audience and increase traffic to your Shopify store. You can create targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to promote your products and services.

You can also use search tags to target customers who are interested in your products.

Webmarketing on Google Ads

If your budget allows, it’s a good idea to try out targeted advertising campaigns to drive traffic to your Spotify store pages via Google Ads. Our webmarketing experts are on hand to help you optimize your Google Ads campaign.

Use community management to promote your Shopify online store

Create an Instagram account and associated hashtags

Instagram is a great platform to promote your Shopify store. You can create an Instagram account and post professional-quality photos of your products, as well as information about your business.

Use relevant hashtags to reach more people and encourage others to share your posts.

Our community managers can make your job easier. See our packages for managing your social networks.

Create a Facebook or Instagram store linked to your Shopify store

Shopify stores that are connected to Facebook or Instagram e-commerce stores can reap the rewards of extended visibility, powerful advertising capabilities and unique customer experiences. With the help of our team, you can unlock the potential of your own Shopify store with these amazing features. Contact us today and make your Shopify e-commerce store even more powerful! This extra step can make all the difference.

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Shopify online store guides

Use SEO to get more traffic to your store

Search engines can be a great way to drive traffic to your Shopify store. You can optimize the content of your website by adding relevant keywords to each page, improving the website’s structure and creating internal links between pages.

These SEO techniques can help you improve your website’s ranking in search results, which can significantly increase the number of visitors to your store. Find out more about SEO techniques.

In summary, to create a Shopify siteTo achieve this, it’s important to take the time to think about your business and your commercial objectives, choose the right price plan, select a suitable theme, customize the design and structure of the site, integrate additional functionalities and promote your online store with advertising campaigns on social networks and SEO techniques. Use all the resources at your disposal to optimize your online store and get the maximum possible traffic and sales.

Don’t hesitate to consult our various blog posts in this free Shopify guide to guide you step -by-step on how to get started with your Shopify store. Also check out the resources and tips available online on the Shopify site, to help you succeed in your e-commerce business.

And remember, with Shopify, you can basically create an online store in just a few minutes, without any prior technical knowledge. However, it may be preferable to call on a digital agency like Altosor Communication for you :

  • Facilitate the creation of your e-commerce – graphic design, webdesign, copywriting, brand logo.
  • Help you develop an effective strategy for launching your online store,
  • Technical advice for your e-commerce listing on Google
  • Marketing strategy and actions: online advertising, newsletters, brochures

So count on your Altosor Communication partner and get started today to take advantage of all the features and benefits Shopify has to offer!



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