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Letsignit: An innovative email signature solution for your employees – Boosting corporate communication

In an ever-changing business world, internal and external communication is essential to guarantee a company’s success. E-mail signatures are often overlooked, but they can play a crucial role in improving communication and marketing. Discover
a leading email signature management platform for businesses that is revolutionizing the way professionals manage their brand image and communications.

Your e-mail signature as a communication medium

In today’s digital world,consistent branding and effective communication are essential for medium-sized and large companies. One of the simplest but often overlooked ways of achieving this is through e-mail signatures. In fact, every e-mail your company sends out is an opportunity to reinforce your brand image and promote your services.

One solution that stands out in this field is Letsignit. Recognized as a benchmark for email signature creation and management, Letsignit offers a simple, high-performance way of creating, assigning and managing email signatures for a large number of collaborators. Altosor Communication’sdigital agency combines Microsoft 365 with the Letsignit solution to boost productivity and marketing efficiency.

What is Letsignit?

Letsignit is a corporate email signature solution that lets you create, manage and deploy personalized digital signatures for all company employees. With its powerful yet easy-to-use features, Letsignit makes it easy to synchronize signatures between all employees, ensuring a consistent visual identity for e-mail exchanges. The platform also offers integrated marketing tools to optimize the impact of advertising campaigns via email signatures.

Why do companies need Letsignit?

Communication is at the heart of every business, whether it involvesinternal exchanges between employees or interactions with external customers and partners. Challenges such as brand consistency, recipient engagement and time management can get in the way of successful day-to-day operations. That’s where Letsignit comes in: improving corporate communication with an innovative solution that simplifies the creation and management of professional e-mail signatures.

Why integrate an Enterprise Mail Signature solution for medium-sized and large companies?

The Letsignit Enterprise Mail Signature solution is designed for medium-sized and large companies. With Letsignit, you can turn every email into a powerful communication opportunity.

Create a corporate signature template for all your employees with Letsignit

The Letsignit Enterprise Mail Signature solution is designed for medium-sized and large companies. With Letsignit, you can turn every email into a powerful communication opportunity.

Generate traffic to your social networks, website or landing page

Another key advantage of Letsignit is its ability to drive traffic to your key communication channels. You can integrate clickable links to your website, social networks or other platforms you want to promote. This optimizes your e-mail signatures asmarketing tools and strengthens your online presence.

Track clicks and analyze performance with Letsignit

In addition, Letsignit offers advanced features such as click tracking and performance analysis. This enables you to track the number of clicks on links integrated into your e-mail signatures, collect valuable data onrecipient engagement and optimize your
communication campaigns
campaigns accordingly.

The benefits of using Letsignit

By using Letsignit, companies benefit from several key advantages to improve their communication and engagement:

  • Brand consistency: Letsignit ensures that all mail signatures are uniform and consistent with the corporate identity.
  • Time-saving: The platform simplifies the creation and management of signatures, avoiding time-consuming and tedious processes.
  • Security: Data remains stored on the Microsoft cloud, guaranteeing optimum security for sensitive information.
  • Marketing efficiency: thanks to its integrated tools, Letsignit lets you use e-mail signatures as a powerful communication channel to promote marketing campaigns.

How can Letsignit be used as a marketing tool?

E-mail signatures can be an effective marketing tool for campaigns if they are well designed. Here are a few concrete examples of how Letsignit is used in this field:

  1. Integration of a promotional banner in the signature to highlight a special offer or upcoming event.
  2. Add a link to the company’s social networks to increase traffic and engagement on these platforms.
  3. Inclusion of a call to action (CTA ) to encourage recipients to subscribe to a newsletter or view specific content.

Comparison with other email signature solutions

Compared with other solutions on the market, Letsignit stands out for its ease of use, seamless integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook, and advanced marketing features. While some alternatives may offer limited customization options, Letsignit offers a complete visual editor for creating mail signatures entirely tailored to the needs and image of each company.

By adopting Letsignit, your company benefits from a complete, high-performance solution for managing its e-mail signatures, while optimizing its communication and marketing actions.

Manage your email signatures efficiently with Letsignit, a tool for Outlook and Microsoft 365

Advantages of Letsignit for Outlook and Office 365

Letsignit stands out for its ease of use, customization and efficiency. Thanks to an intuitive interface, you can create and manage your company’s e-mail signatures effortlessly. What’s more, Letsignit offers a wide variety of customization options for each signature, allowing you to tailor the appearance and content to your specific needs.

Letsignit’s efficiency is due in particular to its seamless integration with Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 & Exchange. This means that any changes made to signatures are automatically synchronized with these platforms, guaranteeing rapid, error-free updates. More information.

Add new employees to your organization through the Microsoft 365 Administration Center and provide them with the appropriate signatures based on their membership of the departments or groups you define.

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Specific Letsignit features for Outlook and Office 365

MS365 users connect directly with their Office 365 access on letsignit. Administrators log in to manage their organization’s signature configurations for their collaborators and employees.

Letsignit is designed to work perfectly with Outlook and Office 365, offering features such as HTML import and Designer Drag & Drop. HTML import lets you easily integrate existing elements into your signature, while Designer Drag & Drop gives you the freedom to create visually appealing signatures without the need for coding skills.

What’s more, Letsignit offers predefined templates for different types of mail signature, which can be easily adapted to your needs. The solution also supports mobile signatures, guaranteeing an optimal experience for all devices.

Benefits of using Letsignit in Outlook and Office 365

letsignit solution signature email entreprise

By using Letsignit, you can simplify the deployment of mail signatures and automate the process. This eliminates the errors and inconsistencies often associated with manual signature management. What’s more, you can save time and effort by centralizing signature management in a single tool.

Letsignit also helps strengthen your
corporate image
by ensuring uniformity between all your company’s e-mail signatures. This enables employees to project a consistent, professional image when communicating with customers or external partners.

Rates - A flexible offer for your organization

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The advantages of installation and configuration by Altosor Communication

Depending on the size of your company, our experts will advise you on how to integrate the mail signature management solution into your IT environment.

We recommend and favor integration with Microsoft and the Microsoft 365 and Outlook tools for simplicity and product benefits.

As a Microsoft Partner company, Altosor Communication is able to migrate your business to the Microsoft 365 Cloud. Find out more about our Microsoft 365 digital transformation services

Altosor graphic design service for logo, graphic charter and more

Altosor Communication’s graphic designers are on hand to advise you on the creation of a visual identity for your company, or to carry out a graphic redesign and promotional campaigns. See our graphic design services :
logo and graphic charter creation

Communication strategy with an Altosor expert

Installing the solution is the first step, implementing an appropriate communication strategy to exploit the performance of the Letsignit email signature solution. Our digital agency can support you beyond configuration with a range of complementary services to enhance your brand identity and promotional campaigns:

Reinforce your brand image with Letsignit

A uniform, attractive e-mail signature has a significant impact on your company’s brand image. Your logotype will be even more memorable. Letsignit enables you to ensure this uniformity by creating consistent signatures that reflect your visual identity and respect your
graphic charter

What’s more, personalized e-mail signatures can include elements such as links to your social networks, promotional banners or information on the latest company events. These elements increase your company’s visibility and reinforce its image with your contacts.

Possible integrations with Letsignit

Letsignit is an innovative solution that facilitates the management of e-mail signatures within companies, and helps improve their internal and external communications. With its powerful, easy-to-use features and undeniable marketing potential, it’s time for professionals to take advantage of this platform to optimize their brand image and boost recipient engagement.

Letsignit can be integrated with other tools and platforms, including marketing automation solutions. This integration lets you optimize your marketing campaigns by adding tracked links or promotional banners to your collaborators’ e-mail signatures.

What’s more, Letsignit offers reporting and performance tracking features, enabling you to assess the effectiveness of your mail signatures and adjust your strategy accordingly.

In conclusion, Letsignit is an indispensable tool for efficiently managing your Outlook and Office 365 mail signatures. By simplifying the process of creating and deploying signatures, ensuring their uniformity and offering integrations with other tools, Letsignit helps you strengthen your brand image and optimize your internal and external communications. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your company’s mail signature management with Letsignit.

Letsignit offers and licenses

For all corporate customers who will be migrating to Microsoft 365 and for those who have already migrated to Office 365, Altosor Communication offers 2 types of licenses:

  1. Letsignit STARTER helps you spread your brand with harmonized e-mail signatures for all employees.
  2. Letsignit BUSINESS boosts your communication with an innovative, high-performance and powerful channel.

Letsignit formulas


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  • Create signatures from templates
  • Automatically insert signatures on all devices (PC, webmail and mobile)
  • Automatically synchronize with Office 365
  • Import user groups from the Office 365 directory
  • Help center and online chat
  • Telephone support


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  • All the advantages of Letsignit STARTER plus additional features such as :
  • Insert marketing banners
  • Customize signatures
  • Performance statistics
  • Apply multiple signatures and campaigns for specific purposes
  • Automatic signatures in response and transfer
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