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Website redesign

Your products or services have evolved and your website is no longer an exact reflection of your activities? Its design is getting old and it has become slow to load?

Altosor Communication, an agency specialized in digital, offers you to give a new look to your pages by making a website redesign.

Website redesign: definition

This redesign service consists of intervening in the details of each of your pages, but without affecting their referencing, so as not to penalize the ranking of your website in the results of Google and other search engines.

Our service includes :

  • Modernization of your website design
  • A reorganization of your pages (menus, site map, links…)
  • The creation of new pages or features
  • Optimization of the site’s loading speed
  • The implementation of new quality visuals

It is quite normal that your site has aged: the fashion changes quickly in the field of web design. It is necessary to adapt to the new trends on the Internet and especially to modernize a web site with the image of your company, which is also in constant evolution.

To stay up to date and become more efficient and up-to-date than your competitors, tell us about your website redesign project:

Website redesign: specifications

Redesign 1 : webdesign only

This redesign service is the lightest and resembles a “facelift”: our web design specialists will adapt the colors and visuals of your pages to bring more modernity and dynamism to the appearance of your website.

If necessary, we can also modify the editorial content or add certain pages to your site.

Redesign 2 : webdesign and structure

When your site has too many shortcomings, Altosor Communication advises you to redesign your website in depth, including the structure of your pages (their tree structure, their display order, the links between them).

This structural redesign is offered to you when we see that the user experience can be greatly enhanced by these changes.

A user always wants to be able to navigate easily, in a simple and fluid way between each page of a website, otherwise he leaves it for another more attractive one.

You may not have the time or the technical experience to figure out what the best solution would be and that’s okay.

Modernizing a website is the favorite activity of our specialists. Tell us about your project and they will advise you free of charge on the type of website redesign best suited to your business:

Not sure what would be best for your online business? Get free advice from our Altosor Communication team.

The benefits of a website redesign

Whatever the service you choose, to modernize your site or to counter your competitors, this intervention will bring you many advantages:

By improving your website, it is the entire image of your company on the Internet that will benefit from this redesign service, so that your pages are always adapted to the evolution of your offer and your customers.

Free consultation

Your company needs a redesign service, for its web design or its structure?

Tell us about your project and let Altosor Communication guide you.

We will carry out a complete audit of your website, study the axes of improvement and we will make you proposals perfectly in adequacy with your sector of activity.

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