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Create your health professional website

As a health care professional, your days are very busy and leave little time to promote your professional activity.

Opting for the creation of a healthcare professional website is the best solution if you want to develop your patient base, rapidly increase your reputation and save time.

An Internet site has the advantage of being a communication medium that can be consulted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a tool that offers many possibilities for your activity as a medical specialist, such as online appointment booking and teleconsultation, which are the must-haves of e-health.

Therapists, practitioners, nurses, reflexologists, masseurs, physiotherapists, psychologists, orthodontists, dieticians and other medical specialists… Whatever your profession, find out how Altosor can help you find new patients and maximize your sales by creating or redesigning your website.

As a healthcare professional, how can a website help you maximize your revenue?

Healthcare professionals, what would you say if we told you that it is possible to focus 100% on your patients, while developing your visibility and your sales?

If until now you have been advertising your business by word of mouth or through various booking platforms such as Booking, Allo Docteur, Maiia or other sites for doctors, we can save you time and money.

A professional website is a digital communication tool that will change your daily life and allow you to meet many of your objectives:

s and help meet many of your objectives:

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors,
  • Expand your patient base,
  • Promote your practice,
  • Build patient loyalty,
  • Save time,
  • Be easily found on Google by Internet users…

All this will be possible thanks to the creation of a responsive website, adapted to your profession, 100% customizable, on which you will be able to communicate fundamental elements such as :

  • A presentation of you, your background, your diplomas, your experience, your profession, and your team if you have one, in order to reassure your potential future patients and encourage them to take the plunge by consulting with you. In the medical field more than ever, it is necessary to be transparent and to show your visitors your expertise and professionalism,
  • A detailed explanation of how you operate and how your medical consultations will be conducted in order to give future patients confidence and help them plan ahead,
  • A contact page with your details (phone number, email address, postal address…) and a form to facilitate contact,
  • A booking tab, so that visitors can book their consultation in one click,
  • Finally, a blog section, which can be very interesting to set up in the health sector, because it allows you to answer the questions that your target audience is asking and allows you to contradict the false medical information that Internet users can find on the Internet.

Increase your visibility with the redesign of your healthcare professional website

If you have a healthcare professional website, but it :

Let Altosor redesign your healthcare website!

After several years of being online, this step is often essential to make your website correspond to the new requirements of the web.

The redesign of a website allows you to increase its efficiency, improve its transformation rate and consequently, it helps you to increase the number of calls, consultations, reservations…

Our web experts will carry out a website audit to identify the various problems and possible points of optimization, whether in terms of design, content, images, layout… And then work on the overall improvement of your website.

Example of a website for a health professional created by our communication agency

screenshot 2022.06.28 14 17 00

Reflexologist Website -

Katia Boudard, Reflexologist in Martinique, trusted us to create her website.

This one has been thought and designed by our experts, webdesign professionals in order to highlight Katia’s expertise and her job in order to encourage users to contact her.

We can find on this site different contents:

  • A section dedicated to the explanation of his profession of Reflexologist,
  • Testimonials from its clients,
  • A description of his medical career,
  • An explanation of the process of his sessions and his practices,
  • Its rates,
  • A contact form if you need more information,
  • Links to quickly access your social networks,
  • An appointment tab,
  • And a blog section to communicate valuable information to visitors.

Of course, the website is responsive (adapts to all media: computers, phones, tablets) and respects perfectly the brand image of Katia with a sober and pure design.

Choose Altosor for the creation or redesign of your healthcare professional website

When you choose Altosor communications agency to redesign your website or create a healthcare professional website, you’re putting your trust in professionals who will do their utmost to satisfy you and meet your communication objectives.

If you want to promote your professional activity related to health and medical field, you will find all the experts you need in our agency: communication officer, web developer, web designer, web writer, community manager …

Each of our experts has his or her own specialty and will be able to offer you the service that meets your needs and expectations.

No need to juggle between service providers, you communicate with a single contact who knows your project perfectly.

A global communication strategy to increase your reputation and attract new patients

Creating a healthcare professional website is part of a global communications strategy.

At Altosor, we will advise you on the best marketing strategy to implement in order to give visibility to your professional activity in the medical field and attract people to your practice.

We understand the importance of communication in the medical sector, and we’ll work with you from A to Z on your project, taking into account your specialty, the profile of your patients, your objectives, your editorial line, your vision and your positioning, to create an effective communication strategy. communication strategy that will set you apart from your competitors.

strategie communication metier de la sante
strategie communication metier de la sante 3

A referencing strategy to maximize the performance of your website

To give your website visibility and appear in the top positions of search engines (Google and Bing), a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is essential.

Our team of expert consultants in natural search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA) will recommend all the relevant and effective actions you need to take to attract traffic to your website and find new customers.

Awebsite creation or
website redesign
for your business as a healthcare professional?

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