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Importance of the digital check for your company in Reunion Island

What are the advantages of the digital cheque for companies based in Reunion?

The digital voucher is a financial aid scheme proposed by the Regional Council as part of the “France Relance” plan. The 2021 version is financed by the ERDF within the framework of the REACT EU component under the ERDF Operational Programme 2014-2020. This grant is to repair the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, it aims to prepare for the recovery of the economy in digital and ecological terms.

The Reunion digital cheque in brief

The digital voucher is an aid provided by the State through theReunion regionand it is intended to meet the training needs of citizens. The objective is to promote the use of digital tools and facilitate their entry into the digital world. According to 2017 statistics, 7 million French people have a fairly low level of digital skills and are not very comfortable when usingthe Internet. Worse: 6.7 million French people do not usethe Internet. You may be asking yourself, ” Who is eligible for the digital check? “. This check is therefore intended for a wide audience, in particular :

  • Companies with less than 11 employees or whose total balance sheet or annualturnover does not exceed 2 million € HT.
  • Non assimilated or regulated liberal professions domiciled inReunion Island, with aturnover of less than and not exceeding 500 000 €.
  • Associations with less than 10 employees and domiciled inReunion.

It is important to underline that the digital cheque in Reunion Island allows you to cover either operating or investment expenses in order to support theactivity of your company project in the island. This subsidy can reach the amount of 1 500 € maximum for traders and craftsmen in Reunion.

How to benefit from the digital cheque by region Reunion ?

You are probably asking yourself the question, “How much is the digital check?”

It is important to know that the maximum amount of aid from the Réunion region is €3,200, i.e. 80% of the eligible expenses excluding tax in the case of structures with between 0 and 0 employees. This percentage of expenses is reduced to 50% of the eligible expenses before tax if your structure in Reunion has 10 to 19 employees. To benefit from this support for your digital project, you must submit your application on : . Next, you must insert the following parts on the portal:

  • The valid national identity card of the person in charge of thecompany orassociation, or the passport of the latter;
  • The detailed estimate, signed and sealed by thecompany that will provide the service to develop the digital project;
  • The digital action plan form and the commitment form to be downloaded and signed by the provider;
  • Enter the name of the account holder on the RIB in the “company name” field on the page.
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Reunion entrepreneur using his laptop and taking notes in a modern, bright office setting to apply for the Reunion digital check

In the case of a company having less than 2 years of existence at the time of the filing of the In order to apply for a digital cheque, you must also provide a certificate stating that the company was founded less than 2 years ago and that it is eligible for the conditions set by the Region. If your company has been in existence for more than 2 years, you must include the following documents in your file:

  • A D1 extract or a K-bis less than 3 months old,
  • Balance sheets and profit and loss accounts for the last closed fiscal year,
  • The Nominative Social Declaration of the year N-1: it is necessary to indicate the number of full-time equivalents as well as the non-permanent contracts, i.e. seasonal workers, apprentices, intermittent workers, etc.

If you are an auto-entrepreneur or a sole proprietorship (EI) and cannot present a balance sheet, your file must include a summary table of revenues or the N-1 tax notice.

Regarding the documents to be presented for the associations, they are :

  • The notice of situation of the SIREN directory,
  • A copy of the receipt of the declaration at the prefecture or of the publication in the Official Journal,
  • A copy of the updated and approved bylaws,
  • The list of the members of the Board of Directors,
  • Balance sheets and profit and loss statements for the most recently completed financial year,
  • The decision of the Board of Directors in favor of the digital project, in the form of minutes, an extract or equivalent.

If your association has been in existence for less than 2 years, it must present an honorary association.

You are an unregulated liberal profession and you wish to benefit from the digital cheque in Reunion Island? Here are the documents that must appear in your file:

  • The notice of situation of the SIREN directory,
  • A copy of the tax memorandum,
  • The URSSAF certificate or the last income tax notice,
  • A K-bis extract less than 3 years old if you are incorporated.

What is the purpose of the provider in the Reunion digital check?

The company that offers a digital service plays an important role in the process of granting the digital cheque in Reunion Island. First, he will establish the estimate for his client. This document is the basis for the calculation of the subsidy and will be presented to the deliberative bodies of the Regional Council of Reunion. In addition, the professional will have to reference an identification sheet that will serve as a basis for proposing a list of solution providers to the applicant. At the same time, he undertakes to respect the standards towards his client and to accompany him in filling in the digital action sheet which will be attached to the estimate.

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